Israel Does Matter

15 01 2013

As Chuck Hagel stands to face his prosecutors in the American Knesset he has to face serious charges perhaps rising to the level of treason. Among the charges Chuck Hagel is facing (1) he is a US Senator not an Israeli Senator, (2) He distance himself from the Jewish Lobby (3) Does not sign letters presented by AIPAC, (4) Antagonistic against Israel. (5) He is non –interventionist and does not support “promiscuous war” especially Israel sponsored wars, and (6) he labeled AIPAC as a Jewish Lobby not an Israeli Lobby.

As Americans will see from the process of confirmation, and all the discussions leading to the confirmation, hardly any talks of Chuck Hagel and his service to America and his leadership as combatant in Vietnam and who always put America First, it is all about Israel and it is not about America.

Almost all the entire case against Chuck Hagel has everything to do with Israel and has nothing with America or the American people or his qualifications as defense secretary and his survive as a combat soldier or as US senator.

Neocons and Jewish Zionists are leading the pack, those who took America to a wild chase of WMD and got us in a quagmires in both Iraq and Afghanistan, wars that will never end and have costs America thousands of dead and tens of thousands of wounded and more than a trillion dollars. Dollars that could have renewed the already deterioted and falling apart infrastructures building the best primary, secondary and high schools in America, rebuild all the bridges, clinic and hospitals and introducing a network of super fast trains all across America. Perhaps build clinics and schools in districts of Likud members of the American Knesset, investing in America and its citizens and not wasting money on stupid wars.

Many Likud members of the American Knesset have already voiced their opposition against Chuck Hagel nomination leading this pack of rabid wolves is Lindsey Graham (L-South Carolina). Others Likudist’s have also expressed opposition to the nomination’s the likes of John Cornyne (L-Texas), Maroc Rubio (L-Florida), Bob Corker L-Tennessee and Mitch McConnell (L-Kentucky) and the majority of Likudist’s on the Senate House Service Committee expressed apposition to the nomination.

Jumping on the bandwagon, as friends of the court is a list of whose whom in the neocons industry, the likes of Bill Kristol, Elliot Abrams, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Michael Goldfarb, and Kenneth Adelman among others.

Also jumping on the bandwagon is the Emergency Committee for Israel buying televisions advertisements apposing the nominations. Others like CNN giving much time to his distracters, with the Washington Post, coming out against the nomination as “not the right choice”. One has to ask the Washington Post what is the “right choice” and based on what? Blind unconditional support of Israel and surrender to AIPAC.

It is a well known fact in Washington and across the great land of the USA that any one, local and national politicians who stands for America First and not an Israeli Firster will be politically assassinated ending careers of many who served this great country, the likes of late Senator Charles Percy, Congressman Paul Findley and recently snuffing the career of a great servant of the republic and the people, Chass Freeman.

Perhaps this nomination is wakes up call for all Americans to demand that ALL senators and congressmen pledge the allegiance to the United States and not Israel, perhaps it is time to retire all Likud members of both Senate and House and have the house of the people once again, the American Congress.
Let us wait and see which counts Israel or America?

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