No More Wellington House Propagandas

12 03 2016


by Harun Yahya

There is no doubt Syria harbors a special place in the media as one of the most mentioned conflicts that has had a huge effect on the entire world either directly or indirectly. There have been many attempts to get each side to a ceasefire in the country, yet no concrete solution has been reached thus far. Certainly, Turkey and Iran, two important players in the region would and could play a vital role to bring peace in the region, but only if they reconcile on some of the misunderstood points vis a vis the future of Syria.

Regrettably, there has recently been a surge in propaganda trying to drive a wedge between Turkey and Iran. According to some prominent media organizations, Iran’s believes that Turkey is financially aiding some terrorist organizations. This notion turns the situation into a quagmire, and what’s more is that there is very strong Iranian public perception that Turkey is on the side of Saudi Arabia in the recent ambiguity. Iranian media carries concerned reports regarding Turkey’s role in Syria conflict. In similar fashion, there is an intense propaganda against Iran in some re-known Turkish media organizations.

Who is behind the propaganda between Turkey and Iran?

It is completely wrong to think there is trouble between these two Muslim countries. The region that is already a scene to numerous conflicts, terror and instability, is irrefutably the most volatile region of the world. It is not a conspiracy theory to think that some Western shadow states have extended covert plans to fragment the biggest center and the most strategic region of the Islamic world. The strategies, implementation, or presentation methods may vary from time to time, yet the main goal has always stayed the same: To put a barrier to the idea of the formation of unity and alliance among Muslims. Furthermore, the desire to be in control over the natural resources and natural wealth appeared as an extra benefit. Besides, it should not be forgotten how particular arm traders benefit from the unending bloody conflicts in the region. In this current situation, the strategy to ruin the relations between Turkey and Iran is by propagating such propaganda by means of some prominent media organizations since shadow states control them.

Historically such propaganda methods have also been used

For Islamic countries to be strong is not something the west desires. Shadow governments that operate behind the scenes in these western countries have tried and are currently trying to to damage the relations between Muslim countries.  This is true both historically as well as occurring in recent times.. For instance, at the beginning of the 20th century these shadow entities appointed some of their members for some assignments in the region by disguising their own identities. Iran and Turkey are leading examples in the region where many intelligence officers of the shadow states have participated. During the years 1882-1914 Britain backed some separatist movements within the Ottoman at times in order to dominate the Middle East. The British worked systematically to weaken the Islamic identity and assigned many missionaries, diplomats, and religious figures who acted under the command of the British Foreign Affairs[1].

They used psychological warfare methods of influence to distort the facts and disseminated propaganda through the media at the beginning of the Great War. According to the French political writer Jacques Driencourt “everything can be attained through propaganda” and he also calls the 20th century as the century of propaganda[2]. Indulging propaganda campaigns against opponent states became a tradition for the British especially during the WWI. The British established a propaganda institution called the Wellington House, which carried out very serious activities against the central powers including Turkey. Actually, the British started to make propaganda against Turkey via a propaganda office founded in 1870 to spread anti-Turkish information in foreign countries[3]. This propaganda became so widespread that many people all around the world came to believe in the disinformation disseminated by the Wellington House. However, some people with sanity and reason considered them with objectivity. For example, Reverend Cyrus Hamlin, first president of the Robert College in Istanbul had to admit: “Whenever I pick up a paper of eastern news, I pray, ‘Oh Lord, endow me with a suitable sense of unbelief.[4]” Similarly, the popular writer Claude Farrere stated the following regarding the disinformation against the Turks in a lecture he gave in 1922: “Is there wonder that the world sees the Turk in the wrong?.. Think that the enemies of the Turks have money, and money opens every door… They are using a language which is easier to understand in the West than Turkish. Moreover, they [the Turks] belong to a non-articulate race. Their enemies, however, are very talkative and skillful in putting their case. What terrible qualities for those who use lies as their main weapon! … [The enemies of the] Turk poured lies over him. Therefore why should the Turk be right and his enemies wrong in the eyes of the misinformed?[5]

