Fiddler on The Roof and Bernard Madoff.

21 12 2008

When the movie “Fiddler on the Roof” came out back in 1971, it was such a big hit with me that I took 4 different dates to see it. It was a very moving story of a poor Jewish man named “Tevye” who endured a very tough and difficult time in Tsarist Russia and its frequent pogroms. With all of the difficulties he clanged to tradition, kept the faith in God and always wished he was a rich man.

Tevye perhaps speaks for all of us made poor by George Bush and the financial pogroms that put millions of Americans through, and I am sure Tevye speaks for the all of the rich Jews made poor by Bernard Madoff. I am sure all of us remember the wonderful and moving lyrics from Fiddler on the Roof

“Dear God, you made many, many poor people.
I realize, of course, that it’s no shame to be poor.
But it’s no great honor either!
So, what would have been so terrible if I had a small fortune?”

I’d build a big tall house with rooms by the dozen,
Right in the middle of the town.
A fine tin roof with real wooden floors below.
There would be one long staircase just going up,
And one even longer coming down,
And one more leading nowhere, just for show.”

Good thing Tevye did not live to see the day when a fellow Jew,  Bernard Madoff stiffed so many rich and elite Jews out of tens of billions of dollars. Had he lived that long and immigrated to America, and became rich perhaps Tevye would have been one of them. The names Bernard Madoff stiffed  looks like whose who in American Jewish community and include “ Senator Frank Lautenberg, New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon, real estate and media mogul Mortimer Zuckerman, GMAC Financial Services chairman J. Ezra Merkin (who ran a hedge fund, Ascot Partners, which reinvested many charities’ funds with Madoff), the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity, Steven Spielberg’s Wunderkinder Foundation, Jeff Katzenberg, the Boston-based Robert I. Lappin Charitable Foundation (which has closed its doors), Eliot Spitzer’s family, the Chais Family Foundation, the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Foundation, Hadassah (the Women’s Zionist Organization of America), the United Jewish Endowment Fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington , the Los Angeles’ Jewish Community Foundation’s $238 million Common Investment Pool, the American Jewish Congress, the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology” this is a quote from an article that appeared in “Counterpunch” of course not to mention Yeshiva University where Bernard Madoff served on the Board of Trustees.

Since many of these charities and major Jewish personalities are heavy investors in Israel and Israeli causes, I wonder how many of these charities that lost money with Bernard Madoff support and finance Jewish settler terrorism and Jewish terrorism. One thing is for sure we know that most if not all of the money that comes to these criminal Jewish settler terrorists comes from the US. Many if not most of the money that comes to support these Jewish terrorists and criminals comes from US tax exempt charities. Charities that fund them as they go about forging documents and committing fraud to enable them to steal and rob Palestinians of their homes and properties in West Bank cities of Jerusalem and Hebron and take over lands for their settlements, no to mention terrorizing Palestinian farmers and villagers on a daily basis. These charities make it possible for these criminal terrorist settlers not to have a job but make terrorizing Palestinians a full time job paid for by American Jewish charities.

It will not be a surprise if some members of the Congress who feel Jewish charities suffered major losses that prevent them from continuing the support they give to these criminal Jewish settlers will add the Bernard Madoff Investment to the list of financial institutions qualifying for the $700 Billion bail-out.

Only on few occasions did I wish to be a Jew, and who wouldn’t (there is no need to go through difficult circumcisions since by tradition we are circumcised at young age) especially those of us born in Palestine or have Palestinian parents and lost our properties to Jewish settlers and to the State of Israel. If we were Jews we would have the rights to our properties and land and no one, not from New Jersey, or New York or Orange Country can claim the land as deeded to him/her by God.

