Gaza; End The Siege Now And Forever.

25 06 2015

Freedom Flotillas are gathering in the Eastern Mediterranean this week on their way to break the illegal and criminal siege of Gaza. Brave hearts from all over the world are on board. Israel and its supporters are gathering with guns drawn to prevent another attempt to break the siege.

Israel, always, the angry, unhappy and psychological misfit nation it is, full of hate and contempt for the world and human values, is a country that never gives damn or due considerations to international law.

The siege and blockade of Gaza is not only criminal and brutal, it has no basis in international and humanitarian laws and is used by Israel as an excuse for collective punishment of Gaza, its people and leadership. This collective punishment finds sanctions and support from the US and, unfortunately, also in Western Europe.

Ramallah, unlike last time with vocal contempt of those risking their lives is mostly silent now, not sure if there is clandestine cooperation with Israel to undermine such attempt to break the siege like last time.

For Hamas, this is a much welcomed effort specially since its billion dollar tunnel business came to an abrupt end with the military take over in Egypt and the Egyptian decision to clear wide swath of land along the border with Gaza, evicting and displacing tens of thousands of Egyptian families in the Egyptian Rafah. Unfortunately, the Arabs on their own are unable lacking the will and force to end the siege.

This coincide with the announcement in Ramallah that reconstructions of destroyed homes will take place, and with Qatar already implementing its own plans to rebuild certain parts of Gaza. However most if not all construction materials coming from Israel, and for sure with double digits commissions for key figures in Ramallah.

If Israel issue is security, which it is not, making sure there are no arms or weapons smuggled into Gaza, one can understand that, and there are thousands of ways and arrangements that allows the “international community” to inspect goods and products and passengers destined to Gaza without risking Israel’s “security”.

Arrangements that I proposed in my earlier posting and website “” including the setting up of a staging area in Cyprus, under UN, US and NATO where all goods and shipments destined to Gaza undergoes thorough inspection in Cyprus with naval protected corridor between Gaza and Cyprus.

Similar staging area under UN auspices can be set up at Gaza Port beyond the reach of Hamas, militant group and the Palestinian Authority ensuring the safety and security of people and goods leaving Gaza and coming into Gaza. These arrangements should go well hand in hand with the post Mubarak/Morsi Egypt and the erratic schedule of opening and closing the Rafah crossing.

Let Egypt and Israel build a mile high wall around Gaza as long as Gazans have complete and unhindered access to the sea.

The excuses given by Israel and its supporters within the US are not only silly and stupid but makes no sense at all, justifying, bullying ,thuggrey and hijackings on the high seas, no different from the Somali Pirates in the Indian Ocean, and its shows the moral and political bankruptcy of Israel, its Zionist agenda and ideology and its sponsors in official Washington.

Of course one need to keep in mind the kind of stupid list that Israel uses to keep the siege of Gaza going. It banned pasta, ketchup, lentil, and hearing aids, chocolate items that are forbidden to the people of Gaza, since these items pose a risk to Israel’s security and no one in Washington dared to question such list.

Knowing how Tel-Aviv works, I will not be surprised if Israel through its dogs in Washington insists on making decisions as to what should enter or leave Gaza, leaving its lists of items posing security risk.

Frankly speaking, who needs Israel and its construction material? Gazans and Palestinian officials will be committing a crime by using any Israeli materials for the reconstruction of Gaza — if they do, they will be rewarding Israel for its crimes. No Israeli materials should be used in Gaza period. BDS is a must in this case.

Let Israel go to hell, and let Israel keep its borders crossing closed; and let the people of Gaza open their port and airport, and import and export everything they need and want through the Gaza port and airport. No need to reward Israeli suppliers with billions of supply contracts, giving them incentives to destroy Gaza one more time, knowing they will be rewarded with billions worth of supply contracts.

Let the UN and selected countries including EU and US open and operate both the Seaport and Airport of Gaza. Time to end this criminal and inhuman siege of the people of Gaza end now and forever.

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