Why Turkey and Iran should be on the same side 

It seems very likely that similar smear campaigns are being indulged to damage our relations with our neighboring country Iran. How can we have a problem with our Muslim brothers in Iran? According to the Quran, it is an obligation of Muslims to be allies with our Muslim brothers. Both governments should take the matter very seriously with reason and not fall into the plots of the shadow states, which have intelligent officers covertly making propaganda betweenthe two Islamic countries. Both should make the necessary actions to get rid of such evil-minded people trying to have control over the region. The leaders of both sides should give messages of friendship and collaboration. Turkey not only on the level of leaders but also people at the grassroots level became very happy for Iran for the lifting of the sanctions. This is assuredly a nice gesture and similar acts should continue. Otherwise, this would turn into a disaster and this is what the region needs the least at the time being. Furthermore, both nations should sign joint defense and collaboration agreements. Iran is the strongest Islamic nation full of religious, devout people burning with the love of Hazrat Ali (ra) and Ahl Al-Bayt. If both states cannot remove the cancer embedded secretly in the region, they would drag the Muslims countries to other conflicts, may God forbid. As Muslims, as lovers of God, we should eradicate the plots of shadow states that are yearning to take control in the region and we should never let another Muslim blood be spilled.


[2] Driencourt, Jacques  (1950), La Propagande, Nouvelle Force Politique, Paris, p.18


[4] Grinnel Mears, %20Eliot (ed.)  (1924), Modern Turkey, New York, pp. 4-5

[5] Farrere, Claude (1922), ‘Les beaux voyages, Stamboul Conferencia’, Journal de l’Universite de Annales, Paris, 1 October, No. 20, p. 360.

Becoming Aware of the Scourge of Darwinism

28 02 2016


by Harun Yahya

Darwinism, or the theory of evolution, is the worst nonsense in the history of mankind, is devoid of any scientific foundation and has been completely discredited by modern-day science. Darwin himself and all scientists who espoused evolution after him clearly knew that the theory of evolution was a discredited one. However, since the theory of evolution also prepares the foundation for the attempted global spread of the atheist and materialist mindset, the relegation of spiritual values and a growing attachment to material things, it has always enjoyed the support of some secret state apparatuses active in this area.

The theory of evolution has therefore always been supported and kept alive by secret state apparatuses, particularly the British, as well as various influential global underground movements and various atheist institutions. The basic reason why all countries, without exception, keep the theory of evolution in their curricula as if it were an unquestioned truth, and why objections to it are harshly silenced, is that this nonsense is supported by the bodies in question. There is literally a protected ‘Darwinist dictatorship’ in the world. That dictatorship wants all young people in the world to be raised thinking that this nonsense is really true.

The same thing applies to Turkey. The presence in Turkey of a government that respects religious values is very welcome and something that we had been longing to see, particularly after such difficult times as 28 February. Nonetheless, due to various forms of pressure from the Darwinist dictatorship that dominates the world, our students are still being taught that the theory of evolution is an established fact. Ministry of Education text books still discuss evolution and TRT, the state broadcaster, also supports the foundations of this nonsense through programs and statements involving advocates of evolution, and carelessly carries evolutionist propaganda in its documentaries. The fact that those in charge of preparing the curriculum and TV broadcasts appear unaware of the scientific facts and data is even more alarming.

People may not reflect on the meaning and consequences of this terrible state of affairs. This means that;

* Statements in school text books such as ‘Your forebears were microbes’ IS AN EXPLICIT DENIAL OF THE EXISTENCE OF GOD (surely God is beyond that).

* Various subjects are associated with evolution in the school curriculum. Students study this nonsense as if it were the scientific truth. Our children are constantly being indoctrinated with the falsehood that THEY WERE NOT CREATED, BUT CAME INTO BEING GRADUALLY, BY CHANCE.

* The name of God is mentioned only in religious studies classes. As well as information from the Qur’an, children are exposed to a traditional conception of religion in those classes, one largely incompatible with the Qur’an, as a result of intensive indoctrination. The general impression given is one of ‘You can believe this if you like, but science is really where the truth lies.’ Under the influence of the atheist indoctrination in other classes, students listen to religious studies classes as if they were a fairy tale (Surely religion is beyond that). In addition, since Darwinism is taught as science at every available opportunity, and since students are not given any other instruction, our children are being exposed to a system that absolutely denies the existence of God.

* The fact that we have a president and a prime minister who explicitly refer to God and who quote verses from the Qur’an in their speeches is a very welcome state of affairs. However, it is amazing that pro-evolution propaganda should appear and people should be so misinformed on TRT, a public institution financed by taxpayers’ money.

