John Hagee and God.

26 03 2012

No offense to the believers, but according to Reverend John Hagee, the leader of the one million strong “Christians United for Israel” God/G-d to amend for HIS/HER mistake decided to come down in Jerusalem and anoints Bibi Netanyahu as King of the Jews, just like King David even Moses.

I was not surprised that John Hagee came close to comparing Bibi Netanyahu to the coming “Messiah”, However John Hagee stopped short of comparing Bibi to Adam and Noah. Forget about Mohamed or Jesus, they don’t count in the book of John Hagee.

After his speech to John Hagee and his group, I am sure Bibi laughed all the way home at these stupid American Christian fools and their leader John Hagee and laughed all the way to the bank since John Hagee fleeces millions of dollars annually from his poor flock in San Anton, only to give to Israel leaving San Antonio to bite the dust.


Hagee mega church has contributed tens of millions of dollars to Israeli and Zionist causes including paying for the immigrations of Russians of “dubious” Jewish origin. I am sure these economic refugees from the former Soviet Union also laughed at this fool.


John Hagee and his church also fund criminal settlers and thieves all of this with the blessing not from God but from the IRS which allows stupid fraudulent church leaders to fleece membership and send tax free dollars to criminal Israel, all in the name of the coming Messiah, or is here already in the name of Bibi Netanyahu.

Of course the Reverend John Hagee is treated like a prince in Israel, wined and dinned, perhaps with extra room service late at night, complement of Israelis officials and security agencies for bringing to Israel’s thousands of committed Evangelical Christians to Israel to show support for the Zionist state.

While not a Biblical scholar, from all I know and read in the Bible and articles writing on Christian Zionism is that the support they give to Israel is to help expedite and facilitate the Biblical  “prophesy” of Armageddon, and the “ingathering of the Jews “ in Palestine to await the Christian Messiah (of course not Bibi Netanyahu).


According to the Christian Zionist prophecy, with Armageddon, all hell will break lose, tens of thousands of Jews will be killed and slaughtered and those who decide to convert will be spared the sword. What a happy ending for Evangelical Christians and a sad almost a certain Holocaust for Jews.  I am sure every Jew, Zionists, nor not, atheists or not Jewish scoff and laugh and falls off the chair at this prophesy, knowing these Christian United for Israel do not give a damn about the Jews, or Israel but care only for either slaughtering of the Jews or their conversion to Christianity.


Meanwhile and in Jerusalem, it does no harm to Israel to have a stupid fool like John Hagee brings millions of dollars with him and faiths starved “Christians” to push and prod and pray for the end of Jews. And the IRS allows and grant these fools, certainly anti-Jews tax exemptions.

I always wondered what did the Reverend John Hagee did for the poor’s of San Antonio, and what he did for the Christian community in the city? Did he build a hospital, or clinic or an orphan or sponsor feeding stations for the homeless or the hungry or paid for the repatriations of tens of thousands of illegal Mexican immigrants? I doubt it. He raises money for Israel because he is on an ego trip, showing members how the Israel Messiah, King Bibi receive him and receive his delegation.


I guess every one has a right to make a fool of themselves, but to make a fool of One Million is bit too much. One has to read the story in Haaretz and wonder how two misfits, lie to each other and about each other’s.  Perhaps it would lots of good for the people of San Antonio if the Reverend john Hagee take care of his congregation, don’t waste their money on Israel and spend it were it would lots of goods, in San Antonio. Congress is taking care of Israel.



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One response to “John Hagee and God.”

5 12 2013
steve schitt (14:31:41) :

“One day after i am long gone, you will remember me and say, we should have stopped the nuclear program of Israel, abolished the Federal Reserve and kicked all secret societies, occultists, usurpers and Zionists out of our wonderful country, to keep it that way, but it is never too late, just remember that”.. John F. Kennedy

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