Israel and Security of US Airports!

31 03 2010

The decision of retired Major General Robert Harding to drop out of the nominations for head of the TSA was not only the right decision but was for the good of the nation and country. General Harding withdrew because his firm was major “interrogations” contractor in Iraq and without doubt had much advice from his counter parts the Israelis who market themselves as the best in the business. His declared adoptions of the Israel security model at our national airports would have added insults to injuries.It would be a major security mistake, perhaps fatal mistake for the US to rely on Israel for our national security, and to rely on Israeli “proven” methods for the security of our national airports. Israel was, is and will always remain the largest security threat to our nation and to our people. The facts are there to prove it.Over and over, Israel through its own citizens and dual national agents, and or through its agents and operatives from within the American Jewish and Christian Evangelical community has engaged in spying on our nation and has undermined our national security and through its own domestic policies has put our soldiers and nations at risk. Edward Ivins, the microbiologists who sent letters “ death to America, death to Israel and Allah is Great ” was not an Arab or a Muslim “terrorist” but an Israeli loyalist who declared “ by blood and faith, Jews are God’s Chosen and have no need for dialogue with any gentile” as he went ahead spreading anthrax all over Washington. Israel has been working very hard undermining our national security, through its “moles” at all levels of our government from the White House, to Congress, to Defense, to CIA, to NSA, and TSA going steps further using its technology applications and companies in the field of telecommunications, anti-terrorism and security to penetrate and access our security and data base, from telephone billings, to instant messaging, to eavesdropping on our telephone conversation. Invasion of our privacy and constitutional rights while approved by the Federal government should not be carried out by foreign firms known for their long history of hostility to our national interests and breach of our national security.The boarding of a young Nigerian Umar Abdulmutallab NW Airlines flight 253 Christmas Eve from Amsterdam Schiphole Airport was no accident. It is well known facts that Israeli companies and Israeli airport security “expert” not only manage the security of major European airports but are key adviso to airport security agencies including that of the US. Israeli experts were also on hand at the major airports where the September 11th hijackers boarded the plane, another innocent accident!How can a 23 year old Nigerian with no valid passport and no luggage get on board is a question that not only should puzzle all of us, but should worry us and raise many questions about the Israeli role in airport security here in the US and around the world?The same is true of the case of the “shoe bomber” Richard Reed who was allowed to board the plane in Paris on December 22, 2001. An Israeli firm was and continues to be in charge of security at Paris airport. These two incidents are not just an accident; they are deliberate with a strong message, a political message to their agents and operatives in the US. These incidents together with September 11th should raise RED flags for those within our government that are relying on Israeli agents and operatives for our security.It is very hard to conceive that a nation and people who made “terrorism” into a national trademark can be entrusted with or even considered for consulting contracts at our national airports. Israel was the first country in the world, not only the Middle East to engage in forced hijacking and force landing of a civilian Syrian jet in 1954. Israel was the first country to shoot down civilian airliners out of the skies killing all 107 on board when its American supplied F-4 shot down Libyan Arab Airlines flight 114 on February 17, 1973. Israel was the first country in the Middle East to raid a civil airport destroying 13 civilian airlines belongs to MEA at Beirut International Airport in December 1968.The history of Israel as a terrorist’s state was established way before it became an independent state. It started to use “terrorism” the “acts of deliberate killing and murdering innocent civilians to advance political agenda” in the early thirties with so many recorded incidents of terrorism such as the June 29, 1939 attack on an Arab bus killing 24 civilians. The Zionist leaders did not even spare their “own “ people from their own acts of deliberate murder when Jewish terrorists on November 25, 1940 bombed and sank the S.S. Patria at Haifa harbor killing all 268 Jews on board.Spying on America is one of the major tasks of Israel and Israeli businesses in the US. Jonathan Pollard is but one of so many who betrayed the US with the active and encouraging support from Israel. High technology secrets were passed on to China through non other than Israeli defense contractors with easy access to top secrets technology provided by many of the “moles” at the highest level of our governments.On October 4, 1992 an Israeli 747 cargo plane El Al Flight 1862 crashed soon after take off from Amsterdam Airport killing 43 and destroying an entire block of buildings in the Bijmermeer neighborhood. Dangerous and undeclared 620 Kg of depleted radio active uranium was loaded on the plane. It was approved by customs but was never physically inspected. This can only show the collusion between those entrusted with the people’s lives and their Israeli counterparts. Keeping in mind that flight 1862 originated in the US where 190 liters of “dimethyle methylphosphante” a CWC schedule 2 chemical used for synthesis of SARIN-nerve gas was loaded in the US for shipment to military chemical weapons plants in Israel.It seems security officials like the former Michael Chertoff were very impressed with the Israeli model of racial and ethnic profiling duped “behavior detection screening” adopted at Ben-Gurion airport. This “behavior detection screening” and “Behavior Pattern Recognition” are the corner stone of the Israeli airport system and is widely used by Israel so called “airport” security consultants and companies widely operating in the US.A country that can target our ships and shoot and kill hundreds of our sailors as it did when its air force attacked the USS Liberty, a country that engages in active spying against the US, a country that has a long history of aviation terrorism could never qualify as a security consultants or advisors to the US. All of our phones, cell phones, billings, instant messaging, email all are compromised by Israeli companies engaged in business in the US with all of the data and information collected in the process being passed on to Israel. No need here to mention forging of passports and “stealing” of passports data from travelers to Israel for use by Israeli agents to commit murder around the world. Recently a senior British counter intelligence warned that tens of thousands of British and European passports may have been compromised by Israeli Airport security officers as they process Europeans for entry to Israel. One has to wonder how many “compromised” passports are out there and how much risk all international travelers are takings knowing that Israel has tens of thousands of forged passports on hands. And we expect Israel to have all the answers to our airport security? It recent acts using false and forged passports to commit murders are endangering the lives of millions of innocent travelers. If Israel forged European and Australian passports belonging to visitors to Israel, one has to wonder how many thousands US forged US passports are on hands in Tel-Aviv.There is nothing, absolutely nothing that we share with Israel, not our values, not our traditions, not our constitutional rights, not our First Amendments Rights, not our Due Process of law, not our Equal Protection of the Law. Certainly we do not share with Israel its long history of terrorism, house demolitions, racial and ethnic discrimination ( Oh yes, we over came all of that), not targeted killings, not denying of housing and property rights based on religion or “ethnicity”, not land and water theft, not detention without due process of law. Our courts systems while faulty at times are blind to color, faith, national origin. We do not have laws for Jews, laws for Christians and laws for Muslims.Next time any senior US officials consider using an Israeli company or Israeli consultants for security contracts, they better think twice. It is never the interest of the US that is first, it is the interest of Israel first and foremost. I think our nation have too much at stake and too much to lose to trust our airport security to any Israeli company or agents.