* The growing numbers of killings, rapes, and acts of rage and violence against women in society are becoming an insuperable problem. It must not be forgotten that the communities in which savagery and violence are most prevalent are Darwinist ones that have lost all spiritual values, that do not regard other people as human and believe in the essential need of natural selection. With its Darwinist education system, Turkey is first becoming one of those societies of violence, and the situation is growing worse all the time. Because an infrastructure that legitimized violence, Darwinist education in other words, functions without cease.

* The way that some religious teachers who describe themselves as Muslims also espouse evolution and even go so far as to claim that it is not incompatible with the Qur’an is of course no coincidence. Since the advocates of evolution were increasingly losing support and realized that their lies were being exposed, they recently adopted a new policy. Whereas they used to claim that an advocate of evolution had also to be an atheist, they have now begun to give the impression that evolution and religion are not incompatible, by encouraging the idea that science and religion are not mutually exclusive. The existence of a lobby established for that purpose has been explicitly admitted by the renowned evolutionist Richard Dawkins.

There’s a kind of … evolution defense lobby, in particular. They are mostly atheists, but they are wanting to—desperately wanting—to be friendly to mainstream, sensible religious people. And the way you do that is to tell them that there’s no incompatibility between [evolution] and religion… (Ben Stein, Expelled “No Intelligence Allowed”, 2008)

The activities of this lobby gradually began producing results, and the Church went so far as to apologize to Darwin. The Pope began hosting evolution meetings in his own palace. This community also sought to infiltrate the Islamic community and gradually succeeded in doing so. Various ‘religious representatives’ unable to refute Darwinism on the level of ideas, with no scientific background and therefore utterly feeble in the face of Darwinists, began being shown various false paths. Ever since then, these people have begun trying to propagandize the idea that evolution is not incompatible with Islam, by quoting supposed scholars and advocates of evolution such as Ibn-i Miskeveyh and Ibn-i Haldun, as well as passages from the Masnavi. Through coded references they are trying to give the impression that we are not descended from the Prophet Adam (pbuh), and are also trying to familiarize the Islamic world with that lie. It needs to be understood that covering this matter up in Turkey can cause serious harm, and that such behavior may attract a grave responsibility in the sight of God.

* The dajjal uses ignorance and misinformation to spread atheism. That also applies to today’s dajjal, Darwinism. People’s ignorance has been used to spread Darwinism in all Muslim countries, such as Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Syria and Iraq. Courses on evolution are given in schools and universities and conferences on evolution held in Muslim countries. Even teachers of theology have become advocates of evolution. They are amazed when they are told that ‘Not a single intermediate fossil exists. Yet more than 500 million fossils prove the fact that life forms were created suddenly and never change over the course of time.’ This is the first time they have encountered such information. Because to date they have always received Darwinist education and have never questioned or investigated its veracity. This climate of lack of information has led to a rapid spread of Darwinism in Islamic countries, and to its becoming unquestionable under a guise of being ‘scientific.’ Sadly, this also applies to Turkey, and is becoming worse by the day.

* The racism brought with it by Darwinism is a terrible problem of particular concern to our citizens. As a result of the nonsense of advanced races put forward by Darwin, advocates of evolution regard some Europeans as an advanced race and Negro people, native Australians and Turks as half-races that have not yet completed their development (surely the great Turkish nation is beyond that). Darwin made this clear in his letters:

I could show fight on natural selection having done and doing more for the progress of civilization than you seem inclined to admit. Remember what risk the nations of Europe ran, not so many centuries ago of being overwhelmed by the TURKS, and how RIDICILOUS such an idea now is! 

The MORE CIVILISED so-called Caucasian races have beaten the TURKISH hollow in the struggle for existence. Looking to the world at no very distant date, WHAT AN ENDLESS NUMBER OF THE LOWER RACES WILL HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED BY THE HIGHER CIVILISED RACES throughout the world. (Francis Darwin, The life and letters of Charles Darwin, Vol I, 1888, pp. 285-286)

That way of thinking spread across the world with Darwinism. Many people in the world for these reasons exhibit an injurious attitude toward Middle Eastern communities and the Turks. Politics proceeds on the basis of this terrible way of thinking. European secret state apparatuses, and particularly the British, think they can implement their plans for Turkey as they wish and that this will be very easy. When we look at the last 150 years in which Darwinism has grown and developed, we can see why these plans aimed at the Ottoman Empire have always persisted unabated. With the current teaching of Darwinism, our own children adopt this way of thinking, albeit unwittingly, and new generations emerge that wither regard themselves as an inferior race or else are unable to appreciate the worth and superior nature of the Turkish nation and that are therefore ignorant of the importance of national unity. The damage this causes Turkey and the rest of the world is very grave.

