Mahmoud Abbas at the UN, chapeau.

25 09 2011

This time around Mahmoud Abbas did it, contrary to the skeptics and I am none of them, who believed he would back out the last minute and that he would blink in a game of chicken with a shameful and shameless Obama and his White House. He did what he should have done long time ago back in 1988. He did it what the people of Palestine wanted and should have done long ago. At the UN he spoke so well, so much from the heart, so much truth, in contrast to Obama’s bankrupt and hypocritical speech and in contrast to Netanyahu’s condensing lies and make believe.

Mr. Mahmoud Abbas did not go far enough in his speech. He should have demanded an immediate end to the Jewish Military and settlers Occupations without any conditions or if or but. He should have demanded the immediate take over by the UN of the Palestinian Occupied Territories, both Gaza and the West Bank and the disbanding of operating local governments and demanded the immediate deployment of peace keeping troops to take over the security and safety of the Palestinians and their properties, land and resources and end the siege of Gaza.


He should announce the disbanding of the Palestinian Authority as an instrument of the continued Jewish Occupation and its manager. He should have announced right there and then the cancelation and voiding of Oslo Accord and to have admit it was a big, sad and tragic political mistake and that it was simply wrong to trust Israel or the Jewish state to keep any of its promises, promises it never keeps with any one, including the US.


He should have announced the disbanding of the Palestinian Security Forces as a useless, helpless security forces that has consistently failed to provide safety and security for the Palestinian people, their lives and their properties from the ever trigger happy Jewish army, and an ever greedy Jewish government that loves to steal and confiscate and is addicted to land theft and house demolition. A security forces that was never able to protect the Palestinian people and their properties from a marauding criminal gangs of Jewish terrorists living and residing in illegal Jewish settlements and admit it a security forces for the occupation.


He did not go far enough in telling Tony Blair, Dennis Ross and all the international emissaries that come to Ramallah to give lip services to simply go to hell and that they are no longer welcomed in the Palestinian “Jewish Occupied” Territories and that he is no longer willing to listen to their lies, fraud and hypocrisy. He should have told the Quartets to go to hell for failing to be fair and honest broker that always justify and stand useless and helpless in front of daily crimes committed by the Jewish state, its army, its settlers and its Jewish judicial system that is totally and unconditionally biased in favor of Jews and against all others.


Mr. Abbas should have told President Obama that he, the Palestinians and in fact all the Arabs and Muslims and the world at large are no longer willing to accept the United States as a biased, dishonest and highly “toxic “ peace broker that always supported Israel and its armed, destructive and criminal Jewish Occupation right or wrong.


That the Palestinians and the Arabs are no longer willing to accept the role of the United States as a dishonest broker when it funds and arms the Jewish and settlers occupation, provide political and legal covers for Israeli war crimes and support and stand by Israel as it destroy Gaza and continue to hold the 1.5 million under siege and hostage and as it commit murder and piracy on the high seas.


Mahmoud Abbas first step toward legitimacy is to demand the dismantling of the PLO as the illegal and illegitimate representative of the people and to demand and organize a new and truly representative body of the Palestinian people to be voted on by the people.  He should demand the immediate implementation and carrying out of investigations of political and financial corruption that riddles the PA, Fatah and the PLO and demand open and public hearing of all the dormant files and immediate cleansing of the corruption and the corrupt. He should demand and open public hearing into the tens of billions stolen and fleeced by the PLO executives and their families over the years.


Please take the time to read the full text of Mr. Mahmoud Abbas excellent speech at the UN… it is worth it. Thank you Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, you have the people proud, and you spoke so well, not only for the Palestinians but for the world as well. Keeping mind the “international community” is not limited to or as defined by Obama and Hilary Clinton.


Please take the time to read and view the full text and speech of Mr. Mahmoud Abbas. Thank you..–The-full-official.aspx      Part 1/3      Part and 3

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2 responses to “Mahmoud Abbas at the UN, chapeau.”

3 10 2011
Hadassah (10:01:00) :

Dear Palestinian brother in exile Sami,

I’m amazed at your reaction. I can’t believe!

I will not sadden you, but I am naturally very angry about ABBAS. He’s a traitor to the Palestinian people. He’s your shame. He stands and acts alone; he represents only himself without the other fractions of the Palestinian people. He makes the show at the UN for less than 22% of Palestine, what’s pleasing to the Zionists. If a Palestinian recognizes the Zionist regime, that will say he will remain under Zionist occupation. This is injustice!
It’s necessary to make Resistance, to drive out the Zionists, because they have nothing to do in Palestine; they’re in transgression against the Torah (if they are Jews) and they’re illegal concerning international law.

Remember how they stole your land with the complicity of the UN to which they lied, between 46 and 48 saying on the name of ‘all’ Jews who didn’t ask them anything, that “the Jews need a State”. It’s false because the Jews are in Exile by Divine decree, and this Exile isn’t finished yet. The Jews aren’t allowed to settle in the Holy Land from where they were driven by G’d.

It’s time to finish with hypocrisy and arrogance! I hope those who participated in this heresy (or have let the Zionists do) will become aware of the seriousness of their fault and they will repent. I think especially to the UN which was complicit in the creation of the Zionist entity. The UN must now contribute to the dismantling of the Zionist entity.

3 10 2011
sami jamil jadallah (10:17:07) :

Dear Hadassah… thank you for your feed back and your comments are always welcomed and inspiring… dont let the title fool you… you need to read further and see what I wanted from Abbas… true he is a failure and a traitor who together with Arafat and Abbas sold the Palestinians down the drain on Oslo for a “fist full of dollars”. Sooner than later the people will discover that Abbas and Company and the entire PLO and Fatah are nothing but a fraud and a lie… thanks. Sami

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