Executions Will Only Drag Bangladesh into Darkness

14 01 2016

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by Harun Yahya

The world has come to a point that Muslims are killing one another, while the Western countries also take part in this terrifying conflict. Given the fact that there are extremely large numbers of Muslims dying in many places around the globe, some Muslim states are handing out death sentences to individuals for the alleged crimes committed years or even decades ago, without batting an eyelash.  One of these countries is Bangladesh.

Yesterday’s news reports were dreadful for Muslims, as well as for the entire humanity. The death sentence issued for the 73 year-old Mullah Rahman Nizami, the leader of Jamaat-e-Islami was upheld in Bangladesh. Since 1973, a total of 156 criminals with death sentences were declared not guilty and released, this demonstrates that such executions are clearly ill judged.

That being so, we kindly request from Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to leave behind the incidents that took place 45 years ago in all respects, and strive for a Bangladesh where love, peace, harmony, and democracy will utterly prevail. There could be a small minority group that is maybe endorsing to uphold the death sentences, but such a loveless approach could in the future raise serious problems for her and against her country. Forgiveness, and a loving, friendly conduct will help in resolving all the issues.

I also would like to set out a humble request from my brother Mullah Rahman Nizami, the leader of Jamaat-e-Islami who has made significant contributions to the Islamic world as a scholar. For the sake of all his Muslim brothers who have great love for him and most importantly for the approval of God – according to the news in the media – if there is any possibility for his death penalty to be reverted to life imprisonment, he should make an apology. Making a statement of apology will definitely not impair his honor since the entire world is very well aware of Mullah Nizami’s devotion to God. Because when a Muslim is under risk of death, then he can speak out what is asked from him. Everyone would know that this was a necessary way of action to save a life.

At the time of our Prophet (pbuh), the Companions also passed through severe hardship and were tortured immensely in the Meccan society. In order to save themselves from such torture, the Prophet advised his Muslim brothers to speak denial in words when they were threatened with death. This incident, which is considered to be the reason for the revelation of verse 106 of Surat an-Nahl, took place as follows:

“Those who reject God after having had faith – except for someone forced to do it whose heart remains at rest in its faith – but as for those whose breasts become dilated with disbelief, anger from God will come down on them. They will have a terrible punishment.”

Ammar (ra) whose family was martyred by means of torture says that he has no faith to free himself from torture. Then one approaches the Prophet and claims that Ammar has abandoned religion. The Messenger of God responds to him: “No, Ammar is faithful from head to foot. Faith is in his flesh and bone.” Meantime, Ammar arrives and the Prophet tells him the following: “If they force you again, you may seem to agree with them in words.” (Ibn Kathir, Tafsir Qur’an al-‘Azim, Istanbul, 1985, IV, 524; Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır, ibid, Istanbul 1936, IV, 3130, 3131)

In addition to these, asking for forgiveness does not imply the acceptance of the alleged crimes. Muslims who are very well informed and knowledgeable of the verses of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of our Prophet would definitely understand the circumstances and never be upset with this. Muslims have total trust in the faith of Mullah Rahman Nizami and would never be suspicious of him. Besides, making an excuse would never be degrading, on the contrary, by carrying out such conduct, my brother Mullah Rahman Nizami will be carrying out this commandment of God and will be able to serve in the way of God’s religion for a longer time.

Her Excellency Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,

In order to establish a perfectly secular, modern and progressive Bangladesh, which is your goal, I believe your conduct with gentleness in forgiving these death penalties is highly noteworthy. Your virtuous pronouncement would find great appreciation in the international public opinion, and history will never forget your exemplary graceful conduct.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and www.harunyahya.com

The Shorting of America

10 01 2016

Americans, mostly “White” are angry and for good reasons. As we have seen from the rallies held by the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump among other candidates, however angry for the wrong reasons.

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Donald Trump deliberately chooses towns and cities that are suffering sever economic collapse with high unemployment and lower education levels, resulting from the dislocation of resources and changing economies that left millions of Americans mostly with limited technical and industrial skills, unemployed and of course angry.

The promise by Donald Trump and many other presidential candidates of jobs, are fraudulent promises because jobs now and in the future are for the skilled and highly technically trained labor force and unless there is a massive “retraining” of millions of Americans in future skills the candidates are lying to the voters, because there will never be jobs for those unemployed, unless they decide to compete for many jobs immigrant Latinos have now. Immigrants from Asia and the Middle East come to America highly motivated for higher education, with excellent basic education and are the ones competing with the best educated in America. They are not taking the jobs of “unemployed” Americans.

Low-level industrial jobs such as those in furniture, textiles, basic manufacturing and raw steel are gone forever and will not come back to the US now or in the future, with Bangladesh and Central American countries competing for such jobs.

Europe, especially countries like Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, have advanced technical educations that compete with college educations in terms of income and social status certainly industrial skills. America never did develop a highly futuristic industrial technical training that qualifies those who lost their jobs allowing transformation of the American labor force to the future economies.

