Israel; Blackmailing America to War.

14 03 2012

Forget the annual $ 4 billions congressional give away to Israel to kill, to destroy, to steal to rob to kidnap. Our citizens simply should consider these numbers.  50-cents increase per gallon X 180,000,000 million cars and trucks with an average of 70 gallons per month per car/truck and “voila” $6.3 Billions extra each month.  Israel’s war game is on now for more than 5 months. Time to tell Bibi and his cronies in Washington to go to hell.

With money like this, every American driver and every American citizen should think twice about Israel and the price we have to pay every day, every month and every year and wonder why do we keep electing Israel’s Firsters to the White House and to Congress? Bibi Netanyahu did not come to Washington with a carrot and a stick; he came to Washington with a whip and a stick. And all American politicians and leadership fell in line.


Question is for how long, we, citizens of the greatest democracy and most powerful country (doubtful) in the world allow Israel and its agents in Washington to black mail us and take us to the cleaners as if Wall Street is not enough?


Perhaps it is time to put Israel and its cronies in Washington out of business and reclaim our rights and freedoms from fear and blackmail. This coming elections let us all tell Obama, Romney, Gingrich and Santorum America belongs to Americans not to Zionists and their cronies. We are voting for an American agenda, not an Israeli agenda.


The story of blackmail is the same all over Europe with European drivers also paying the extra price.  Merkel, Sarkozy and Cameron are no different from Obama, Gingrich, Romney and Santorum; they all toe the lines as if elephants in a circus. With figures like these the world is paying tens of billions extra every month so that Israel, a physiologically misfit country with 250 nuclear bombs and a lobby more dangerous to America than nuclear bombs can have its way.  Israel is not only blackmailing America, it is blackmailing the world as well.


It seems every time AIPAC have its own annual conference, Americans are blackmailed to give Israel more money, more weapons, and more political support. One only have to see and witness how sheepish American politicians from the president to the speaker of the house to members of senate and congress look as they prostrate before King Bibi, the King of Israel and the King of Jews.


I guess this game will continue until after US presidential election and so American car owners and drivers have to cough up tens of billions in extra gasoline prices until November elections or until such time Israel decides to attack Iran and the world goes up in smoke and then there is no more oil or cars on the road for a while.


Of course election time in the US is the time Bibi and AIPAC put to good use, with political suicide awaiting anyone and every one who dares to challenge the Israeli message that Iran, not Israel is the most dangerous nation on earth. More than 60% of the Americans are already convinced Iran is danger to America.  The Zionist control media, the one that took us to war already did its job, perhaps paving the road to Tehran with more American blood and money.


The sad story is that mainstream media and member of congress bought the message even though Iran unlike Israel, did not engage in any wars outside its borders for centuries, did not attack American targets. Remember, Saddam Hussein initiated the Iraq-Iran war for an on behalf of the Reagan administration.


One has to wonder how a country perhaps with the most powerful and best equipped army in the Middle East and in Europe with 250 nuclear bombs with capabilities to strike even the US is worried about a country that simply may have the intention or potential to have a one nuclear bomb. Israel wants to make sure it has a monopoly over having nuclear weapons.


Personally I do not think it is the Iranian bomb that worries Israel, it is what Israel can milk and squeeze out of the US and Europe that matters.  With the Holocaust running its course as an instrument of blackmail and cash machine.  Now it is Iran and its potential nuclear bombs that is the new cash machine.


Of course the questions that remains, and must be decided by Americans is for how long would we as Americans have to accept this blackmail.  As if 10 years of wars and trillions of dollars down the drain are not enough.  Question we must answer, will we allow Israel and our politicians to take us to self-destruction?


Our fellow Americans should think of Israel and its costs to us every time we dish it that extra 50-cent per gallon at the gas station. Enjoy the drive and think again, when voting in the November election.

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