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One response to “Israel and Security of US Airports!”

8 04 2010
sjadallah (06:45:09) :

Air Port Security, Israel/Jewish Style!!!!!!!!!

Haifa District Court Wednesday ruled that El Al airlines must compensate two Arab Israelis some NIS 30,000, for humiliating them during security checks in a New York airport. The brothers were closely guarded throughout the checks, their movements were constrained by the airline’s security detail, without anything that would determine them as a security risk. One of the brothers was also told he would not be allowed to board the flight home unless he apologizes to one of the guards.

The brothers, Abd al-Wahab Shalabi, 43, and Abd al-Aziz Shalabi, 44, insurance agents from the village of Iksal in the Jezreel Valley, were on their way back from a trip organized by their employer, the Menora insurance company. The brothers were the only Arabs in a group of 17. After they passed the security checks for the Israir flight home, an El Al security guard, Keren Weinberg, began following them all the way to the airplane. According to the verdict, when Abd al-Wahab got up to speak on his cellphone, and then went into the rest room without Weinberg, she scolded him, telling him he must maintain eye contact with her wherever he went. He responded by pointing out that she had no right to speak to him like that, and as long as she wasn’t arresting him for any offense, she should “get away from him.”

At this point the brothers were approached by an El Al security officer, Ilan Or, who demanded Abd al-Wahab apologizes to the guard, or he won’t be allowed onto the flight. “I walked away, sat down on a bench and began crying,” Abd al-Wahab said in his affidavit. “I was crying over the humiliation I was put through, despite being a law-abiding citizen all my life, over being humiliated in front of all the other passengers and colleagues, and over being treated differently just because of our national and religious origin. People walked over to me and tried to cheer me up, but I was in shock. I cried like I never cried before in public.”
Eventually the passenger approached the security guard, apologized to her and was permitted to board the flight.

The judge, Amir Toubi, stressed in his decision that the security officer Or admitted that neither of the brothers were deemed dangerous by the security check. The law, Toubi wrote, permits El Al security officials to search a person, his luggage or his clothes and ask the passenger for identification. It does not, however, allow them to follow a passenger around after the security check is complete, if there is no real and specific suspicion.

“There is no disagreement that strict security measures are necessary, especially with the increase of the terrorism threat over recent years … With all due understanding of security needs, there is still no justification for sweepingly ignoring the dignity, freedom and basic right of a citizen in the shade of the ‘holy cow’ of security,” Toubi wrote.

The judge specifically noted that conditioning the boarding of the flight on an apology to the security guard was tantamount to abuse of the passenger and abuse of the power and authority vested in the El Al employee. He noted the guard’s conduct was “arrogant” and “insensitive.”

El Al stressed that it had no interest in running such checks for itself or other companies, and had asked the state to relieve it of this duty.

Abd al-Wahab Shalabi said the court’s decision was “brave” and called on Arabs and everyone opposing discrimination to boycott El Al.

PS. And the US wants to follow the Israeli model… well there will be lots of law suites for sure… American people, not only Arab Americans will never put up with this contempt and total disregard for human dignity.

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