Hamas and Fatah; Reconciliation or Escape Forward!

27 04 2011

The news coming out of Cairo in the last hours are very surprising to every one.  Most of all to Bibi Netanyahu who gave Mahmoud Abbas a choice, either peace with Israel or reconciliation with Hamas and who ordered his security forces to put more squeeze on Gaza. Bibi forgetting that Mahmoud Abbas has been knocking on the doors of Israel and begging for peace with or without Hamas for over 20 years and there was one answer, the Jewish Occupation and expansion of Jewish settlement colonies more important than peace with the Palestinians.

I do not want to throw cold water on what was agreed to in Cairo between Azzam Al-Ahmed and Musa Abu-Marzouk, though watching in dept interview with both gentlemen one can only come out with headlines.  A new government of professional technocrats approved by both parties, calls for national elections and a new Palestine National Council within one year and a selected election commission of 12 members approved by both parties.


Of course Fatah and the PLO lost a sponsor and an advocate in Hosni Mubarak who is now in prison and may face hanging.  Hamas is in deep trouble with its sponsor and advocate Bachar Assad who is in deep trouble and may lose power and may face the same fate of that of Hosni Mubarak, and Hamas could not count in Iran, as Iran too will also face an uprising that will sweep the government of the Mullahs.


Of course both organizations having lost their sponsors and afraid its leadership may face the same fate of both Hosni Mubarak and Bachar Assad, pre-empted all of this with a quick announcement of reconciliation.  Saving their skin is no doubt one key factor that is behind the quick agreement.


So far and missing from all of this is the response from the US which funds and contributes $470 millions a year to the Palestinian Authority in partial defraying the costs of the Jewish Occupation.  America does not contribute this kind of money for the black eyes of the Palestinians but for the interests of Israel first and foremost.


The questions that must be faced by both Hamas and Fatah will the new government continue to manage the Jewish Occupation as agreed to under Oslo? And will it continue to act as a security agent for the Israeli Occupation not different from Backwater?


The US and the EC and to a certain extent some Arab donors know that funding the Palestinian Authority and keeping it in business is also funding the Jewish Occupation and the money contributing is a saving for Israel to use in its settlement activities, costs it will have to dish out if the Palestinian Authority was not there to do the job for Israel.


Now the Palestinian Authority, the PLO, Fatah and Hamas will have to face what will come next, the suspension of funds to the Palestinian Authority and the expected US “veto” and will the Arab countries make up whatever short falls the Palestinian Authority have to face when and not if the United States suspend its contribution to the Palestinian Authority. For sure the American Knesset will not approve any more funds or contributions to the Palestinian Authority and Barack Obama facing a re-election could not afford to lose his big time American Jewish/Zionist donors, and is not in a position to take on the American Knesset in defiance of Israel and its King, Bibi Netanyahu, who will for sure use this event to squeeze more blood out of the American tax payers. When he speaks before the American Knesset and AIPAC.


Mahmoud Abbas only few days ago, announced he will do all he can to make sure there is no Third Intifada and I have no idea how Mahmoud Abbas and Khalid Mishal will try to reconcile their agreement and with the Palestinian Authority relations with both Israel and America when both are not ready and not willing to move forward with peace. So far and after 20 years of negotiations with Israel, and the US, Mahmoud Abbas lost of grounds (real land) to the Jewish Occupation and did not make any gains for the people whatsoever, except keep Fatah and the PLO in business managing the Jewish Occupation.


I have no idea how the Palestinian leadership plans to end of the Jewish Occupation since Israel and the US are not willing to move forward with negotiations that ends the Jewish Occupation, end the Settlement activities, let alone force the vacating of some 500,000 armed settlers ready to go war if Israel or any one else come to force them to move out. Obama is a lost cause and no one should count on him for any thing. The man who orders a “veto” of the UNSC resolution on Jewish settlements could not be counted on for any thing. He is not his own man.


Perhaps the only thing ahead for the Palestinian people is a Third Intifada, not like the one aborted by Arafat and Abu-Jihad as a prelude to Oslo, certainly not a Second Intifada which was so poorly managed and administer by Arafat that it not only allowed Israel to re-occupy areas it redeployed from with Oslo, but destroyed billions worth of infrastructures and creating a bunch of gangs and thugs in the name of liberation and created a state of ciaos in the Palestinian Territories.


The Third Intifada has to be civil, unarmed, persistent and consistent civil uprising, general strike, destruction and burning of all Israeli issued ID, s and it calls for all Palestinian big shots to give up their VIP passes and of course the Palestinian Authority has to disband since it should not do any service for and on behalf of Israel and must chose either it with the people in their uprising or is in a partner in the Jewish Occupation and manager for and on behalf of Israel.


The big question is how can Hamas or any one else, reconcile themselves with Oslo, were Arafat, Abbas and Qurai, recognized Israel with open borders, with Jerusalem as its capital, with no rights for refugees, with settlements as a right for Israel?


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28 04 2011
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