Of course as I look and see Jews from Moldavia, Russia, the Ukraine, Hungry, New Jersey, New York, North Miami and Orange Country have a right of return, not only return but can chose the piece of land he/she wants and claim it as his/her irrespective of who is the Palestinian owner and as I look at those of us born in Palestine not only are denied the right of return, but denied the right to visit and stay beyond the 3 months tourist visa. My late father, a US citizen who qualified for the “family reunification” program as applied to my late mother had to fly out of the West Bank town of El-Bireh to Cyprus every few months (for more than 10 years) until such time he bribed an Israeli working for the civil administration who gave his a residency card to live in his home town. Denial of residency applies to any Palestinians wishing to return and live in the areas under the civil administration of the Palestinian Authority.

I am sure I do share with Tevye his wish to be a rich man, but not so sure I wish to be that rich and Jewish to qualify to be one of the clients of Bernard Madoff. Boy the man has lots of Chutzpah. Not all Jews could qualify with him, but only certain Jews, the country club type the very supper rich, the philanthropist who gives lots of money to Jewish causes and to Israel. I am sure Tevye is laughing in his grave and perhaps continue to wish he was a rich a man. As for Palestinians conversion to Judaism is always an option, why not? We could easily solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict peacefully and without much shedding of blood.

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3 responses to “Fiddler on The Roof and Bernard Madoff.”

22 12 2008
MARIA (09:06:03) :

very good article!!!!! but you forgot some…Madoff managed Mossad’s found too…. LOL Did he screw them too? LOLOLOLO

22 12 2008
Sami Jamil Jadallah (10:51:21) :

American Jewish charities that fund and support Jewish settler’s terrorism and the daily stealing and robberies they commit, the daily destructions of farms and properties, the destruction of animal stocks, the poisoning of the wells, the fraudulent land deals, and of course to keep these criminal settlers well fed, enough to produce kids like rabbits, have some very powerful friends in high offices in the US. It is not so surprising that both the attorney general Michael B. Mukasey and secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff are big supporters of Israel, and all Zionists causes and supporting Jewish settlements is one key Zionist enterprise. It is these two federal departments that have been focusing all of their efforts spending tens of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions of tax dollars going after Palestinian charities, especially those accused of being supporters of Hamas making sure that no money goes to any activities of Hamas even if these activities have nothing to do with terrorism or suicide bombing. However these two federal departments looks the other way, either as proponent, advocate or ideological supporters of Jewish settler’s violence and terrorism with direct result that American Jewish charities that support Jewish settler’s terrorism enjoy not only the protection of the law here but enjoy the tax- exempted status. I am not aware of any case or any investigations conducted by the Department of Justice or the Department of Homeland Security or the IRS or the FBI of any American Jewish organizations or charities active in supporting Jewish settlements and settler’s terrorism. I am also unaware of any investigations let alone filing of criminal charges against all of the fraud perpetuated and committed by these charities and their membership as they go about acquiring Palestinian properties through forgery and fraud, as they have done on a number of occasions when US money was provided to these settlers to acquires Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem and in Hebron or acquire land for settlements. Even Jewish synagogues came into the act and began to auction of apartments in settlements built on stolen land, and no one in our government bothered to look into this action. It is clear those American Jewish charities that support and fund Jewish terrorism are off limits and for good reasons. They have allies in high positions and in Congress and no one dare to touch them. Bernard Madoff $50 Billions simply did not disappear, it is physical impossible, one loss is one gains, and now we have to wait and see where did all of the money went, perhaps few billions will appear in Israel. What is so surprising and so strange is that these very sophisticated investors did not questions Madoff how he was able to get a fixed return of 13% or more when all of the other funds was losing money? Perhaps greed, perhaps “don’t ask don’t tell” was the general rule. $ 50 billions disappear and no one from the federal government bothered to look into it. We spend millions following small time drug pushers who are pushing nickels and dimes yet we simply ignore a $50 Billion operation. I am sure someone in Congress will make sure that the $50 Billion loss is included in the financial bailout. We have to wait and see. I think it is time for the federal government to open investigations into ALL American Jewish charities that support Jewish terrorism the same way they are pursuing Palestinians charities that are suspected of supporting Palestinian terrorism. Unless of course there is a difference between Jewish terrorism and Palestinian terrorism.

26 03 2009
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