It is so unfortunate that the anger for the most part is directed toward “immigrants and Muslims” and not to failing political, financial and industrial institutions that ushered this economic collapse. Low skilled labor forces in states such as Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, the Carolinas even in the Northeast will never see the jobs that allowed them to maintain what they used to have in the 50s, 60s, or 70s of Middle Class status. Those days are gone forever.

To bad many of the presidential candidates are unfit and unqualified in the new economies have focused their attention to social issues such as “abortion and gun control” when in fact their attention should be on the jobs of the future. These social issues do not and will not bring unemployed Americans to the Middle Class status.

Back in the 1910-20s the so-called “Roaring Twenties” major banks such as Chase Bank and National City Bank (Citibank) began to sell securities along with traditional banking business such as loans and deposits.

This business practice lead to a “ stock market boom” reaching the “bubble territories” with financial institutions manipulating the markets, developing “organized pools” of worthless securities dumping it on “unsuspecting suckers”.

Most Americans tend to forget it was President Bill Clinton with his team of NYC economic advisors the likes of Robert Rubin, Larry Summer at the Treasury and Alan Greenspan at the Feds that ushered the new era of Laissez-Faire allowing Big Banks and other major financial institutions to make fools out of Congress and robbing millions of Americans out of their life time savings, and forcing tens of millions out of their jobs. It was a deliberate criminal acts of fraud, that no one went to jail for.

Democrat, Bill Clinton working with a very conservative Republican Congress lead by Senator Phil Gramm organized the repeal of the Glass –Steagall Act which for over seven decades kept financial institutions in check, allowing once more the Roaring Twenties and the collapse of the financial system one more time.

Bill Clinton in an interview with Fareed Zakaria aired on CNN back in October 2013 blamed the entire collapse on Republicans “ they made me do it” stating

“ What happened? The American people gave the Congress to a group of very conservative Republicans, when they passed bills with veto proof majority with lots of Democrats voting for it, that I couldn’t stop, all of a sudden we turn out to be maniacal derugulators. I mean, common on- I know Senator Warren said the other day admitted when she introduced a bill to reinstate the division between commercial and investment banks, she admitted that the repeal of the Glass-Steagall did not cause one single solitary financial institutions to fail”. Bill Clinton simply failed to state that the big banks did not fail because the government with tax dollars bailed them out.

It was the same Bill Clinton who on signing the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, stated, “This is a day we can celebrate as an American day. The Glass –Steagall law is no longer appropriate for the economy we live in. Today what we are doing is modernizing the financial services industry, tearing down these outdated laws and granting banks significant new authority, this is good day for America”. Together with Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1994, Community Banking Development Act, the 103 Congress set the stage for the Shorting of America.

It is so ironic that while both the Executive and Legislative Branch working together with Wall Street to allow Wall Street more opportunity to defraud and fleece America, both failed to work with the “industry” to plan for the future jobs, jobs that requires highly skilled labor force, motivations to go to school and universities and the setting up of an industrial base education as we see in advanced industrial countries such as Germany and Switzerland. Presidential candidates will lie all the way to the White House while American voters gullible as ever will cry all the way to the Poor House.

One of the Causes of the Collapse of the Ottoman Empire: Darwinist Education

4 01 2016

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by Harun Yahya

One of the most important factors that led the Ottoman Empire to collapse was Darwinist education, which was prevalent at almost all schools. During that time period, Darwinist philosophy was widely published and accepted by the Ottoman Empire administrators.

Darwinism is the entire content of superstitions, which are presented as accurate scientific facts. The main target of the supporters this ideology is to defend a lie purporting that the universe solely consists of matter and in this way extinguish people’s belief in a Creator. For the sake of defending materialistic philosophy, millions of scientific evidences that refute evolution theory were suppressed and unscientific Darwinist delusions were presented as proven truth.

The Darwinist-materialist clan tries to impose some fictional stories as scientific facts on people. In order to achieve their goals, all around the world, they are targeting schools, aiming to “enlighten” and distract young people in their belief in God, who will be the future active power of their societies as they replace the older generations.

During the reign of Sultan Abdülhamit II, no actions were taken to refute this superstitious philosophy denying God.  The libraries of the universities, colleges and schools turned into Darwinism-materialism centers.  Let us set some examples;

Since 1805, more than 200 books were translated into Arabic and Turkish within the context of Westernization.  All of these books of the time were about materialism and Darwinism.

·        In 1826, School of Medicine was opened.  The library of the school was famous with its books on materialism.

