From Tel-Aviv to Baltimore With Love !

5 05 2015

The events of last week show how close a relationship and value system both Israel and the US have with each other. Certainly love for each other, but not love for their own citizens specially if they are Black.

In Tel-Aviv as in Baltimore, it is clear that Israeli and American police share the same philosophies and practices. All citizens especially if they are Black are “Palestinians” to be dealt with in the same way, as suspected terrorists.



Immediately after 9/11 taking advantage of having one of its own in high ranking position in Home Land Security, JINSA, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, made it a point to create close, perhaps too close a relationship between it, Israel and America’s national security agencies specially Defense, CIA, Home Land Security, certainly the police, with the views that Israel through close relationship with the military-industrial complex can contribute to the national security of the US with the aims to “ engage the American defense community about the role Israel can and does play in securing Western democracies interests in the Middle East”.

No reason to go into details about “whose whom” in JINSA, many served at top officials of the US while serving at JINSA. All of them without exception played a key role in America’s wars against Afghanistan and the destruction of Iraq. Promoting “ not just invasion but total wars on Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Palestinian Authorities” the Nation September 2, 2002.

So it should not come as a surprise for all of us, specially the Blacks and the Black leadership, that JINSA through its Law Enforcement Exchange Program enabled tens of thousands of police men and major city police chiefs to train in Israel. The “Week long program designed to strengthen American law enforcement counter terrorism, practices by facilitating dialogue with and studying techniques used by their Israeli counterparts to keep citizens safe”.

In November 2008, the International Association of Chief of Police honored the Israeli National Police at is annual conference in San Diego. Recognizing the role JINSA’s program in shaping American police rules of engagement.

Last week in Tel-Aviv Israeli police used “stun grenade” clubs and tear gas, at the rally organized by Israeli-Ethiopians demonstrating not only police brutality but also deep-rooted racism in Israel.

This followed three days after police officers in Holon; the Tel-Aviv suburb severely beat an Israeli-Ethiopian in army uniform and from the video shown on public television, without provocation. Being Black is sufficient.

Desperate for immigrants to meet its demands for cheap unskilled labor force, Israeli government and the Jewish Agency began to look around the world to see which group it can define as “Jews” and organize to come to Israel.

The Falasha Jews of Ethiopia were one such group. Poor almost illiterate, unskilled was the right group to serve as cheap labors in farms, cleaning city streets, picking up garbage, serving in cheap restaurant and doing the White Man job no longer desired.

In 1984, with the help of the late Sudan president Jafar Numairi, Israel was able to airlift some tens of thousands directly to Israel. Today the Falasha’s numbers around 135,000 or 2% of the Israeli population, but like the Blacks in the US have the highest rates of incarceration (1/3 of the total prison population), with the highest rates of unemployment, divorce, domestic violence and suicide.

Since racism runs deep in Israel, even the chief Rabbinate in Israel had and does have grave doubt about their “Jewishness” requiring “conversion” rituals before approving marriage.

Adding insults to injuries, in 1966, the Israeli Health Ministry “dumped” donated Ethiopian blood because of fear of HIV, with many signs appearing around the country, “no rent” “no sell” to Ethiopians.

However one must not feel so sorry for these poor bastards. They always display and engage in the most brutal attacks on demonstrating Palestinians, ready to engage in shoot to kill and display the most vulgar racist attitude toward the Palestinians. They are also trespassers and land thieves.

Here in America, not only we will need to question the wisdom of sending our police force to train in Israel but we also need to redraw new social contracts between citizens and police, especially between Blacks and police.

To be fair to the police, they are in a clear and present danger every day they are on the beat. America and Americans are the most violent nation in the world.

Nowhere else do we see the kind of killings and murder that takes place in America. A call on a domestic violence case can end the life of a policeman. Even a routine traffic violation stop can also end the life of a policeman or a trooper. Not only the police has to reform but we as a society has to change and reform.

No segment of society in need of change or make over than the Black community in America. We have major problems social, cultural, racial, and economic issues that the government alone could not solve.

Our Welfare system as we know it is the worst thing that could happens to Blacks. It created generation after generation of reliance which perpetuate the a cycle of “social neglect” and demeaning that contribute a great deal to the fact that Blacks have the highest risk of incarceration from among the many ethnic or social group, with family breakdown as cancer that kills hope.

The deck is stacked against the Blacks from the day they are born. They have to work harder, overcome so many obstacles to even catch up with other groups. They have to be exceptional to make it in commerce, and in the profession. Prominent leaders, those who made it are often targeted for closer scrutiny with the intention to defame, humiliate and demean the community.

While I do not claim to have all the answers or pretend to be an expert in sociology or psychology, I can only say, it is time for the Black leadership in America to stop going to funeral and public rally and call for a National Summit of Black America not only in the White House, and Congress but in every city and house.

Time for the Black community to take charge of its own destiny, to solve its own chronic problems and issues. Time for the Black community to learn from other communities that arrived as of late. Indians, Arabs, and Orientals have made it in America. Off the boat or plane without language for the most part, extended families stuck together living in same house allowing members of the families to work two jobs, with kids excelling in schools and are among the top graduates in major universities moving toward successful careers in business, industry, medicine, science, IT, law and universities.

There are NO reasons that the Blacks could not learn from these immigrant communities. They must be doing something right. There is nothing “extrinsic” about the Blacks that hold them back. Color is not an impediment to success, poor excuses are.

The Black leadership working within the community must set a target of one generation to get the Black out of the perpetual trap they are in. Family, schooling, education, and commitment to self-help can transform a society.

Here in America we have and must learn to demonstrate against wrongs, to go out in the hundreds of thousands and demonstrate peacefully, without resorting to violence or property destruction or looting.

The police also have to learn that we as citizens have the right to demonstrate against police violence, wrongs, and racial profiling. We must remember, our safety and security is also the police safety and security.

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One response to “From Tel-Aviv to Baltimore With Love !”

16 09 2015
Claude (23:59:48) :

Sorry DB, I do not Agree.The Problem over the Years has not been lack of Leadership but lack of Policy.A Political Party slhoud have Aims and A Program and the Parties slhoud Choose who can best Carry Out and Win an Election to Carry Out those Aims.The System of Elections to the Knesset weekens the Parties, And they Do Not do their job. There is too much “Tit for Tat”.Israeli Response to fanactics and “Playing in to their Hands.The Question is what is the Ideolagy and Program of the So Many Parties in Israel.What happened to Shinuy and all those Center Parties. The Israeli Public is much more united than the Politics. Politics are mucking up everything!!!The Army and the Legal System too that in the 60-70s were considered above the General Standard.So as a Cartoonist and Dry Humour fine.

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