Obama eloquent hypocrisy.

22 09 2011

At the UN President Obama chose to be candidate Obama and not the President of the United States, the leader of the free world and the statement. His message at the United Nation was worthy of delivery at AIPAC or Knesset but not at the United Nation, certainly not to the world.

Mr. Obama, you know, the American people know, the Palestinians know, the Arabs and Muslims know, the Jews know and the world knows but for AIPAC and the American Jewish leadership and community and its power and influence over American politics the Middle East conflict would have been solved long time ago. We would not have a September 11th, we would not have the War on Iraq, we would not have the War on Afghanistan, certainly we would not have the economic mess and meltdown we have now.


I was expecting President Obama to speak so eloquently of the Arab people desire for freedom and democracy in Tunisia, in Egypt, in Syria, in Yemen and in Libya. And I was expecting President Obama to speak and deny the rights of Palestinians to self determination, a right people around the world worthy of, and yes, I was expecting President Obama to scum to domestic political pressure and threatened the use of ‘veto” against the Palestinians quests for independent nation and I was expecting candidate Obama to grant Israel the “veto’ over the Palestinian rights of self determination and their absolute right to bring the Israeli and Jewish Occupation to and end.


He spoke of the people’s uprising against tyranny and corruption of regimes that killed human dignity, human spirit, imprisoned an entire nation and confiscated its free will and fleeced the national treasuries corrupting every thing and every thing.


He spoke of the rights of the people to take to the streets, even to carry arms and guns and fight tyranny of the regime and he supported the Libyan liberation movement with arms and weapons and squadrons of NATO jet fighters and bombers. He never called for the people of Tunisia, of Egypt, or Libya, of Yemen and of Syria to sit with these criminal regime and negotiate an end to the tyranny that lasted for too long thanks to America and its allies that kept these corrupt and criminal regimes going extending them the life line with arms, weapons, and funds, and overlooked all these years the human and civil rights abuses and lack of basics of democracy and human freedoms.


I could not believe what I was hearing when Obama spoke against what he termed “ short cuts” of the Palestinians quests for freedom and liberty as if 20 years of negotiations and “peace process” are not enough. He spoke of “short cuts” as if 45 years of continued military and settler’s occupations was not enough.


He spoke of the needs for negotiations with a party that was born and created with a mission to “exile” the people from their native land. He spoke of the needs for negotiations with a country and a regime that deployed its entire military, economic and political means to exiles, to confiscate the land, to destroy the infrastructures to destroy and wipe off the map entire towns and villages. He spoke of negotiating with a racist and criminal regimes that deemed killing of Palestinians, exile them and ethnically cleanse them from their homes s justified by the Torah.


While he spoke of the needs for Israeli security and the needs for the Israelis to feel safe at home and in the streets, he never once spoke of the same needs for the Palestinian’s needs for safety and security in their homes and in their streets from an ever present military and armed settlers occupation.


Obama spoke of the Israelis as victims of terror yet he never spoke of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who perished as a direct result of an Israeli terror totally funded and politically supported by a very generous United States that saw nothing wrong with sending one million cluster bombs to be dropped over civilian targets, saw nothing with targeting civilians in Gaza and saw nothing with the siege of more than 1.5 million people. He only saw the Israeli victims but chose not to see Palestinians victims.


He saw nothing wrong with Israel massive use of military force to kill over 1500 civilians in the War on Gaza and the deliberate destructions of entire neighborhood and the destructions of over 45,000 homes and the destructions of infrastructures and the use of Palestinian civilians as “human shields” by a well armed Israeli army.


Mr. Obama simply failed to open his eyes to the “facts on the grounds” facts created by deliberate theft and confiscations of the land to build Jewish settlements, Jewish Only Roads, and to build an Apartheid Wall that separated families from each other, that robbed the people from their lands and farms.  Mr. Obama simply saw nothing wrong with these “facts on the grounds” and he wanted the Palestinians to negotiate away their rights to the lands stolen and confiscated.


Mr. Obama only saw the death and dying of Jews from “terrorists” acts but he chose not see the blood of tens of thousands of Palestinians spelled sometimes for the fun of it by a well armed Jewish state.