The education was based on Darwinism at Mekteb-i Tıbbiye-i Adliye-i Şahane (Imperial School of Medicine). All the books regarding materialism including Darwinism were taught. Mc Fairlane who had visited the school in 1847, wrote in his diaries: (referring to the library of the school) I HAVE NOT SEEN SUCH A COLLECTION CONSISTED OF BOOKS ON PURE MATERIALISM FOR AGES. There was this book on the couch. I took a look at it.  THIS WAS THE PARIS EDITION OF THE BOOK OF BLASPHEMY NAMED ‘THE SYSTEM OF THE NATURE’.  I CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD THAT IT WAS FREQUENTLY READ AS MANY PARTS WERE MARKED INSIDE. These parts especially read the nonsense of believing in God and the impossibility of immortality of the spirit via mathematics…”

·        Hoca Tahsin, the rector of Darürfünun (House of Multiple Sciences. Today it is called University of Istanbul), was founded in 1900, was sent to Europe by Grand Vizier Reşid Mehmed Pasha for training purposes. On his return it was seen that he adopted Darwinist and materialist ideologies. He became one of the most famous materialist figures of Ottoman Empire. He imported many books containing Darwinist and materialist views from France for the library of Darülfunun (University of Istanbul). Then this library turned into a center of Darwinism.

·        Galatasaray High School and Robert College that opened in the mid – 1800s became centers disseminating Darwinist and materialist views.

·      From the mid-1800s till the end of First World War (within approx. 68 years), 70 books were published regarding Darwinism and materialism. As well as these books, many journals were published on disseminating Darwinism.


These are  some of the books of that period about Darwinism and materialism

Darwinism (Written by Subhi Ethem)

Lamarckism (Written by Subhi Ethem)

Evolution and Rules  (Written by Ethem Necdet)

The Religion of a Natural Scientist (a book by Haeckel) (Translated by Baha Tevfik)

The Wisdom in Defending Materialism  (written by Ahmet Mithat)

Matter and Force (Written by Baha Tevfik)

The Serial Universe (written by Ahmet Mithat)

Life and Philosophy of Nietzsche (written by Baha Tevfik)

These are some of the articles taught in schools of that period:

At Darulfünun (the old University of Istanbul), a special pulpit was established to teach natural science. EVOLUTION THEORY WAS TAUGHT THROUGH THIS PULPIT.

One of the articles read at the pulpit was The History of Creation written by Hoca Tahsin, which reads: “According to the rule of evolution dominating all the universe and life, the universe will become ripened in the future…”

Some articles by Ahmet Mithat were also introduced at the pulpit. All of these articles were about evolution. Some of the titles of these were: Adam and Orangutan, The Feelings of Animals, What if human beings live isolated.

The topic of the book called What if human beings live isolated reads that human beings all have animal backgrounds, have evolved in the process of time and reached present level. If a baby lived among animals, he would definitely show animal like features.

Ahmet Mithat wrote an article titled Human Beings appear in the World. It was also taught at the schools of that period which reads: AS HUMAN BEINGS ARE SORT OF ANIMALS, we wonder how they come into existence on earth.” Another article by Ahmet Mithat was titled Revenge explaining that human beings are brutal by nature. It reads:

“REVENGE IS FAIRNESS AND BRUTAL JUSTICE.  It is so rare to do harm for pleasure. The source of revenge is mostly because of greed, fame and interest.  So, why we think that misdeeds inherent within us are harmful to us?IF MUSK THISTLE IS SAVAGE THAT IS BECAUSE OF ITS CREATION.”

Another article by Hayrullah Efendi titled The creation of human beingswas one of the most popular articles taught at the schools of that period. The article reveals the creation of human beings needs to be explained through science apart from its history beginning from the Prophet Adam.

The Society for Islamic Education (Cemiyet-i Tedrisiye-i İslamiye) was founded by Munif Pasha with the aim of teaching materialism and evolution by publishing scientific journals.

The first periodical titled The Journal of Sciences (Mecmua-yi Fünun) involved articles presenting evolution theory.

These are some of the Societies and Journals defending Darwinism and Materialism of the time:


Evolution Theory and materialism were described within the articles titled The Creation and Expansion of Human Beings. Evolution theory was presented at every section.


The Journal Wealth of Knowledge involves the ideas of philosophers defending positivism, materialism and naturalism. This was a popular journal methodically defending materialism in Ottoman Empire.


With the publishing of Ictihad Journal, the materialistic views were systematically dispersed in Ottoman Empire. The Journal involves presentations on some materialistic thinkers like Epicur, Darwin and Büchner.


The Journal involves materialist, positivist and evolutionist ideas presenting the biological evolution and spirit is nothing more than sole matter.


Hoca Tahsin EFENDİ

He was the rector of Darürfünün, which is today’s University of Istanbul. He was famous with his statement that universe and all of the creatures were created through evolution. He tried to combine Darwin’s evolution theory with the Qur’an. He turned the library of the university into a center of Darwinism and materialism.

Ahmet Mithat EFENDİ

He was famous with his articles involving materialism and evolution in many journals. In his article Human beings appear in the World, he explains that human beings gain powers through evolution theory by mentioning Lamarck.  He also wrote more articles presenting Darwinism and these are; Birth, Human Beings, Human Beings appear in the World.

