Not a penny for the Palestinian Authority.

12 05 2011

It seems Israel and since Oslo got used to the idea that someone else pays for its continuing Jewish Occupation and this someone is the PLO/PA. Israel should not expect to have its cake and eats it too. Time for Israel to pay for its own Jewish Occupation.

Salam Fayyad, the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority sent an urgent appeal to the Arab countries (Gulf) seeking urgent financial help to the Palestinian Authority to enable it to pay the salaries of 155,000 employees. If Israel wants to keep its Occupation, let it pay for it.But for the fact of Oslo, these employees would have been paid by the Israeli Occupation, or the Office of the High Commissioner of Judea and Samaria sitting in Beit El, across from Mahmoud Abbas’s presidential office.

Arabs and Palestinians should all remember the very simple fact, that Oslo has nothing to do with ending the occupation, nothing to do with building Palestinian institutions, nothing to do with Palestine or Palestinians and it has everything to do with managing the Jewish Occupation for and on behalf of the Israeli government.

We all need to remember, before Oslo, Israel was responsible for all of the civil and administrative affairs of the “ territories” and Israel was responsible for the salaries of all of the public and security sectors, this include salaries of teachers, of civil workers, of police men.

Oslo and the brilliant Palestinian leadership changed all of that. It relieved Israel of all of its financial obligation as an “Occupying power” and shifted all the responsibilities to the PLO or its agent or contractor the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian Authority/ PLO were able to save Israel over $50 billions since Oslo, and who is paying for all of this, the Arabs? And of course the US and EU. In fact and in reality, every one who gives a dollar to the Palestinian Authority is funding the Israeli/Jewish Occupation.

When we look at it, Israel continues to be the occupying power, its army is every where, it has its settlers every where, it control the air, the land and the water and even the movement of people, it does what it wants at will. It builds settlements, it expand settlement, it confiscate land, its build “Jewish Road Only” for the private benefits of the Jewish trespassers and armed gangs, it continue to build the Apartheid Wall and it is able to find a fool, like the Palestinian Authority to take over the financial burden, to go out and beg money as it is doing now.

By most estimates more than half of the Palestinian Authority staff is employed in the Security Forces, which is in reality an “auxiliary security” forces for the Israeli Occupation. The rest are civil administrators doing the work they did when Israel had the responsibilities to run and manage the civil affairs of the “territories”.

Now the big question that must be answered, who pays the salaries and expenses of Fatah, its officers, it cadres, its thugs, its membership? And who pays the salaries of the PLO Executive Committee? And who pays the salaries and expenses of all the advisors of Mahmoud Abbas? And who pays the travel and business expenses of the hundreds if not thousands of Palestinian officials as they travel around the world?

Some one must cover the expenses of Fatah and the PLO, and since we know they are no dues paid by the members and since we know there is no tax levied for the benefits of Fatah and the PLO, then the Palestinian treasury of Salam Fayyad takes care of that.

Perhaps Salam Fayyad as a good start and to save himself and the Israelis and the Arabs some money, he should stop the salaries of ALL members of Fatah and PLO, and let these two organization go out to the streets, commit armed robberies (they are good at it) to cover a privileged life style, they got used to it as a reward for liberating Palestine. Why would Mahmoud Abbas pays his inner circles of advisors and members of the PLO Executive Committee 6 figures, if not more, in salaries plus housing, plus cars, plus, servants, plus cars and servants for the wives, in-laws even mistresses, not to mention first class travel, scholarship for the children and relatives, and of course the chance to do business with the Palestinian Oligarchs?

One can understand the interests of the US and EU in paying the costs of the Jewish Occupation, but no one knows why any Arab country wants to pay and cover the costs of the Jewish Occupation? It makes no sense whatsoever.

The Palestinian Authority, its existence, and its services what keeps the Jewish Occupation going! With the Palestinian Authority paying for the services rendered, Israel benefits from the continued Jewish Occupation, without having to pay for it.

Not a penny, not a dollar to the Palestinian Authority as long it operates under Oslo. No Arab country should fund and cover the expenses of Fatah and PLO… they fleeced the national treasury for too long. Let them feel what the millions of Palestinians feel, without jobs and without salaries. If Fatah and the PLO think they are doing the people of Palestine such a good job, then let the people fund them, not governments? The PLO/PA turned the Palestinians into a bunch of beggars and thieves.

Now every one should understand why there will never be a Third Intifada, or civil uprising in the Occupied Territories? Every one is up to their neck in debt. They are in debt for substantial mortgage, in debt to pay for the car, for the refrigerator, in debt for the furniture and they have no choice but to remain silent and obedient, otherwise they will lose every thing and find themselves out on the streets.

Of course someone is making a killing out of all this debt. The developers and their financial partners in the Gulf, the banks and the loan companies, of course owned by the same people who owns every thing else in the territories, the Palestinian Oligarchs.

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