Saddam. America’s wonder kid finally on trial

18 10 2005

Rumsfeld shaking Hands with Saddam HusseinBefore Saddam assumed real power within the Iraqi Baathist party in November of 69, the wonder boy of Iraq used to meet almost every week with the CIA station chief at the US Embassy in Cairo. Saddam was not a stranger to the US, since he was adopted by the US at an early stage of his career. Read the rest of this entry »

Finally, Saddam on trial. I like to see few of our officials stand trail too

18 10 2005

Saddam TrialOf course the world is looking forward to seeing Saddam stand trial for crimes against his people. As some simply hated Saddam and thought he was a war criminal when he started his war with Iran, I am very happy that finally he will be put on trial. GWU has an excellent resource center and I am taking the liberty to copy it here for the reader. Thank you GWU
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Couple of hundred thousand dollars will buy the most powerful congressmen in town!

16 10 2005

The picture is of convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.One has to be a genius to understand the process of political and financial corruption of Republican operatives in the nation capital. The story of Tom Delay and the way he managed and transfer the money back and forth is a challenge to us poor souls. Read the rest of this entry »

Kissinger purged Arabist from State Department, and US is paying the price

16 10 2005

Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, 1972. Rauchwetter/dba/Landov.Jennifer Bremer, a former State Department employee who was stationed in the Arab world and who studied Arab writes in the “Outlook” section in today’s Washington Post, writes about the lack of Arab speaking diplomats in the State Department and es writof the lack of interest from Arab American in joining the State Department. Read the rest of this entry »

Conservatives are out to eat George W. Bush alive

15 10 2005

Will Lester of the Associated Press write in an October 15 dateline, that domestic issues over take terrorism as the major concerns of American?
That is not so surprising given the big domestic mess we have in this country, especially after Katrina. Read the rest of this entry »

Free speech in time of war and campus police

6 10 2005

George Mason UniversityLast week, George Mason University police used strong armed tactics deserving of harden criminal posing real and clear danger to the police to arrest a silent war protestor who also happened to be a veteran of the US Air Force and a Pakistani Muslim.
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