Beşir FUAD

In his articles, he presents that life starts by itself in matter and there is no metaphysics in philosophy.

Abdullah CEVDET

He made great efforts to diffuse Darwinism in Ottoman Empire. He was a religious person in his youth but after studying at Medical School he was impressed by materialism. Then he started to present that materialism would biologically replace religion and introduce evolution theory to young people.


He openly defended atheism and introduced materialism and Darwinism in Ottoman Empire.  He translated famous atheist and materialist author Büchner’s Matter and Force into Turkish as well as other materialistic works.  He published journals and books to diffuse materialism.

Subhi ETHEM:

He tried to diffuse systematically materialistic views by writing his books and  giving lectures at schools. He published a journal called Human beings and Nature. One of his books called Darwinism.


He defended evolution and materialism in his articles. He claimed that all living beings are evolving and they need to fight in order to evolve.  One of his books called Darwinism

Dr. Ethem NECDET:

He wrote a book titled Evolution and Rules. He defended Lamarck. He introduced evolution in organisms, rules of evolution, struggle for life and natural selection in his articles. He defended that life is a permanent struggle by stating that the strong ones with powerful forces would defeat the weak.

Celal NURİ

He published articles to introduce matter is eternal and tried to combine his views with Islam.


He adopted Darwin and Spencer as masters. He wrote many articles to introduce Darwinism.


As seen here, the figures that direct people were introducing Darwinism in the last days of Ottoman Empire. Although they were few, they provided materialism to be accepted by elites who trained people. When Darwinism and materialism diffuses in the Islam community, its loveless and unfruitfulness point of view will eventually cause the community to be shattered.  Darwinist philosophy denies the belief in God. However Ottoman Empire was powerful because of its deep faith in God.  Therefore, it was unavoidable for Ottoman Empire to collapse due to that moral corruption brought about by Darwinism.

America’s Failure to Perceive the PKK

28 12 2015


by Harun Yahya

Even under the powerful rule of the Ottoman Empire, the Middle East has always been a place where there was no lack of scheming and internal upheaval. In fact, the correct definition of this area is the “east.” It is maritime and land trade routes that made the Middle East like this. These important seas divided the Middle East from the Far East and made it exceedingly important. The oil, natural gas and other wealth of the Middle East reached the West via these trade routes, and western goods and weaponry reached its ports in return. There was much conflict in this important territory. Ottoman governance reined that conflict in, but the collapse of the Ottoman Empire triggered it once again. Even before the end of Ottoman rule, the Middle East was carved up in secret agreements by the Western powers, and plans based on self-interest were set in motion: During the First World War, the Entente powers were able to draw lines dividing the Middle East up among themselves and to control those borders before the fighting had even ended. Newly emerging countries were established on the basis of compasses and rulers as the Middle East was being apportioned, and all the peoples of the Middle East had little choice but to recognize those artificially drawn borders.

Ever since, the Middle East has in fact been under the hegemony of the West. At first, the West wished to govern these countries directly; when it was unable to handle the difficulties, it resorted to dictators and various other players. Some of these dictatorships were overthrown in popular uprisings and others were invaded by the U.S. and coalition forces on a variety of pretexts, although none of these invasions, which resulted in the deaths of millions of people, were regarded as war. Western rule brought hatred with it. The radical forces that the West initially supported against the former Soviet Union during the Cold War split up, branched out and turned into an anti-Western terror movement involving the whole of the Middle East. Looking at the current picture, the once-lovely Middle East is now a battleground of conflict, rage and hatred. Nations angry with the West have fallen out with one another, and Muslims unable to be each other’s allies are slaughtering one another instead.

1- BEFORE 2- AFTER Syrian streets devastated by the civil war.

The surprising thing is that this picture is part of a plan drawn up many years ago. The bloodshed in the Middle East is not the result of entirely mistaken administrations and policies, but part of a specially designed scenario that is still operating today. The dead bodies in the Middle East, the hatred incited in people and the way they have become capable of devastating one another’s cities is an outcome that certain people and circles were already expecting. The plans drawn up for the Middle East were prepared and set in motion on that basis.

One of the main objectives in that plan is for countries to be broken up. While Syria and Iraq are currently being broken up in line with that plan, different schemes are being implemented for other countries using familiar methods. One of the countries, and perhaps the most important, one that has been targeted since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the Treaty of Sèvres, is Turkey.

A short history of Evangelicalism

Following the division of Christianity into a number of different churches, such as the Catholic and Orthodox churches, a reformist movement grew up within it. This movement criticized the making of money through the sale of indulgences (a kind of document pertaining to the forgiveness of sins sold in Medieval Europe by the Pope to enable the holder to enter paradise), the Mass being performed in Latin and the doctrine of papal infallibility. This new movement, initiated by Martin Luther in Germany and by John Calvin in France and Switzerland, came to be known as “Protestantism.”

