Why “Jewish Blood” expensive and “Arab Blood” cheap?

14 03 2011

As I see the reaction of Palestinian, Israeli and world leaders on the murder of the Jewish trespassing family in Itamar, I tried my best to look for and search a similar language expressed by Israeli and world leaders certainly by Palestinians leaders when Israeli soldiers and Jewish armed trespassers kill Palestinians in cold blood.  I find none.


Mahmoud Abbas was quick to call the murder in Itamar and speaking to Israeli Radio he described the murder “ despicable, immoral and inhuman act… a human being is not capable of something like this.” Salam Fayyad commenting on same “ we appose violence and condemn its use, it does not matter what the reason were, who the victims were and what the aim?”  One needs to compare the statements made by Israeli officials to that of Palestinian leaders when armed Jewish trespassers or Israeli soldiers commit similar acts against Palestinians.  At best, there is a shy ‘regret” and those Jews committing the murder are let go on probation and released to community service.

Mahmoud Abbas and sorry to say did not use the same language describing Israeli actions when Israel and his friends (The Jewish Axis of Evil Olmert, Livni and Barak) waged their deadly war on Gaza in December of 2008 targeting civilians in homes, in hospitals, and schools, killing entire families including infants. True the Israeli soldiers did not use knives to cut the throats of these innocent families but used laser bombs, tank shells and howitzer canons to commit their murderous acts.  1500 people where killed and Mahmoud Abbas did not describe the acts of the Israeli army as “despicable, immoral and inhuman act”.  Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayad did not demand and called on Israeli leaders to condemn the cold blooded murder of 18 civilians including infants (despicable, immoral and inhuman) killed in Beit Hanoun when IDF soldiers fired a tank shell at an apartment building. Perhaps Mr. Abbas and Dr. Fayyad can explain to us why the silence and why the double standard and we need to ask, why they behave this way confirming once again that  “Arab blood is cheap”? It is made cheap by the people themselves who don’t put a high price on such blood, and this blood is made cheap by leadership that is indifferent and don’t give a damn when innocent blood is spelled.


A murder is a murder whether it is committed against Jews, Arabs, Americans, Pakistani, Afghani or French and a murder is a murder whether it is committed by a suicide bomber, or by knife, or M-16, tank shell, or a laser bomb dropped from an F-16.  In law it is not the means that determine if a murder is committed, it is the end result, death of the victims.


The Israeli Army and armed Jewish thugs and trespassers have been committing cold-blooded murder against Palestinians for years, and we hardly ever heard a condemnation of the murders they commit. In fact, we hardly ever heard any statement of condemnations from Israeli leaders when armed Jewish trespassers commit cold-blooded murder. Palestinian leaders, Western leaders let alone Israel and Jewish leaders are silent as Jewish Israeli and American Rabbis pronounce fighting word and “Jewish Edits”.  It seems killing of a trespassing armed settler family is a “terrorist act” but the killing of a Palestinians (young and old) at the hands of armed Jewish trespassers is always justifiable and in self defense.


Jewish Rabbis has been waging war of words against Arabs and are the spiritual leaders of these marauding thugs and trespassers killers.  Killing Palestinians, burning their homes, their schools, their mosques, their cars, their farms and killing their lives stocks.  Rabbi Yousef Falay of Yitzhar Settlement in his book “ Ways of War” called on the Israeli government to use its troops to kill all Palestinians males more than 13 years old in a bid to end Palestinians presence on earth.  Another Jewish Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro issued his edicts in his book “ The Torah of the King” calling for the killings of Non Jews including children and infants if they are members of families posing threats to Jews. Rabbi Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba ruled it is legal to kill all Gentiles without qualifications and that it is permissible to kill Arabs without cause.


While Israeli society and governments remain silent on such calls for cold-blooded murder by the Jewish religious establishment, they dare and call on Palestinian leaders to stop incitements against Israel, its army and its armed trespassers. Why Israeli leaders and society remain silent and provide these rabbis and their followers legal and army covers. The message of Israeli leaders and society to the Arabs is loud and clear.


Cheap Arab blood is spelled every day in Palestine, in Algeria, in Libya, in Tunis, in Sudan, in Iraq and in Yemen, spelled by Arab armies and police, by Arab leadership, by Israeli soldiers and armed Jewish trespassing thugs, and by Americans in Iraq. Any one who thinks Arab blood is not cheap should look around.


Note: I chose to refer to these Jewish thugs as “trespassers” and not “settlers” since they are not settling open unclaimed prairies but are trespassing on land owned by Palestinians and their legal status as criminals and felons.  In some states in the US, they shoot them dead.

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One response to “Why “Jewish Blood” expensive and “Arab Blood” cheap?”

14 03 2011
Frank (20:39:55) :

It isn’t only Arab blood that is cheap. Its all nonjews. All made clear in their talmud

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