* At no time in history has God ever been denied so openly and by so many. This is the first time that God has been defied in such a blatant and systematic manner (surely God is beyond that), and that the lies that ‘our forebears were microbes’ has been propagated so shamelessly and that ‘we were not created’ has been uttered so explicitly. Evolution is being inculcated everywhere, openly or more covertly, not just in the education system, but also in films, music clips, documentaries and comedy programs. Almost nobody is able to stand up to this system that says ‘There is no God.’ People are helpless in the face of the pressure brought by the system and everyone behaves in a defeatist manner because of it.

* Darwinist propaganda is a movement of British origin that started in the 1800.s It began with Charles Darwin, who was himself British, and was spread across the world through the use of secret mechanisms and undergoing atheist institutions of the time. The British secret state apparatus is still actively at work on this. The fact that the nonsense of evolution is so established in the world and cannot be denied is that this harsh institution gives the impression of being beyond. No legal institutions, governments included, can stand in the face of this illegal, underground structure, not object to its impositions. We must therefore not forget that this scourge affecting the whole world was also imposed on Turkey by the British secret state apparatus.

* It is therefore essential that we strengthen the hand of our government. A stand against Darwinist education must be made by the public and in a powerful manner. Turkish people must therefore write to the Ministry of Education expressing their opposition to Darwinist education and must be determined in that opposition. Mass opposition on the part of the Turkish people will strengthen the state’s resistance to the British secret state apparatus, and our popular demands will become irresistible.

* The Ministry of Education must also be asked to include additional text books containing scientific proofs in the curriculum. These books must contain scientific information only. For example, they must contain scientific proof that protein can never come into being spontaneously as the result of random processes and that more than 100 different proteins are required for one protein to come into existence. They should also contain examples of the more than 500 million fossils that have been discovered to date. Classes in evolution must not be banned, but the decision on what to believe must be left up to the student on the basis of the scientific evidence provided. Petitions must also be addressed to the government for such classes to be held in schools.

The world is currently shamelessly denying the existence of God, with an impudence that has never been seen before. Blatant denial of God is a sign of the end of the Day of Reckoning. God has halted the Day of Reckoning and has given mankind a last opportunity to strive to put an end to this devilish system. It is a great blessing for us that we have a government and a population who are careful to avoid any behavior that may offend God. We must now take the necessary steps and save both Turkey and the rest of the world from this system of slavery imposed by the British secret state apparatus. The first objective in that light must be a step that eliminates Darwinism, a system based entirely on denial of God. The first thing required is for the Turkish people to give their full backing to the government on this subject.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and

PYD: Another Face of Terror

15 02 2016


by Harun Yahya

Last week we discussed Turkey’s civil war against the PKK and saw how the issue is directly related to the PYD in Syria. The PYD (and its armed wing, the YPG) was founded by members of the PKK in 2003.

Like the PKK, its headquarters are in Qandil. Its leader is the PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan. Its ideology in terms of terrorist activity and objectives is the same as that of the PKK.

The Geneva talks began last week. Turkey objected to the presence of PYD, saying, “We will not attend if the PYD participated.” It is questionably a seriously irrational act to include a terror organization to discuss the future of Syria. These words from Ankara are to a large extent a reflection of the facts: “If they are to take part in the negotiations, they should do so on the side of the regime.” It is no secret that the PYD has for long been acting in support of the Syrian regime.

Turkey’s objection was accepted, and the PYD was not admitted to the Geneva talks. Although the Geneva discussions were postponed, the absence of the PYD was regarded as one step toward the talks bearing fruit. At the same time, however, developments in the Kurdish region of Syria revealed that the American and European secret state apparatuses were acting very differently in practice.