In Protestantism, repentance was between the individual and God. There was therefore no reason to give money to the Church for it. Papal infallibility was also done away with. The true source, according to this movement, was the Holy Book alone, and not commands issued by the Pope or Church sanctions.

Evangelicalism is one branch of Protestantism; the word means “good news.” In Evangelicalism, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, referred to as the disciples of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) in the New Testament, are known as “evangelists.” It was Martin Luther who employed the term “evangelical” first.

Luther saw that the New Testament had been misinterpreted and corrupted by the Catholic Church, for which reason he attached greater importance to the Old Testament (the Torah and the Psalms). Protestantism was subsequently divided into scores of different denominations, but none of these denominations abandoned the central view about essential beliefs and the Holy Scripture that included the Old Testament.1

Evangelicalism is an important and necessary reform in turning Christians to the Gospels – and also the Torah – by lifting pressure on the faith from the Church. The supporters of Evangelicalism, a sincere form of belief, have always maintained loving and peaceable attributes and, as we shall be seeing in due course, made a great contribution to the spread of religion due to the importance they attached to “evangelizing.” Again as we shall be seeing, Evangelicals’ belief in the End Times and excitement at the prospect of seeing the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) indicate a great love and religious devotion. From that perspective, they have much in common with true Muslims who abide by the Qur’an.

An 18th century cathedral and people of the time.

As in all religions, however, there are various sections in Evangelicalism that interpret the teachings in question rather differently, that misunderstand the subjects related to the End Times and that seek to equate Christianity, a religion of peace, and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), an envoy of peace, with war. These people invent what they regard as powerful evidence for scenarios of war on the basis of various passages in the Gospel. They imagine they are being perfectly honest, that they are basing themselves on the Gospel and doing what is right, but they fail to recognize the various metaphorical statements that occur in the depths of the Gospel. The second problem in this error of interpretation is that they find it difficult to turn to the Qur’an, sent down as a confirmation of the Gospel and the Torah: Yet the coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is explicitly revealed in the Qur’an, as well as a climate of peace in which all people believe.

This book is based on the views of that segment of Evangelical Christians who interpret the End Times in a dangerous manner and one very different to that described in the Divine scriptures. These people – who are generally well-intentioned – are pioneers for a horrifying scenario, albeit most likely unwittingly. They are striving to accelerate the End Times scenarios in the Middle East but are actually preparing a bloody foundation there. This will all be clarified in due course.

The spread of Evangelicalism and the End Times

The various movements that emerged within Protestantism up until the 18th century later settled in different parts of the world under the influence of colonialism. The most important of these was the North American continent. Evangelical thinking is known to have spread more rapidly following journeys to America by the Anglican clergyman John Nelson Darby. Darby’s followers also described their movement as “dispensationalism.”

The primary distinguishing feature of these people is their belief in the return of the Messiah in the End Days and in Doomsday. The conditions under which they believe the Messiah will return are as follows:

  • The foundation of a Jewish state in the Holy Land;
  • Jerusalem being its capital;
  • The rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon;
  • The preaching of the Gospel to all mankind;
  • The oppression of Jews and believers (Christians);
  • The Battle of Armageddon;
  • The ascent of believers (Christians) into heaven.
Theodor Herzl speaking at the Second Zionist Congress in Basel in 1898.

As this list shows, Evangelicals are essentially Zionist Christians. They believe that the establishment of a Jewish state in the Holy Land is paramount for the coming of the Messiah. They have therefore always been in a state of alliance with Zionist Jews.

One of the most important pieces of evidence for this is the Zionist congresses. The first Zionist Congress was held by Theodor Herzl in 1897 and called for the return of the Jews to the Holy Land. In 1985, the Second Christian Zionist Congress was held in Basel, the same city and in the same building where the First Zionist Congress opened. A resolution at that congress urged Israel to annex the West Bank. Jan Willem van der Hoeven, spokesman for the International Christian Embassy, said this in response to a Jew who objected to that idea; “We don’t care what the Israelis vote! We care what God says! And God gave that land to the Jews!” 2

That reaction is very important in terms of showing the bounds of the Evangelical Zionism that still persists today because this movement that appears to be aimed at protecting the Jews and Jewish lands, is in fact preparing the way for an end in which the Jews will be slaughtered. According to this belief, only 144,000 Jews who convert to Christianity will survive, while the other Jews, and “all Muslims,” will be slaughtered. We shall be looking at this matter shortly.

The state of Israel was founded in 1948, and Jerusalem was declared its capital in 1967: One of the signs awaited by the Evangelicals thus came true. The more these portents, signs of the End Times, came about, the more the Evangelicals set about accelerating what they believe to be the final outcome. That is why efforts to reshape the Middle East in the name of the Battle of Armageddon have gained impetus in this century.

