Israel; It is all “unilateral”!

20 06 2011

Do not know why every one from President Obama, to Dennis Ross, to Bibi Netanyahu to Nancy Pelosi, to Senator Lieberman to Ron Prosor to Glen Beck, to AIPAC, to Anti-Defamation League to Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American Organization, all are going out of whack for the upcoming September vote on a Palestinian State at the UN.  A vote that will not take place any way, since Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO leadership are looking for excuses and a way out of the predicament they put themselves in.

Never understood why every one is so anxious about “unilateral decisions” by the Palestinians when in fact, Israel and all of its actions since 47 all about “unilateral” decision and never gave a damn about the US, or the man in the White House, never gave a damn about the UN let alone the UN Security Council.


Israel as a bi-product of the Zionist Enterprise is all about “unilateral” actions and steps.  The Zionist Enterprise was able to secure the Balfour Declaration in a “unilateral “decision by Great Britain in the form of its foreign secretary and without consultation with any one, let alone the Palestinian people.


The Zionist Enterprise without consulting the Palestinian people or reaching a negotiated settlement with them decided “unilaterally” to seek and push for a division of Palestine. The UN General Assembly decided on November 29, 1947 without seeking the approval of the indigenous people of Palestine to partition Palestine giving the small minority of Jewish immigrants and armed settlers more than 60% of the land, prime land at that.


In anticipation of British withdrawal from Mandated Palestine, the Jewish Agency decided “unilaterally” to declare the independence of the State of Israel, of course without defined borders, ignoring the UN Partition Plan knowing well its army will define and continues to define its borders until today.


In 1956, again, Israel decided “unilaterally” without any provocation from Egypt to take the lead in invading Egypt in an operation it termed “ Mivtza Kadesh” in partnership with France and England in response to Nasser’s nationalizations of the Sues Canal.


June 5th, 1967 saw another ‘unilateral “ declaration of war on Egypt and Syria, and Jordan duped as the 6 Day War because poor little Israel was able to destroy the combined Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian armies. Of course this does not speak very well of the political or the military leadership of Egypt, Syria or Jordan.


Soon after the war ended and before the dust settled down on Occupied East Jerusalem, Israel announced “unilaterally” it was annexing Arab East Jerusalem in what the Knesset refers to as “ Jerusalem Law” declaring Jerusalem “complete and united, is the capital of Israel”. Of course this “unilateral “decision is in violation of UNSC resolution 478 which declared the annexation” null and void”.


While Israel did not formally “annexed” the Golan Heights, it did ‘unilaterally” passed a law that extended Israeli administration and law to the Golan Heights, effectively treating and behaving as if the Golan Heights is an integral part of Israel. Of course the UNSC rejected the declaration, but then who gives a damn about the UNSC.


Of course we must not forget the “unilateral “ action duped “Operation Litani” in 1978 when Israel decided on its own without approval from any one, not the UN, nor the US decided to establish a “security zone” within Lebanon extending all the way from the Israeli border to the River Litani.


Israel as ever itching for a fight, knowing well it has the full political, financial and military packing from the US decided “unilaterally” to renew air strikes against Lebanon with the hope it will trigger a war with Lebanon, a war that will allow it to occupy Lebanon and drive its partner Yasser Arafat and his PLO out of Lebanon.


Even Alexander Haig warned Ronald Reagan on September 20, 1982 “Israel might at the slightest provocations start a war against Lebanon”. Of course the War of 82 (Operation Peace for Galilee) is well known with Israel leveling Beirut giving full logistical support for its Lebanese allies the Phalange to commit the massacre at Sabra and Shatilla. It took Israel some 20 years to “unilaterally” quit Lebanon in total defiance of UNSC resolution 425.


It seems June is always good month for Israel, it “unilaterally” and on June 7, 1981 sent its air force across Jordan, Saudi Arabia all the way to Baghdad destroying the under construction nuclear reactor in an operation dubbed “Operation Babylon”.


But Iraqi was only too close for Israeli “unilateral” action and on October 1st, 1985 it sent its air force all the way across the Mediterranean Sea some 1,280 miles to Tunisia to bomb PLO headquarters. It seems someone warned Arafat of the upcoming surprise attack, he was saved to deliver Oslo, and many of his men died in the attack. Israel was later to send its commando with the support from former Tunisian president Bin Ali to assassinate and kill “Abu-Jihad” Arafat second in command.


The story of Israel’s “unilateral” action does not stop here. It continued after Israel and Arafat signed the infamous Oslo Accord, which gave Israel the right to “unilaterally” exclude East Jerusalem and Area C (58% of the West Bank) to do what it wants with it. No thanks to the stupid, criminally negligent Palestinian negotiating team that negotiated Oslo without the basic benefits of legal review or even basic maps.


While the Palestinian leadership of Arafat, Abbas and Qurai and later the leading Palestinian top negotiators where going along with Israel definition of Oslo allowing Israel to “unilaterally “ proceed with its settlements policy, the International Court of Justice and the international community deemed these settlements within “greater Jerusalem” as illegal and in violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention.