As the Geneva talks were beginning without the PYD, British and French diplomats and President Obama’s special representative in the coalition established to fight Daesh, Brett McGurk, carried out a surprise visit to Kobani. At that same time, Deputy US Secretary of State Tony Blinken met with PYD co-chairman Salih Muslim in Geneva.

While McGurk may claim that the visit had been planned beforehand and that the timing was a mere coincidence, it is not hard to see that this visit, at such a sensitive time, was intended to send certain messages to Turkey. Following the visit, a Kurdish source said, “A senior military delegation from the international coalition met with senior members of the PYD.” Clearly, the alliance between US and European officials and the terrorists was going ahead despite Turkey’s objections.

This was the first time that the US had dispatched government officials to Syria. While Turkey was being told, “You are a member of the NATO and our ally” in front of the cameras, behind them, initiatives aimed against Turkey were under way. Doing what diplomacy requires with a smile on one’s face while forging alliance with enemies if so needed is a prominent characteristic of secret state apparatuses, is it not?

The way that McGurk posed for the cameras with Polat Can, one of the most senior figures in Qandil, and even accepted an award from him, is a detail requiring close examination. Polat Can is a terrorist who until recently was in Qandil fighting for the PKK in a PKK uniform. The way that he wore a PYD uniform while smiling with McGurk for the cameras shows the scale of the tactic being employed. At the same time, the serial numbers of PKK weapons captured by Turkey revealed that these had been given to the PYD by the US. The weapons in question are now being used against Turkish troops and police officers in Cizre, Silopi and Nusaybin. Although Ankara has shared a list of the serial numbers of the weapons with the countries concerned, the US appears to have been little affected.

Let us also remind ourselves that information that the US has built an air base in Syria in order to provide military assistance to the PYD has recently been confirmed. Thanks to this airport, the US can now send weaponry directly to the PYD. Another interesting thing is the way that the PYD, which acts entirely in concert with the Syrian regime, is backed by the US, which opposes that regime. Syrian regime forces recently agreed to act together with the PYD in an operation against the opposition held air base at Minig.

The way that the US and various European secret state apparatuses use Daesh as an excuse to pursue a policy of “any terrorist opposing a terrorist is a legal terrorist” is in fact part of a major stratagem. It is no secret that it has become impossible to defeat Daesh on the ground, for which reason the US and Europe are reluctant to engage in a land operation in the region. The US and European countries are well aware that they will be unable to defeat Daesh if they send troops to Syria. In the same way, these countries are also aware that the PYD will be unable to register any significant success in the ground offensive against Daesh.

US claims that the PYD has provided it with important intelligence in the region are also less than credible. US intelligence assets certainly consist of more than the means of few militants with no infrastructure in the area. What we are looking at is a desire to provide secret backing for the PKK, a Stalinist terror organization engaged in separatist activities in Turkey. Let us recall that the coalition forces never attacked Daesh until it attacked the PYD. The secret apparatuses in question are not in the least interested in what happens in Iraq and Syria. Their only desire is that no harm should befall the PKK, which is striving to break Turkey apart. Secret state apparatuses are known to have wanted to break Turkey up for more than a century and they have no qualms about discussing this with the assistance of fraudulent maps. Since it is impossible for them to directly support the PKK, which appears on their own lists of terror organizations and is in a state of war with Turkey, a NATO ally, they are now doing this indirectly by means of the PYD in Syria. Weaponry provided by these secret state apparatuses is now being used against Turkish troops and police officers. The raison d’être of the NATO alliance has collapsed in the face of this scenario. Our responsibility is to describe this tragedy and expose the hypocrisy.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and

The Real Cost of Middle East Wars

7 02 2016


by Harun Yahya

The world has been sucked into a whirlpool of wars since the beginning of the 21st century. Millions of Muslims have lost their lives in the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and in fighting in Libya, Syria and Yemen. Thousands of women, children, elderly people, youngsters and other innocent people are being added to the list every day. As one part of the world dies, another produces reports praising the war machinery that it employs.

These wars have become a kind of convention for new weaponry. The US first used its new B2 bombers in the fighting in Afghanistan and Libya. The unmanned aerial vehicles known as drones were first used by the CIA in Pakistan. The $75-billion F22 Raptor aircraft had to wait for the Syrian civil war. F35 fighters, on which $400 billion has been spent to date out of a $1 trillion budget, are waiting their turn to rain down death and destruction.

