Netanyahu, President of the United States.

25 05 2011

Given the dire situation the US and “We the People” are in and face, due to inaction and failings on the part of the US Congress, may be it is the Right/Left and Conservative/Liberal thing to do is to ask Congress to pass a special amendment to the US Constitution that allows the American people to vote for or have Congress appoint the Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu as president of the United States.

From the reception he got during his speech to the joint session of Congress and the 59 stranding ovations he got and how every member of the House and Senate was drooling around him, licking his boots and his ass, I am sure President Bibi will get the job done for the American people, the job, many non Jewish US presidents and Congress failed to achieve for the last 40 years.

President Bibi Netanyahu and ahead of him and behind him the powerful and very influential AIPAC and the American Jewish leadership and community, he will whip their ass in line and there will be NO members of Congress who dare not toe the lines and pass the necessary legislations. No one in the House or the Senate will dare to speak up or raise a question or propose anything different from that dictated by President Netanyahu, since they know what will happen to them. They will be taken out to the Mall and hanged for their crimes.

For so long our Congress has been paralyzed unable to function, divided between arch conservative, conservative, liberal and many shy and closet liberals who dare not come out and have been paralysis by ideological differences over the role of the federal government and over the rights of the states in such critical areas as education and health care. He may even put them in “detention” after working hours.

Our people and country have been suffering from the irreparable harm caused by a bunch of Senators and Congressmen who sold their soul even their mothers to the devil long time ago and who mortgaged their moral values, if they have any, their sense of decency which they do not have and their sense of false American patriotisms to the pawn shop owned and operated by AIPAC and the Jewish Lobby.

This is the Congress that will take months and years to debate a health care bill paid for the “tax payers” not themselves. Even though they and their families have the full and 5 services of Walter Read and private jets to whisk them to the nearest hospital and they don’t have to pay a penny. This is the same Congress that failed to act to protect the people’s pension, hard working men and women who worked all their lives in the steel mills or car factories or mines only to end up on the dole, while members of Congress enjoy the full benefits of retirements and six figures paying jobs as lobbyists.

This is the same Congress that allowed and conspired with the banks, credit card companies, with Wall Street, with the Federal Reserve, with the lobbies to rob us of our hard earned savings and money as we saw our 401 K savings nearly whipped out.

This is the Congress that allowed the crooks in the mortgage industry to take us to the cleaners, losing our homes and our jobs while they allowed the banks to make a killing on us and on our misery, and yes to an extent our greed, and a Congress that bailed out the crooks of Wall Street with our tax dollars and never questioned why these crooks had to make hundreds of millions if not billions on bonuses while their banks made hundreds of billions in losses. This is the Congress that made the poor hard working taxpayer take the hit for Wall Street incompetence and greed and outright fraud.

Of course no need to question the failing of Congress to act on the needs of the American people, with long and unending debate on maternity leave, on health care, on Head Start, early schooling, school lunches while voting tens of billions of our tax dollars to Israel in a voice vote without even a debate. Israel simply submits the bill or its annual fees, and Congress simply obliged without a question.

We are a country with failing and falling apart infrastructure without good viable national transportation system, with neighborhood schools that should be shut down as dangerous, without medical services to the poor and rural areas, with poor housing that should put this nation to shame… yet we have the Trillions to engage in wars based on fraud and lies and in the service of the hidden agenda of the Fifth Column called NeoCons and their ally and primary interest and loyalty Israel.

That is why I think it is an excellent idea to get the Congress, and they can do, to pass the necessary legislation and amendment to allow Bibi Netanyahu to become President of the United State.

I am sure Evangelical and Conservative will dare not ask if he has citizenship or not, or he was native born or natural born in the United States and their will be no “Birthers” since they will all line up behind their man Bibi Netanyahu.

However as you can ask any Jewish merchant, there is nothing for free. In exchange for the full services asked from Bibi and his Congress, for sure, Bibi will get his Congress to authorize war on Iran, on Syria, on Lebanon, on Egypt even on Saudi Arabia, perhaps Turkey and of course, he, Bibi, our president will ask and get the necessary votes in the UNSC to allow for the eviction and exiles of all Palestinians from the West Bank and the transfer of all Arabs who are resident of the State of Israel so he have his own pure as milk Jewish State, for the Jewish People. This is price we have to pay for having an effective president and a working and functioning Congress, hundreds of thousands of us have to die and our blood spelled, and of course we have to add trillion or two to our national debt.

Finally, and I am sure our President Bibi will seek and his Congress will approve an annual protection and service fee of $20 Billions paid annually on the 15th of May of each year to the State of Israel for services rendered to the American people and Eric Cantor since becoming majority leader has been working on this as part of the US budget and not as part of the Foreign Aid… Will let all stand up and bow our heads in respect of the man who would be or should be the President of the United State. Barack Obama forget it.


The behavior of this Congress is an insult to all Americans, insult to the millions of men and women who gave up their lives for America, is an insult for Patriotic and Loyal Americans, is an insult to a house that carry the name “American”. This is not the American people house, this is AIPAC house.

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