Just Imagine; Israel at Peace.

15 04 2012

We all need to imagine and wonder how our world and the rest of the world will change if Israel chose peace and becomes at peace with itself and with the Palestinians, with the Arab and the world and indeed even becomes at peace with the US.

Israel is an industry, an industry for AIPAC, for ADL, for the Holocaust, for Anti-Semitism, for Zionists, for Christian Zionists. Israel is an industry for American politicians Democrats and Republicans, for presidents to members of both Senate and House, for pundits and for those who knows and the many who don’t. Israel is an industry for so called” security and terrorism experts”, certainly for the business of Islamophobia.


Just imagine what would happen to AIPAC, to ADL/BnaiBrith, Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Middle East Media Research Institute, Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. For the likes of Daniel Pipes, Alan Dershowitz, Abe Foxman, Elliot Abrams, Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Dennis Ross, Bill Kristol, and Elie Wiesel. What would these organizations and people sell to the American Jewish community? Certainly not fear, hate, racism, anger, blackmail, Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and Islamophobia, perhaps they call sell kosher hotdogs and matzo ball, but never enough to raise tens of millions to control and influence Congress and media and silence First Amendment rights.


Just imagine what would happens if Israel is at peace, with itself and the world? What would happen to members of Congress like Nancy Pelosi, Illeana Ros-Lehtinen, Joseph Lieberman, Eric Cantor, John King and John McCain?  What these people will do and how they can justify their membership in Congress since Israel is no longer an issue and Jewish money will dry up and have no masters to serve?


With many years ignoring the American people and America in favor of Israel and Zionist causes putting Israel First. Would they be able to go back to the people’s business? The people who elected them. Would professional politicians like Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum would these politicians have any agenda for the American people and would they give priorities to housing, health care, education, employment, rebuilding infrastructures, rehabilitate dying towns and cities? Would they even recognize America they ignored for so long? Would they visit neglected towns and rural villages before they travel to Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem?


Just imagine if Israel is at peace with itself and with its neighbors? How much money American tax payers can save and how many schools, hospitals, college scholarship, bridges, day care center, prenatal health care, dental clinics in rural south, drug rehabilitation and job training centers can be funded.  Just imagine all the things we in America can do with the money we can save if our Congress chose not rob us of our taxpayers in favor of Israel.


Just imagine what would happens if Israel is at peace with itself and with the world? The industry of Holocaust and Anti-Semetism and political blackmail and intimidation of politicians and intellectuals would simply disappear. And the American and Israeli Jewish leadership would be lost for causes to blackmail Jews and world leaders and would go out of business. Many nations and leaders will be free again.


Just imagine if the tens of billions of dollars Israeli talented scientists, Israeli research and technology firms spend on wars and destruction of human and infrastructures are directed toward peaceful technologies in the field of pharmaceuticals, fighting crippling diseases, improved farming and food productions. Just imagine the benefits to Israel and the world.


Just imagine what would happen to the likes of John Hagee and Pat Robertson and their mega churches? I have to wonder what kind of Sunday sermons would guys like Hagee and Robertson give to their congregation if there are no Armageddon, no slaughters and conversions of the Jews. Think of the money that is saved perhaps spent on improving the lives of members of congregations and neighborhoods in San Antonio and Virginian Beach. Perhaps they can go back and resurrect the real message of Jesus Christ of peace and love, not hate and war mongering.


Just imagine what would happens to all the tens of thousands of so called “terrorism and security experts” employed by the CIA, Homeland Security and other national security agencies if all the funding are diverted to domestic needs and the needs of all Americans and their rights to a decent honorable life with a decent safety net in old age.


For sure America as we know it now will change. The world as we know it will change. With Israel no longer an industry to American politicians, media, Zionists and Christian Fundamentalism, the world will not be the same and people like Abe Foxman, Daniel Pipes, John Hagee, Joe Lieberman, John McCain will simply disappear.  Yes, let us all imagine, Israel at peace, and how the lives of hundreds of millions of the people around the world would change.  Just imagine if America, not Israel becomes first.

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