Russia has not been slow to take part in this arms exhibition. It first put its Tupelov TU-160 warplanes, Raduga Kh-101 cruise missiles, new mechanised howitzer the MSTA-B and S 400 missile system on show in the Syrian civil war. France showcased its Rafale fighter aircraft in the Libyan and Syrian civil wars. Russia also launched its 3M-14 missiles with their 1,500 mile range at targets in Syria from the Caspian Sea.

Each new weapon competes to cause greater killing and devastation. Success in the arms race is measured in the amount of innocent blood spilled. The reward for the winners is international praise and money to commit new slaughter. New weapons introduced by one side leads the other bloc to develop an even better one. While money is spent on developing a weapon, billions of dollars are also diverted to develop defence systems to counter it. The world’s resources are more than adequate to feed, house and provide pleasant lives for its 7 billion inhabitants, yet these countries spend their wealth, not on keeping people alive, but on the means to kill them.

The money spent on arms represents only a very small part of the total cost of wars. Several think-tanks have calculated the cost to the US economy of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan at $6 trillion. A large part of the cost represents expenditure not on the battlefield but on indirect costs. In addition to the $2 trillion it has already spent, the US will spend another $4 trillion over the next 30 years in loan interest, new arms purchases and lifetime health costs for injured veterans. One week before the start of the Iraq War, the then US Vice President Dick Cheney said that it would last only 2 years and would cost around $100 billion. However, the conflicts have never ended, and the cost has been at least 40-50 times higher.

The world is becoming an ever more dangerous place, with the side-effects of wars that cannot be measured in money. Billions of dollars are being spent on security alone. Instead of our old world fighting hunger, poverty and disease, huge efforts are being made to protect against threats from unknown directions.

In its peace report for 2014, the Institute for Economics and Peace revealed that 81 countries have gradually become more dangerous places, including Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Israel and Lebanon. The annual cost of the climate of violence in these six countries alone is $300 billion. The annual cost to the world due to violence is estimated at $10 trillion. Of that, $3 trillion represents the costs of obtaining arms, $3 trillion is related to crime and personal violence (murders, acts of violence in society, sex crimes and prison expenditure), $2.2 trillion for domestic security and $1.2 trillion for the cost of regional or global conflicts. Instead of this money being spent on preventing hunger, poverty and the deaths of homeless children, and raising prosperity across the world, it is being wasted on a dead-end from which there can be no winners.

It would be wrong to measure the costs of war in monetary terms alone, though. The climate of conflict that peaked with the “War on Terror” programme has cost some 3 million lives. It is impossible to put a financial valuation on the right to life of innocent men, women, children and the elderly. This process has, to date, devastated eight countries. Hundreds of cities and tens of thousands of towns have to be rebuilt. Four million people have had to flee their countries, while another 8 million are displaced within them. Turkey alone is housing more than 2 million Syrian refugees. Hundreds of thousands are clamouring at the border of the EU, many of whom drown before they ever get there.

Another major effect of the wars in the Middle East that will persist for many long years is the way that they have distanced the peoples of the East and West from one another. Islam is equated with war and terror in many Western homes, while in the East, millions regard the people of the West as invaders and warmongers.

The greatest cost of these wars is the way that all sides lose their humanity. Official news agencies carry reports of how many bombs have been produced and how many targets have been struck every day, and portray their own countries as heroic. Yet it is unclear who is targeted or hit in these operations. Military spokespersons describe “successful” operations as things to be proud of, even though all such terminology in fact means more corpses, more destruction and more poverty. The material and psychological costs of this sort of scenario will grow even more terrible so long as mankind tries to solve disputes through war, instead of peace. The goal should be to act outside of this mindset and bring peace to the world. More war will never be the way to do this.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and

Why Plans for Redrawing the Middle East Will Fail?

30 01 2016


by Harun Yahya

Condoleezza Rice, the former US Secretary of State, was the first person to ever use the term ‘the New Middle East’ during a public address in Tel Aviv back in June of 2006. She had opted to use this new concept, instead of the more popular ‘Greater Middle East’. Interestingly enough, soon after that speech a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel, Ralph Peters showed what this new term meant with a map in his book entitled ‘Never Quit the Fight’ that was released on July 20, 2006.

