Obama, Ramadan and a “Detente” between the US and the Muslim World.

7 08 2010

In few days, Muslims all over the world will start observing the Holy month of Ramadan where Muslims are to fast shortly before sunrise until after sunset, abstaining from food, drinks, cigarettes and sex during these times. More important, Muslims are also to observe the Holy month of Ramadan with prayers starting with early morning “fajr” prayers to the late evening “ taraweeh” prayers.

However many including some Muslims forget that the Holy month of Ramadan start with seeking forgiveness from family and friends for any offenses committed and start of repairing and reconciling family relationship and friendship.


Also the Holy Quran clearly and unequivocally forbid the commitment of any crimes, murder, certainly wars and the shedding of innocent lives. It is too bad that during the past years, both Iraq and Afghanistan saw an increasing number of cold-blooded murders where tens of thousands died at the hands of those terrorists and Jihadists who profess Islam. So many innocent people died at the hands of these criminal “Muslims” who commit their crimes in the name of Islam.  In the Holy Quran, cutting a tree or shooting a wild bird is simply forbidden during the Holy month of Ramadan.


With this in mind, perhaps President Obama as president of the United States the most powerful country on earth, a country with hundreds of thousands of troops in Muslim countries, and a country with much influence with Israel to take the bold step and while sending his message of felicitations and congratulation to Muslims all over the world may take this occasion and declare the followings:


       Suspension of all military engagements and initiatives on the part of the US and NATO troops in both Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan during the Holy month of Ramadan as a good will gesture toward Muslims during this Holy month of Ramadan, with the rule of engagements that allows US and NATO troops to fire back in self defense.

       Suspension of the Israeli imposed blockade of Gaza and the opening of all border crossings and the lifting of the siege and naval blockade on the seaport of Gaza.

       Sending a hospital ship to anchor off the coast of Gaza to treat Palestinians in need of emergency and serious surgeries, specially those victims of the war on Gaza. Again as a good will gesture. The US has what it takes to ensure that there will be no arms or weapons or any items that can be used by Palestinian militants to use in the manufacturing of weapons and arms.  (A plan is already put forward by a group of private citizens from the US, Gaza , Morocco and UAE that allows for the opening and operation of the Sea Port of Gaza under international supervision… www.gazaoperationhope.com)


In return, I think both the Arab and Muslim worlds should commit themselves to work toward peace in the region, renouncing any ambitions for nuclear weapons (Iran), opening up the political system to allow more open and accountable, transparent democracy that allows a regime change without violence and military coups.


I also think it is incumbent on the part of all Muslims to renounce all sorts of violence especially terrorism that is for the most part committed by small fractions of Muslims mainly Al-Qaeda, Taliban and Ashabab of Somalia and other Jihadists groups in North Africa.


Perhaps this a good and excellent opportunity for a “detente” between the Arab and Muslim world and the US, a first step toward reconciliation, perhaps peace between Israel and the Arabs, perhaps and end to nuclear proliferation, and more importantly putting an end the killing and shedding of innocent lives both Americans and Muslims.


Happy Ramadan, may all of the killings in Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan comes to a complete stop for at least one month, during the Holy month of Ramadan. May the lives of Muslims, Jews, and Americans are saved during this month.

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