The influence of Evangelicalism

As in all faiths and schools, Christian denominations are based on being a fine and good servant of God and Evangelicalism was also founded on that basis. However, one of the main distinguishing features between Evangelicalism and other branches of Christianity is the question of “preaching the Word,” on which less emphasis is placed in the latter. As a requirement of their faith, the followers of this sect engaged in active missionary work, preaching the word to other people. As time passed, Evangelicalism thus became increasingly well known and widespread, particularly in America.

The number of members of the Evangelical Church in America was 4 million at the time of the Civil War, but is now said to have reached some 70 million. The rise in spirituality in America and other countries where Christianity is widespread is grounds for rejoicing.

We can see this from the figures. In Civil War America (1861-1865) the number of members of the Evangelical Church was 4 million, whereas today it is put at 70 million. According to the figures for 2014, 25.4% of Americans describe themselves as Evangelicals. Although Evangelicalism at first espoused different beliefs to those of Catholicism, Evangelical belief today is no longer in such great conflict with Catholic belief. 3

It needs to be made clear that, although Christianity has sometimes turned away from its essence as a result of conflicting interpretations and has split itself into different sects, we, as Muslims, still wish to see Christian belief and faith in God grow, especially at a time when the outright denial of God is spreading like wildfire. Of course Christians must be more devout, of course they must espouse the Holy Book more and spirituality must be strengthened in America and all other countries where Christianity is widespread. America and other countries have invariably prospered and grown happy in line with their religious devotion. Therefore, we always wish to see and fully encourage the growth and strengthening of Islam among Muslims, of Christianity among Christians and of Judaism among Jews.

In addition, the Evangelical belief in the coming of the Messiah is also an issue of faith to be praised in our eyes. Muslims also are in expectation of the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the return of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) in the End Times, in which we are living now. It is therefore grounds for rejoicing that Christians hold a similar belief. It represents a point in common that will enhance our love and support for Christians and strengthen our alliance with them.

Muslims, Christians and Jews must all be more devout at this time when irreligion is on the rise.

There is nothing peculiar about the Evangelical expectation of a state of Israel in the Middle East. In the verses of the Qur’an, the Jews have the right to live in the Holy Land, and this is set out explicitly in several verses, as it also is in the Torah. Verses 20 and 21 of Surat al-Ma’ida read:

Remember when Moses said to his people, “My people! Remember God’s blessing to you when He appointed prophets among you and appointed kings for you, and gave you what He had not given to anyone else in all the worlds! My people! Enter the Holy Land which God has ordained for you. Do not turn back in your tracksand so become transformed into losers.” (Qur’an, 5:20-21)

Therefore, for Muslims, seeing Jews in the Holy Land even after 5.000 years means seeing God’s promise come to pass and this is a reason for rejoicing. One of our greatest hopes is to see Jews, Christians and Muslims living together in peace in those lands, as they did in the past.

What we shall be concentrating on, and the subject of our criticism, is the efforts on the part of some Evangelicals to shape the Middle East in line with their expectations of war in the region, which represents a manifestation of their desire to accelerate the coming of the Messiah in one sense, and the fact that some of their erroneous belief and hopes regarding the Holy Land have reached dangerous dimensions.

First of all, the time of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Messiah is ordained in destiny by God. Therefore, nobody, no circumstances and no signs can accelerate or bring forward that coming. The battle of Armageddon awaited in the Middle East has in fact already happened. The 2003 Iraq War was a major battle and a sign of the End Times, referred to as Armageddon in the Bible and described with all the relevant portents in the hadiths and the Torah. (For more detail on this, see the chapter “Some Christians’ Error Regarding Armageddon” in the book Christians Must Heed Jesus by Harun Yahya.)

Therefore, no bloody battle of the kind expected by the Evangelicals will take place in the near future. It also needs to be made clear that the concept of the Holy Land as described by the Evangelicals is different to that found in Jewish belief, and it involves wider borders. As a result, the idea of preparing the Middle East for war and preparations along those lines are false in all respects. One of their main errors is the dream of building a Great Kurdistan by breaking up the four countries that represent the backbone of the Middle East. This book describes why this plan is wrong under current conditions and the kind of tragedy that the pursuit of such a dream would inflict on the Middle East, Europe and then the entire world.

Please read more at: http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Books/210808/Americas-Failure-to-Perceive-the-PKK


Is the Objective to Annihilate Terrorism or the Islamic World?