Lt. Col. Peters is a former high-ranking Defense Department officer, whose ideas are widely sought after by military circles. He worked as a Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence of the US Army and he’s written various books and articles on foreign policy and strategy. Although the US Defense Department never officially accepted Lt. Col. Peters’s map, it is a known fact that the map is currently being used in a training program in NATO’s Military College.1

This map, which could be considered the latest one in a series of maps that sought to redesign the Middle East over the past century, shows the final state of the region that certain Western circles desire to see. The New Middle East Map, in other words, the final stage in the Greater Middle East Project, is almost like a 21st Century version of Sykes-Picot, a secret treaty signed with the intent on sharing the former Ottoman lands after WWI. It also corroborated the accuracy of certain theories, which up until then seemed like just conspiracy theories. Apparently, in the final stage of the project, the respective parties didn’t care as much about hiding their true intentions.

The borders predicted by the 2006 map seem eerily close to the truth today; in fact, so much so the journal ‘The Atlantic’, decided to feature the map again on June 19, 2014 with an ominous title ‘The New Map of the Middle East“, only years after covering it in a 2008 issue. The journal even claims that the separations predicted by the map are inevitable.

The name Greater Middle East Project was first used by the Bush administration, the 43rd US President, and was discussed during the G-8 summit in 2004. However, it wasn’t a new concept; on the contrary, it was just a new name for an old, long-term project that first began in the late 19thCentury.

The project extended to Morocco in the West, Pakistan in the East, the Black Sea coasts of Turkey in the North, and Yemen in the South: In other words, the most volatile, or ‘the most tampered, the most provoked and most easily-ignited region of the world’, scene to countless wars, conflicts, military coups, separatist moves, terror and instability. Another important thing about the region is that it houses the largest, most central and most strategic part of the Islamic world.

Although the implementation and publicization methods have varied from time to time, neither the essence nor the true goal of the project has ever really changed. Since the beginning, its main purpose, determined by certain deep states of Western countries, has been to prevent an Ottoman-style union and alliance between the regional countries and peoples, thus ultimately preventing a Union of Islam. Surely, the hopes of obtaining control over the natural resources and natural wealth of the region came as an added bonus. Furthermore, the prospect of getting astronomical deals for certain arms dealers, due to relentless wars and conflicts, wouldn’t hurt either.

By the end of the 1800s, after the Ottoman administration made a deal with the German Deutsche Bank to extract oil in Mosul and Kirkuk; the British immediately built an indirect partnership with the said Germany company in order to be a part of the Middle East oil scene. The fastest developing country of the era, the USA, was soon to follow. In other words, the eyes of the West suddenly turned to the rich oil sources in the Middle East, just as the Ottoman Empire was struggling to stay alive.

Before late, Britain and France parceled out the former Ottoman lands in the Middle East, marking the first official and wide-scale step towards the Great Middle East Project. Following that, the project was implemented gradually until today, despite countless revisions, modifications, improvements and changes.

The decision passed by the US Congress in 1957, widely known as the ‘Eisenhower Doctrine’, but originally called ‘Preserving the Peace and Stability in the Middle East’ had the same approach to the Middle East as today’s GMEP. In fact, the phrase ‘New World Order’ used by former US President George H. W. Bush in a press conference in August 1990, was nothing other than a fresh attempt to familiarize the public with the GMEP. The ‘Clash of Civilizations’, the famous work of Samuel Huntington, a political analyst and a former advisor to US Department of Defense, in the journal Foreign Affairs, also laid the philosophical foundations of the ongoing Greater Middle East Project. This piece, published in 1993, was later turned into a comprehensive book shaped around the same ideas.

“The Project for the New American Century”, PNAC, a Washington DC based think-tank that operated between 1997-2006 and known for their advisory roles in military policies, the Iraq War and national security, and known for their lobbying efforts among high-ranking US officials, was also amongst the top theoreticians behind the ‘New World Order’ and ‘GMEP’. Gary Schmitt, the former director of PNAC, said that they no longer needed to carry on and they had already done their job and made the government accept their views.

Indeed, that year, the said ‘New Middle East’ concept and the detailed map of this new Middle East surfaced. It was followed by the Arab Spring that pushed many Arab countries into an era of relentless turmoil including Syria, Libya, Yemen and others. Undoubtedly, the Arab Spring marked another serious step towards the realization of the map.

