Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, what is next?

8 12 2010

President Mahmoud Abbas, whose elected term expired more than couple of years ago declared on a recent visit to Athens “ the peace process is in dire crises”. It seems the brilliant team around him failed to tell him this truth. The peace process was in crises from the day Oslo was signed by Mahmoud Abbas in Washington where he and the late Yasser Arafat committed the PLO as security and management contractor for the Israeli Occupation. Israel since the days of Rabin never looked to the PLO leadership as a “peace partner” but simply as a security and administrative contractor reporting to the Israeli High Commissioner sitting in Beit El not too far from Abbas’s office.

I do not know what did Mahmoud Abbas and his team of long time negotiators did expect from an American administration where Hilary Clinton and her team of American Jewish and Zionists makes all the decisions when it comes to the Middle East, not President Obama.


Hilary Clinton team offered Israel and Bibi Netanyahu an open check to the US treasury and a Xmas and Hanukkah shopping lists of weapons not available to even certain branches of the American military services in exchange for 90 days “freeze” which from previous “freeze” Israel and Bib Netanyahu and his army of thugs and trespasser’s were able to more than make up.


Statements like the one from Athens should not be a surprise since the Palestinians and the world is used to such statements coming from the Palestinians leadership for the last 16 years of continued negotiations.  To Mahmoud Abbas and his team failure of the US to secure a temporary “freeze” is a dire crises when Israel’s continued building and expanding of settlements for the last 16 years of negotiations is not “ dire crisis’ and it seems that the exiling and ethnic cleanings of 80,000 Palestinians from East Jerusalem is not “dire crisis” and it seems that continued building of the Apartheid Wall in defiance of the World Court is not “ dire crisis” and it seems the continued daily humiliations of more than 3.5 millions in the West Bank at more than 650 security barricades is not “dire crises” and it seems that the destruction of Gaza at the hands of Abbas “peace partners” is not “dire crisis”.


The dire crises is not in Washington or Tel-Aviv but in Ramallah where the present Palestinian leadership should take the only decision left which is disbanding the Palestinian Authority as a security and management contractor for the Israeli Occupation.


According to Mohamed Dahlan, disbanding the PA is a “political suicide” of course for the PLO and Fatah since it is the Occupation and the services provided that keeps the PLO and Fatah going and in business. PLO and PA are the ones that keep 180,000 functionaries on the payroll. It seems that Ramallah leadership did not realize yet that its continued existence not only make Israel very comfortable with its occupation but it represent an annual savings of some $3 billions to Israel, money the PLO/PA has to beg from the US, European and Arab countries. Savings since Oslo is worth over $50 billions that Israel made good use building and expanding settlements, building Apartheid Wall, building “Jewish Only Road” and building permanent Israeli infrastructures in the West Bank to service Israel’s Jewish citizens at the expense of Palestinians land owners and farmers. Mr. Dahaln let Israel pays for its Occupation and pays these 180,000 functionaries.


Perhaps it is time for Mahmoud Abbas to be frank with the people and tell them what he and his team got for the people all these years of face-to-face negotiations? What he and his team got from years of crises-crossing the globe, from years of relying on Egypt and its leadership as “manager’ of the relationship between the PLO and Israel.  Frankly I could not recall one single thing that Mahmoud Abbas and his team achieved for the people.


With such a dismal achievements all these years with negotiating strategies that brought nothing but failures for the Palestinians, that brought nothing but gains for Israel, it is the only honorable, if there is any honor left, for Mahmoud Abbas and his entire team to resign, disband the PLO and PA and leave the people alone to manage their relationship with the Israeli Occupier.  It is time for Mahmoud Abbas to admit the PLO as a failed incompetent inept and fraudulent organization. What is left to negotiate over when the late Yasser Arafat and his Oslo team gave full recognition to Israel without ever defining and agreeing to its borders? Now Mahmoud Abbas wants to make “borders” a key issue when the issue of borders is 18 years too late.


Yasser Arafat spent, wasted and fleeced tens of billions, wasted the lives of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, spent 3 decades globe trotting the world securing recognition for the PLO as the “sole representative of the Palestinian people” only to flush all these years of efforts down the Oslo toilet. Now should we expect Mahmoud Abbas to spend the next 20 years traveling the world and wasting hundreds of millions persuading countries to recognize Palestine as a “sovereign state” failing to recognize and admit the sad fact that Palestine no longer exist consumed by Israel’s land greed long time ago.

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10 12 2010
sami jamil jadallah (03:31:00) :

Mr. Mahmoud Abbas… Please read this…. from one of your friends and Israeli negotiating partners…. It tells the story of your cooperation and collaboration with Israel over the “settlement” issue…

* Published 03:44 10.12.10
* Latest update 03:44 10.12.10

Barak: Palestinians didn’t mind settlement construction during past peace talks
Speaking after meeting with UN chief Ban, Defense Minister claims settlement activity was 4 time what it is today during negotiations with former PA President Arafat.

10 12 2010
sami jamil jadallah (04:30:19) :

The full story as published by the Israeli paper Haaretz.

* Published 03:44 10.12.10
* Latest update 03:44 10.12.10

Barak: Palestinians didn’t mind settlement construction during past peace talks
Speaking after meeting with UN chief Ban, Defense Minister claims settlement activity was 4 time what it is today during negotiations with former PA President Arafat.
By Shlomo Shamir Tags: Israel news Middle East peace Ehud Barak

The Palestinians did not have a problem with Israel continuing settlement construction during past peace talks, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said following a meeting with United Nations Secretary General Ban ki-Moon on Thursday, saying that it was mutual mistrust, not settlement building, which was hindering the current round of direct negotiations.

Barak’s comments come as the United States and Israel are engaged in last ditch attempts to salvage direct Middle East peace talks, derailed late September over Israel’s reluctance to extend an expired freeze on West Bank settlement construction.

On Friday, Secretary of State Clinton is expected to officially announce the failure of recent negotiations to sway Israel into extending its moratorium on settlement building, and that Washington was looking for fresh avenues, including the possibility of returning to proximity talks.

Speaking to reporters following his meeting with the UN chief in New York on Thursday, Barak said that, contrary to recent Palestinian claims, settlement building wasn’t the real bone of contention between Israel and the PA.

“We aren’t building any new settlements,” Barak said, indicating that Israel was “committed to the Road Map for Peace and to the two-state solution.”

Referring to the possibility that Israel was making it difficult for PA delegates to return to the negotiations table by continuing West Bank building, the defense minster said that claim was an exaggeration, adding that “43 years of construction hardly covers two percent of the West Bank.”

“[Former Prime Minster Ehud] Olmert’s government was engaged in profound talks with the Palestinians and [settlement] building then was double what it is today and that didn’t seem to be an obstacle,” Barak said, adding that when he was premier during negotiations with former PA chief Yasser Arafat building was “four times what it is today.”

“The problem isn’t construction but lowering the level of suspiciousness, building trust and negotiating in a businesslike manner,” the defense minister added, saying the sides needed to “get over the obstacle of the unfulfilled second freeze, and engage in talks on final status issues in order to move ahead.”

The defense minister also indicated that, during his meeting with Ban, he had urged the UN chief to use his influence in order to involve all of the region’s countries, saying that peace was a “strategic need shared by the entire region.”

Referring to continued tension with Turkey, which peaked as a result of Israel’s raid on a Turkish Gaza-bound aid convoy in May, Barak said that the “rift between Israel and Turkey is doing nothing in the way of promoting stability in the Middle East.”

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13 11 2015
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