Israel: They Burn Babies. Don’t They?

2 08 2015

Couple of days ago, in the Palestinian village of Duma, Ali Dawabsha, 18th months old toddler died as a result of an arson committed by criminal Israeli settlers, who deliberately torched the house while the family was asleep. Ali’s mother and father are in critical conditions with burns over 80-90% of the bodies.

This is not the first time, certainly will not be the last time that these Israeli criminal trespassers and Jewish terrorist will torch and set fire to people, homes, farms, churches and mosques. They do it with impunity under the ever-watchful guards of the Israeli Defense Forces. Simply put these Jewish trespassers and criminal get way with murder and more.

On July 5, 2014, young Israeli “settlers” kidnapped 16 years old Palestinian, Mohamed Abu Khdeir, he was burned alive after he was forced to swallow gasoline and was torched and murdered.

Israel is a country that successfully marketed itself to the Congress, the media, Hollywood, Evangelical Christians as the Only Democracy in the Middle has an ugly and shameful history of terrorism, and racism and total disregard for “justice” as it applies to non-Jews.

Since 1967, under both Likud and Labor Israel, committed itself to the actual and on ground annexation of the West Bank and Gaza and has done that through “settlement building” generously funded national budget supported by generous funding from American tax exempted organizations “ settlements” built on stolen and confiscated Palestinian land.

Contrary to International Law and the Geneva Convention (who gives a damn about international laws but the weak and weasel) Israel and since its agreement with the PLO leadership in Oslo has made expanding these settlements a priority, with the numbers reaching almost 800,000. Since Oslo Israel added 650,000 rewarding the PLO/PA for its generous financial and security support of the Israeli Occupation.

Israel use many legal, and illegal means to confiscate the land labeling and classifying the land as absentee owners (after evicting the owners), military training ground, or added security for Jewish settlements, only with the intention to confiscate and rob Palestinians of their land.

Not only Israeli laws matter, but also G-d laws matter more. Many Israeli and beyond them Diaspora Jews believe the Bible is the Deed that gives the Land of Israel to the Jews. As such many of these settlers truly believe they have God’s deed and that is why when committing arson they leave behind a painted Star of David and the slogan” Long Live the Messiah King”. I never knew G-d was a partner in land theft.

There are hundreds and hundreds of cases where these criminal trespassers (in Christian Evangelical country these Jewish settlers would be shot dead on the spot) and with generous funding from gambling, pimping and Bingo games have nothing to do all day but to harass, attack, kill torture and burn alive Palestinians from neighboring villages. These terrorist thugs do not even work.

Jewish settlers did not spare Palestinian Christian’s from their wrath, recently on June 18,2015 they torched the most famous Catholic Church in all Palestine the “the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish in Galilee.

Few weeks before and on February 26, 2015, these criminal trespassers torched and burned the Jerusalem church serving Palestinian Christians. On October 30, 2010, these Jewish terrorists torched and burned down the Palestinian Bible College.

Not sure if any one cares to tell the likes of Reverend Billy Graham or Pastor John Hagee, or the Reverend Pat Robertson of these attacks on their fellow Christians. But then these committed supporters of Israel are only interested in the in-gathering of the Jews for the Rapture when the Jews of the time will be put to death or convert to Christianity.

Criminal settlers did not spare any thing, they torched century old Olive trees, burning tens of thousands over the years, poisoning water wells, killing life stock all under the ever watchful and guarding eyes of the Israeli Defense Forces. Hardly any one face criminal charge!

What happens is not an exception; these criminal and terrorist acts are supported in every way by instruments of the State of Israel. It gives the stolen land, it funds the construction, it provided water (stolen too) and electricity, transportation and assign large contingency of IDF to serve and protect and it arms and give them military training and equipment.

While Israel hardly ever prosecute, let alone arrests these criminal it passed on July 22, 2015 it passed a law that could send Palestinian “stone throwers” up to 20 years in jail and prosecutors can get 10 years convection even if there was no harm.

Yes, indeed, this is the country where tens of thousands of our police force were sent to train only to treat American citizens as potential terrorists implementing the doctrine that Americans like Palestinians are potential terrorists. Welcome to God’s Country.

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