10 12 2015


by Harun Yahya

When France announced that it would be escalating its aerial operations in Syria after the attacks in Paris on 13 November, it submitted a draft resolution to the UN Security Council intended to secure diplomatic backing for this move; it has been passed unanimously. Resolution 2249 again emphasises that Daesh is a threat to international peace and security and asks that all member countries with the power and means redouble their military forces in Syria and Iraq and destroy its bases in both.
The main thing about this resolution is that, from now on, the legal framework is in place for every country that so wishes to engage in operations against terrorist targets in the region without being asked to do so by the Syrian government. Indeed, the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the UK Mission to the UN, and President of the Security Council, has actually described the resolution as preparing a legal foundation for attacking Daesh targets in Syria, and says that there is no need to seek the permission of the Syrian government in order to do so.
Of course, bearing in mind that tens of thousands of civilians have already been killed by aerial operations in the Syrian civil war, it is hard to imagine the scale of the loss of life, devastation and destruction that will ensue from the arbitrary stepping up of these attacks. Legal cover for bombing Syria is unlikely to eradicate terrorism, or its sources.
France was the first country to go into action. Immediately after the Paris attacks, it sent its aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle to the eastern Mediterranean, carrying fighter jets, a bomber, two early warning and control aircraft and helicopters.
“The resolution frames our action under international law and upholds the UN charter,” said François Delattre, France’s Ambassador to the international organisation. “It provides a guarantee that there will be an effective fight against international terrorism.” Delattre added that this resolution will allow France to multiply its military strikes against Daesh by at least threefold in the coming days, with the arrival of the Charles de Gaulle providing a greater striking capability.
Describing the UN resolution as coming through at an “important moment”, British Prime Minister David Cameron added that the world has “united” against Daesh. “The international community has come together and has resolved to defeat this evil, which threatens people of every country and every religion.”
Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, said that Moscow supported the draft resolution. “There is increasing understanding among countries regarding the fight against international terror,” he noted.
Everyone is racing to declare that there is unity in world action against Daesh. However, the devastation happening before the eyes of the world in Syria shows that it is the innocent Arab, Turkmen, Kurdish and other peoples of the region whose lives, families, homes, villages and towns are being destroyed. They alone are paying the price for this action.
German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen insisted that everyone must take part in the “new global alliance”, and went on to say, “The recent resolution of the Security Council speaks a clear language: the fight against Daesh is top priority for France, as well as for the US, China, Russia, Turkey, Iran and the Arab states.” According to General Volker Wieker, the chief of the German General Staff, a frigate, a refuelling tanker aircraft, reconnaissance planes and some 1,200 troops will be sent in support of France.
Britain’s Daily Express, meanwhile, pointed out that China has followed Russia’s lead and is sending troops to Syria. Various Russian media sources report that the Chinese aircraft carrier Lianoning and a guided missile cruiser have entered the Mediterranean, and that Chinese military advisors have long been present in the region and have even joined the Russians in military operations in Syria. Chinese assets in Syria and the oil fields in Iraq have long been under threat from the armed conflict across the region.
In conclusion, dozens of countries keen for a share of the spoils and anxious not to be left out of the game are flooding the region under slogans such as “eradicate Daesh” and “the war against terror”. As if in some kind of macabre competition with one another, they are supposedly waging “a ruthless fight against terrorism” that will invariably rain bombs upon innocent women, children and the elderly. Hundreds of civilian who have nothing to do with terrorists are being bombed for a variety of interests, and thousands of innocent people are being martyred. Villages dating back hundreds of years and thousands of years’ worth of cultural and historical heritage are being destroyed in seconds.
The fact that the terrorists who attacked Paris and other places in Europe were born there, and are French and Belgium nationals, reveals how terrorism has been rooted in the Western world for quite some time. These people have freedom of movement among the Schengen states, which is arguably the main reason for the security and intelligence shortcomings which we have heard about since the Paris attacks.
These radical elements, which follow a grotesquely distorted understanding of Islam, may take advantage of the relative ease with which European citizens may travel, and could well attempt to enter the US with little difficulty. Given that firearms may be acquired easily in America, and that there are already home-grown terrorist groups operating there, the picture looks rather bleak.
Attempts to destroy extremist groups through bombing campaigns will do little more than generate more extremists; those who are already living in the West regard every assault on the Middle East, on their co-religionists, their cousins and their extended families as a reason for vengeance. That is why it should be obvious that the struggle against international terrorist groups should now be more rational and less knee-jerk reaction. That is, of course, if the objective really is to annihilate terrorism and not the Islamic world.


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The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and www.harunyahya.com

The Friendship Between Russia and Turkey Must Not Be Frittered Away

3 12 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 00.18.45

by Harun Yahya

Turkey and Russia are friends rather than mere neighbors, that have managed to get along ever since the leadership of Ataturk and the era of the Soviet Union. The downing by Turkey of a Russian plane on November 24 therefore profoundly shocked the peoples of both countries.

Analysts attributed the incident to several factors. Was this really imperative, or was it a mistake?

The aforementioned analysts claimed that the incident was retaliation for Russia’s attacks on Turkmen in Syria. Turkey had previously issued several warnings to Russia concerning attacks on areas inhabited by Turkmen, it was argued, and declared publicly that some of the areas bombed harbored no radical elements. Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov was summoned to the Foreign Ministry and told that the bombing of Turkmen villages could have serious consequences; Russia was asked to put an immediate end to the operation. The Russian bombing of Turkmen areas had therefore been a sensitive issue for Turkey for some time.

