Mahmoud Abbas should throw the keys of the “Occupation” at the White House.

21 02 2011

The message from President Obama and Secretary Clinton to Mahmoud Abbas and Ramallah leadership is very clear. Mahmoud Abbas message to the US should also be equally clear. Mahmoud Abbas should travel to New York address the UN General Assembly and Security Council and announce the disbanding of the PLO/PA and declaring Oslo Accord as “null and void”, and throw the keys of the Occupation at the White House. The US casting its standard “Veto” at the UN Security Council should not come as a big surprise to the Ramallah leadership and other Arab countries long advocates and supporters of the US sponsored “no-peace” process. There is no peace, there is no process there is only Occupation and the ever present US “Veto”. For God sake disband the PLO/PA as enablers of the Occupation and as the legal and contractual party with the Israeli Occupation.

Oslo as envisioned by both the Israeli and Palestinian leadership has nothing to do with ending the Jewish Occupation that began in 67, let alone the return of the refugees. Oslo in simple and plain language is a security and civil administration contract between the PLO on the one hand and the Israeli Occupation on the other hand and paid for by donor countries. While Israel kept its occupation, in fact expanding it and solidifying it hold on the Occupied Territories through its settlement policies, Oslo enabled Israel to shift the financial burdens, all of it, to the PLO.  Of course the PLO leadership was only too happy to do just that as a way to revive the financial fortunes of the leadership and the PLO. As such the PLO/PA became beggars and looters at the same time serving the Jewish Occupation.


The US, Europe and some countries in the Middle East were too happy to cooperate in this mission and were too happy to relieve Israel of its financial and legal obligations as an “occupying power” and fund the operations of the Palestinian Authority. As such funding the Palestinian Authority is enabling the Jewish Occupation and allows it to continue, as Israel’s wants it and the US sees it.


If one is to make a simple calculation of the average annual costs of running the civil affairs of the Occupied Territories including health, education, roads and infrastructures, civil servants etc, the figures should not be less than $1.5 billions a year. As such and since Oslo, donor countries, the PLO/PA all were able to save Israel some $ 27 billion, which Israel put to good use.


Safety and security for Israel, its military and settlers occupation is of paramount importance to the US, the EU and certainly to the PLO/PA as the” civil and security” contractor for the Jewish Occupation. That is why the US with the help of Mubarak/Suleiman were too keen on generously funding the Palestinian Security Forces to the tune of several hundred millions a year and to fund the training of a “presidential security forces” to protect the Ramallah regime not different from Hafiz Assad “Saraya Eddifa’a/ Defense Brigades” and Saddam Husain’s Republican Guards.


Contrary to the marketed belief, that the Palestinian Security Forces as the source of law and order, the main objective and almost exclusive purpose of the Palestinian Security Forces is to act as an “auxiliary” security forces to the Israeli Defense Forces and the armed Jewish settlers running all over the place. That is why whenever the IDF wants to run a major operation of targeted killings or house demolition; it gives notice to the command of the Palestinian Security Forces with command to simply disappear from the scene. Once the IDF complete the operation, the Palestinian Security Forces re-appear just like a rainbow. Over the years, the US pledged billions to the Palestinian Security Forces and to Abbas’s own “Presidential Guards”. Not for the love of the Palestinians who die almost on a daily basis at the hands of the IDF and armed Jewish Settlers but for the love of Israel and its occupation.


The US threats to cut of and withhold funding from the PLO/PA after the US “Veto” is meant as a political and financial blackmail of the Ramallah leadership since funding is its “life line” and without funding the Ramallah leadership loses all its local as employer in support of the Occupation.  That is why the Ramallah leadership will do all it can to make sure it gets the needed fund to continue with its operation and continue with its legal and contractual commitments to the Jewish Occupation. I will go further and bet that if the PLO/PA stop security cooperation with Israel funding from the US and Europe will stop immediately including funding for “developmental” projects. Keeping in mind American consultants and contractors are the primary beneficiaries of all USAID funded projects.



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