President Obama simply failed to see and address the over 550 security checkpoints where Palestinian people young and old, rich and poor have to wait for hours sometimes for days to cross 5 km of road, sometimes dying at these checkpoints because a teen-ager manning these checkpoints was too busy chatting with his friends on the phone.  He simply ignored the daily suffering and humiliations that millions of Palestinians have to put with every day in and every day out for some 45 years.


Poor President Obama, he was over taken by emotion as he spoke of the Jewish sufferings but he shed no tears or showed any remorse to the suffering and exiles of some 6 million people who were driven from their homes by the United States special ally that saw nothing wrong with shooting and killing American sailors on the high seas.  He simply never saw the simple and basic justice missing here.


But for the United States policy and leadership the Middle East conflict could have been solved long long time ago, avoiding the many wars that the Middle East went through since 1948, and Mr. Obama failed to see the United States totally responsible for the hundreds of thousands of innocent lives on both sides, Israelis/Jewish and Palestinian/ Arabs that have been wasted by a blind and totally biased policy that deemed the Arab-Israeli conflict not as an international issue but totally domestic issue where money and voted are the only concern and interests.


Mr. Obama failed to see the US policies in the Middle East specially when it comes to the Arab-Israeli conflict driven by a bunch of committed loyal Jewish Zionists who has taken the lead since 1948, with US presidents having no say so.

To speed up the process of finding a peace settlement is for the United States simply to pull itself out of the entire conflict, since it was never and will never be a fair and honest broker and will never be capable to taking the difficult decisions needed to bring this long conflict to an end. The United States must pull itself out of this conflict since it is a party to and partner and will never be third party. The United States must stop using its “veto” power to provide political and criminal cover for Israel crimes in the Middle East.


Too bad the Palestinian leadership or for more accurate description regime does not have the courage to do the right thing and disband such a regime that has failed at every thing and did not deliver for the people freedom, end of occupation let alone right of return for over 45 years. This regime is simply unfit and unqualified to lead forward. It proved one more time its incompetency, lack of vision certainly lack of courage driven by self-interests as manager of the Jewish Occupation.


Perhaps it is time for the people, the Palestinian people to take the initiatives and get the US out of the equation and out of this shame called “ peace process” and bring the Jewish Occupation to its knees and its end.  And yes, time for the people to bring an end to this fraud and lie called “Palestinian leadership” the regime of the PLO/Fatah. The Third Intifada must be unlike the First and Second, and must be well organized and well planned and well executed making sure that Israel with all of its armed and weapons and its armed Jewish terrorists groups and with all of the military, political and financial support Israel gets will not succeed in keeping the Jewish Occupation one more year.


Mr. Obama you have failed your self, failed America and the hundreds of millions of fair decent American people who wants this conflict to end in a fair and just way. You failed the world, certainly you have failed both the Israelis and Palestinians with your hypocrisy and total ignorance of the ‘facts on the ground”.  You should send back your Nobel Peace Prize since you proved you are unworthy of it.

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2 responses to “Obama eloquent hypocrisy.”

26 09 2011
Joe (05:37:56) :

Very well stated Sammy, one of your finest pieces. However I will have to disagree on the dismantling of the PA/PLO at this juncture, maybe in the near future. You did notice the word stability being reffered to in the West Bank. We are not Eygpt or Libya for that matter, we have not crossed the rubicon. The dismantling will bring forces that do not believe in the 2 state solution, forces that do not believe in Palestinian Nationalism. They want a religious society, instead of a secular nation that has fondness and respect for all the religions. Once these elements control society they become “born again” Muslims, like the born again variety in Christianianty. They go around judging who is and who isn’t a Muslim. Once that door is opened, it could hardly be closed. A government that is pro religion, like in Turkey is preferable. That’s what democracy will bring, but any political party that does not adhere to the constitution should be banned, and illegal to form, as they are a danger to societal harmony. Israel has paid that price skirting with this issue, and look at the isolation they are bringing their government. The Palestinian nation is historically and people have been a tolarant one, and our place in the history of nations should espouse that real light onto all nations.

4 01 2012
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