Of course knowing how stupid and reckless the PLO leadership is, it negotiated Oslo in 1993 and it negotiated the “Interim Agreement” in 1995 while both agreements explicitly leaving out the most critical issue of Occupation, which is the Jewish Settlements, East Jerusalem and of course the Palestinian refugees.


Between 1993 and 2000 Israel “unilaterally” expanded its settlements by 42% and since the PLO began negotiating with Israel, the settlements more than quadruple since Oslo.  All “unilateral” of course and under the not so watchful eyes of the Palestinian leadership and it’s not so brilliant chief negotiator.  Of course Israel continued to “unilaterally” do all of this because Israel had and continues to have doubts about the seriousness and credibility of the Palestinian leadership and its negotiating team.


Article XXX1 (7) of the “Interim Agreement” of 1995 states “ neither side shall initiate or take any steps that will change the status of the West Bank and Gaza pending the outcome of the permanent status negotiations”. Of course Israel deems “status” to mean “legal” and not “physical” which means the PLO going to the UN is in violations of the “Interim Agreement” while the continued expansions of Jewish settlement is physical” and is not “unilateral”.  Now someone needs to try and explain to the guys in Ramallah this clear distinction.


Of course, we all need to remember that the PLO leadership of Arafat, Abbas and Qurai and later the negotiating team simply left East Jerusalem and the Jewish Settlements out of any of these “agreements” it reached with Israel. No wonder Israel is doing what it is doing “unilaterally”. It totally understands the other side as ‘legal illiterate’.


Oslo was a bonanza for Israel, it allowed Israel to “unilaterally” keep East Jerusalem out of any agreement, it allowed Israel to “unilaterally” expand Jerusalem to include many of the Palestinian villages surrounding Jerusalem with Jerusalem borders right at the footstep of the capital of the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas Magic Kingdom.


Whether it is Declaration of Independence, withdrawal from Lebanon, withdrawal from Gaza, or attack and wars on Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Tunisia, or Jordan, or attack on the US (USS Liberty) Israel always took “unilateral “actions.


Why the big fuss over the PLO going to the UN, no one knows since neither negotiations nor the UN nor the US, or Europe will be able to end the Jewish Occupation or create a Palestinian State. Mahmoud Abbas and his chief negotiator must wait for Israel to decide “unilaterally” to recognize the Palestinian State of Ramallah.

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4 responses to “Israel; It is all “unilateral”!”

20 06 2011
Emanuel Appel (22:32:17) :

Re “unilateral”

Funny. The Declaration of Independence was unilateral. Why doesn’t anyone object?

Rather than unilateral, The San Remo Conference of 1922 set up the various states of the present Middle East including the Palestine Mandate to be specifically the State of the Jews.

It’s the Arabs who do things unilaterally like start wars of aggression or suicide bombings. However, they’ll learn to stop once they’re beaten often enough.

21 06 2011
sjadallah (05:40:04) :

And who in the hell is England and the other participant to simply decide that Palestine is no longer for the Palestinians but for the European Jews? … I am sure a deal was worked out… against the interests of the people of Palestine…European colonizers are used to this… shift people from one place to another…. just like the Old Russia when it shifted Jews from one place to another… The fact that European colonizers did it it does not make it right..and again, it is unilateral… you could not change the facts of history simply because it does not fit with your ideology or thinking…keep in mind, we do accept and we do not censor comments submitted even if we disagree with it… however we do censor comments which I deem racially, ethnically and religiously insulting.

3 07 2011
Andrew Gair (07:07:09) :

“The fact that European colonizers did it it does not make it right…”

Your comments about European colonizers applies equally to the Romans who destroyed Judea. Shouldn’t you be applauding the European colonial wrong of biblical times that was righted with the founding of Israel in 1948?

3 07 2011
Andrew Gair (08:07:08) :

“And who in the hell is England and the other participant to simply decide that Palestine is no longer for the Palestinians but for the European Jews?”

I understand your point but Britain was the country charged with the mandate over the region through the mechanism of the League of Nations. Arab nations choosing to go to war with Israel rather than accepting the ideas proposed under the mandate resulted in generations of Palestinian refugees living in squalor. To suggest that Arab self determination would have been better for the Palestinians then is as innaccurate as saying that Arab self determination is somehow working in an enlightened and modern way now. Just look at the numbers of Arab ruled protesting against Arab rulers as we speak….

As far as I can tell the call of ‘Palestine for the Palestinians’ started long after the mandate ended.

Is there anything specifically Palestinian before 1948? I understand Arab culture and subsequently Arab aspirations of nationalism in the location of Palestine after the Ottoman empire but is there any evidence of anything seperate that can be called Palestinian before modern Israel? And more importantly was there anything notably Palestinian that would have stopped an Arab victory in the Israeli war of independence resulting in a slightly bigger Egypt, a slightly bigger Jordan and a slightly bigger Syria rather than a soveriegn Palestinian state?

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