However, if the aim behind the downing of the Russian jet was really to issue a warning to Russia on this matter, then Turkey should have seen benefit from it. Russia should have realized its error and pulled out of Turkmen areas. However, in the immediate aftermath of the crisis Russia continued its bombing of Turkmen areas and even restricted the airspace around them by moving in advanced air defense systems, thus limiting Turkey’s ability to act in the region. That Russia would do this was not difficult to foresee. It is obvious that the downing of a Russian plane could do Turkey no good in that sense, and it is therefore unrealistic to regard it as some kind of retaliation for attacks on the Turkmen.

Indeed, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s assurance that they wouldn’t have downed it had they known it was a Russian plane also confirms the fact that it couldn’t have been an act of retaliation.

The second allegation of some analysts commenting on the incident was that Russia and Turkey support different sides in the Syrian civil war and will – sooner or later – come into direct conflict. First, if this is the case it is illogical for the two sides to have waited five years. Moreover, a diplomatic initiative has been taken aimed at a solution in Syria. Although these diplomatic steps haven’t been put into practice on a large scale, the Vienna talks were perhaps of most concern to Turkey. The questions of the Turkmen of Georgia, Crimea and Syria, also of close concern to Turkey, had previously been resolved by diplomacy and negotiation between the two countries. Although there are certainly differences of opinion on numerous issues between the two, they have managed to get along and it is unrealistic to expect their disagreements over Syria to suddenly transform into an all-out shooting war.

Looking at the subject once again in the light of all this, it appears that the action was aimed not against Russia, but for the defense of national borders. The border violation consists of a number of details:

Following the downing of an unarmed Turkish jet with its identification system turned on by the Syrian regime on June 22, 2012, Turkey changed its rules of engagement. Accordingly, any military element approaching the Turkish border from Syrian territory would be regarded as a threat and treated as a military target. This decision, which is in line with the international law, had been shared with all relevant countries.

Some analysts point to our Aegean border with Greece as a similar instance. Border violations between Greece and Turkey happen on a frequent basis, and jets routinely warn and chase one another off. However, it is inaccurate to compare the disagreement in the Aegean to the present matter, because the rules of engagement that were changed in 2012 refer only to the Syrian border. Indeed, a Syrian Air Force Mig-23 fighter and a MI-17 helicopter were brought down within the scope of the new rules, and drones were also responded to on two separate occasions.

Let us remember that Turkey cannot afford to not protect its border with Syria as Turkey and NATO have many militarily and financially significant bases in the region. In addition, many of our people in Turkish border villages have lost their lives due to border violations. Therefore it is impossible for Turkey to ignore any violation of its border with Syria. Russia is the country most responsible for such violations. Russia commenced its aerial campaign in Syria on September 30, and committed 13 violations in the space of just seven days. The violations continued, and on October 3-4 Ambassador Karlov was summoned to the Foreign Ministry and reminded again of the rules of engagement. On October 16, a Russian drone was shot down by Turkish jets.

These violations increased when Russia started its attacks on Turkmen areas but were not directly made public. However, they were put to delegations at high-level meetings with Russian military officials. When the number of violations increased, Turkey sought US assistance, and F-15 fighters capable of fighting Russian Su-34s were sent to Turkey’s Incirlik air base. Although such violations were frequent, Turkey and Russia, two good allies, always managed to solve these problems amicably.

Repeatedly violating a country’s borders – despite all previous warnings – puts the leader of that country in a difficult position. But should the response be shooting down a plane? Of course not.

Although escalating the rules of engagement to war conditions is permissible under international law, shooting a plane down endangers the lives of the pilots and people on the ground. We cannot therefore possibly approve of such a course. The important point here is to emphasize that there was no irregularity under international law and that we have no hostility toward Russia. Indeed NATO, and countries such as the US, France, Great Britain, Germany, Spain and Holland have declared that there was no breach of the law in the application of the rules of engagement.

We are in a very sensitive time. It is essential for leaders to avoid harsh words and an angry tone that they will later regret. People know that I have long bravely opposed the policy of isolating Russia in my writings and other statements. Harsh words may strengthen that isolation worldwide and that is not what we desire. Commentators on both sides must act with reason, use a language of peace and love and avoid language of anger and hatred. Angry words may come to one’s tongue very easily for a moment, but they are exceedingly hard to retract. It must not be forgotten that such intemperate language can push ignorant, loveless and vengeful types totally out of control, and that this would seriously damage both communities. Those who strive for peace must now become engaged.

The Turkish and Russian peoples do not desire any falling out. That is one of the main reasons for the approval our peace messages in Russian newspapers have received. Turkey is an important doorway through which Russia and the Islamic world can come together and interact more strongly. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rational policies have strengthened that solidarity. This valuable friendship we enjoy with Russia must not be frittered away through harsh rhetoric that cannot be retracted.


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The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and www.harunyahya.com

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