Hamas and Fatah are not Palestine!

26 02 2011

This may come as a big disappointing surprise to Mahmoud Abbas, Khalid Misha’al, Ahmed Qurai, Ismail Haniyah, Yaser Abed-Rabou, Sami Zouhri, to Hamas and its leadership in both Damascus and Gaza and to Fatah and PLO leadership in Ramallah and in Beit El. Hamas and Fatah are not Palestine and they do not represent separately or jointly the people neither of Palestine, nor for that matter does the PLO represent the Palestinian people under Jewish Occupation or in the Diaspora.

It is true there was an election and the people of “Occupied Palestine” voted for Mahmoud Abbas as president of the Palestinian Authority, the Jewish Occupation local governing authority, and the people also voted for Hamas as the “majority party” in the Palestine Legislative Council, the elected body for the local governing authority.  However the majority of Palestinians representing those outside of Occupied Palestine never voted for Mahmoud Abbas, never voted for Khalid Misha’al, never voted for Hamas, never voted for Fatah certainly never voted for the PLO as the ‘sole representative of the Palestinian people”. Keeping in mind it is the “Arab leadership” whose own legitimacy is questioned is the body that voted for Arafat and the PLO. The Diaspora people never voted for Arafat or the PLO.  Even the Palestine National Congress was never elected by the people through direct elections and as such it never had legitimacy, and its performance is shameful but disgusting if not criminally negligent.


In order for the PLO, Fatah or Hamas to claim representation of the Palestinian people, then there must be a vote, a vote of the Palestinian people in Jordan, in Lebanon, in Syria, in Saudi Arabia, in Kuwait, in Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, in Europe, in US, in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Australia or wherever the Palestinian people are present and not withstanding their current “nationality”. Otherwise the claims of representations by the PLO, Hamas or Fatah are null and void, certainly illegitimate.


For the PLO or Fatah leadership to waive the Rights of Return, to give up East Jerusalem to give up half of the Occupied Territories, it does not have the rights of representations nor the legitimacy to waive these rights or to give full recognition to Israel, notwithstanding the fact that Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas signed off on Palestine in Oslo.  No one ever voted for Arafat when he signed negotiated and signed Oslo. And contrary to what he thought, he was never Palestine, he was never the Palestinian people, at best he was an abusive, corrupt, incompetent failed narcissist leader no different from Saddam Hussain, Hafiz Assad, Muamar Qaddafi and to a certain extent Hosni Mubarak, let alone Bin Ali.


Perhaps both the leadership of Hamas and Fatah has to think of who and what they are? And have to think it is best for them, for Palestine and for the people to simply disappear, get lost, get our “erhal” before they end up like Bin Ali and Hosni Mubarak and soon Qaddafi.


Now Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayyad, to pre-empt the anger sweeping the Arab world against its failed, corrupt and dictatorial leadership are trying their best to show they are democratic, with democratic values (same values of their friend Tipsy Livni) and that the Palestinian Authority as the Jewish Occupation governing authority are keen on re-establishing and opening for business governing institutions they decided to close down on the order of Israel and its former allies Mubarak/Suleiman.  Salam Fayyad is even going further showing his “openness” by soliciting names of potential ministers on his Facebook page.  I do not understand how someone (Abbas) whose term in office expired more than 2 years continue to have legitimacy to even govern let alone dismiss an illegitimate and illegal government and ask an illegal and illegitimate prime minister to form a new government? May be the Palestinian Authority is not different from Muamar Qaddafi’s Libya.


On the other hand, Khalid Misha’al and Hamas leadership also have to understand the fact they won the local election once does not mean they have a monopoly to govern and that all those who voted for Hamas are members of Hamas. According to news report and analysis of the election, Hamas won the last election because the people were fed up with a corrupt, incompetent and failed Fatah and people were fed with the abuses of Fatah security forces and the arrogant behavior of Fatah leadership as they go flaunting their newly acquired richness and their VIP passes to zip through Israeli checkpoints while thousands of Palestinians have to endure long hours if not days to pass through.


While Hamas did not have a chance to govern under Oslo, it had a chance to show its color, its management and governing style in Gaza and to say the least it was not very impressive at least to me.  There were lots of civil and political abuse of power and abuse of people and their private and public liberty. And no need to mention Hamas ‘armed resistance” capabilities and ability to provide credible defense against Israel. Hamas has to come down from the tree in believing it can “liberate” Palestine through its “armed resistance” and Fatah has to come down from the tree  in believing it is a successful liberation organization with a monopoly right to rule and govern for ever.

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