Many Western deep states believe that they are getting closer to achieving the map that has been their dreams for centuries now. However, one thing is certain: dreams and covert plans do not always go as planned. The history is full of sinister plans that took a lot of effort to build, but went awry nevertheless.

It is entirely possible that more challenges are ahead for the Middle East. Yet, the complete sundering of the Islamic world and a subsequent prevention of the Islamic Union is not to be found in destiny. There might be difficulties and problems, but the map that will come out of it is likely not going to be one the certain deep states have been hoping for.



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Toxic America

27 01 2016

By Sami Jamil Jadallah

Let us use the $50 billion designated for Israel as a down payment and start fixing our toxic water system all over America.

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Michigan Water

Watching the news from Flint, Michigan you would think you are in one of the poorest cities in Africa with reddish/yellowish toxic drinking water. This is America today; a country that has not only toxic water, but toxic politics as well.

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Flint, Michigan Water

The Flint, Michigan water system, neglected for a long time, carries toxic poisonous water from the Flint River, which in turn carries water from Lake Huron. The pipes are so corroded, they cause high levels of lead to leak into the drinking water.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 5.21.13 PM

Water in Israel Settlements… compliment of the US Congress

There has been no investment in the drinking water system for over 50 years. Rather than fixing and investing in a new water system, the city kept pumping “orthophosphate” to prohibit corrosion.

For a long time, the water of Flint smelled and looked bad, was smelly and tasted funny, and the government knew about it years before. I guess adding extra “lead” in the residents’ blood is okay.

One can’t be sure if the delay in taking effective action has to do with the fact that Blacks are 57% of the population and 41% of the residents live beneath the poverty line. One has to wonder if the majority of the city where White and affluent. Poor Whites are treated no differently from poor Blacks. Just take a look at Appalachia.

However, the story of Flint is not unique. America’s entire infrastructure is falling apart. The American Society of Civil Engineers gave our infrastructure falling marks. This is how the American Society of Civil Engineers graded America in 2013.

“Energy D, Transit D, Ports C, Aviation D, Levees D-, Schools D, Roads D, Inland Water Way D-, Waste Water D, Hazardous Waste D, Public Ports C, Rails C+, Bridges C+, Solid Waste B, Drinking Water D, Dams D.”

While American politicians are debating “important “ issues, such as what to do with “Muslims” and “immigrants” legal and illegal, and what to do with ISIS (kick their ass as the revived and resuscitated Sarah Palin suggested), no one is looking at our falling apart schools, dams, drinking waters and our failing infrastructure, which in fact is the biggest threat to our national economy.

With solid renovated infrastructure, which is the backbone of national economy and business, America will soon be in deep trouble. We handed close to a trillion dollars to the criminal crooks of Wall Street, but we do not have the money to rescue our towns and cities from falling apart infrastructure.

Not only our drinking water is toxic, but also our politics, our national institutions and our financial system are toxic. Too big to fail, too big to tax, too powerful to collect tax from, too powerful to force them to keep jobs at home.

We see divisions between the few rich and the hundreds of millions of poor. We see divisions between Left and Rights in politics. We see divisions along racial lines; we see divisions between citizens and police, between citizens and politicians. These divisions are incited by toxic politics. We want to solve the world’s problems while neglecting our own issues at home.

We want to “Kick Ass” while neglecting the very basic things that makes America the powerful nation it is. More money for the military will not make our country strong while the very basis of our economy is falling apart. Ah, with all due respect to our fellow military, but when was the last time we won a war?

We spend tens of millions on the Senate hearing on Benghazi, but we fail to spend one million investigating the false wars and the trillions of dollars wasted on “personal wars” and wars on behalf of an ally that kills and murders our sailors.

The thousands of brave soldiers who died and the tens of thousands injured in these stupid reckless criminal wars are of no importance and no priorities to our national politicians, and not worthy of having open public hearings on the whys and how’s we went to war?

Our national elected officials have no time to look into and investigate “the falling apart America”, but have much time to debate and hold public hearings on issues for the rich and powerful.

Let us use the $50 billion designated for Israel and start fixing our own falling apart infrastructure. Let us give Flint the money it needs to fix its water system rather than giving it to Israel to build swimming pools in illegal settlements built on stolen land.

Let us put America first for a change.


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