Elie Weisel and the “Jewish Spirit”.

6 08 2010

If there is one person who I detest the most and who in my mind and opinion is nothing but a fraud, a lie, a hypocrite of the first order, a man with no back bones, his name is Eli Weisel, the Holocaust survivor and the Nobel Laureate. He is quoted recently in Haaretz, the leading Israeli newspaper as questioning the “Jewish Spirit” over the decision of the Israeli Prime Minister to deport 400 children of migrant workers.

This weasel easel was quoted in Haarets as saying “hard to believe that such a thing is happening in Israel. Where is the Jewish spirit, the Jewish ethics and the Jewish compassion”. In all these years of hearing this creep, reading his bullshit moralist essays, he never open his mouth or utter one word questioning Israeli policy of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem where more than 88,000 lost their rights of residency to live in East Jerusalem due to Israeli laws that makes it almost impossible for any Arab to remain in and live in East Jerusalem.

In all these years since he anointed him self the “Jewish” voice for compassion, morality and spirit, who dared to speak on issues of morality, compassion, he totally closed his eyes, his mind, his heart and simply refused to see what Israel and his “Jewish” people are doing to the Palestinians on a daily basis from ethnic cleansing, to land theft, to arrest and kidnapping to humiliating check points to cold blooded murder to poisoning of water wells to marauding armed Jewish settlers who set farms, crops and centuries old olive trees on fire. Mr. Weisel the weasel is always silent when it comes to crimes committed by his “Jewish” people.

I do appreciate the “Jewish” compassion for the 400 children of immigrant workers and I do share with Mr. Weisel his concern for these young kids as they leave their parents behind. What I do not share with Mr. Weisel is his total callous, his indifference, his hypocrisy, his failure to see what his “Jewish” people are doing to the people of Palestine. There are thousands of Palestinian children whose fathers and mothers are behind bars, kidnapped by Israeli security forces with no trials and no charges. More than 700,000 Palestinians were kidnapped and arrested since the Israeli Occupation began, more than 10,000 kidnapped Palestinians remain in Israeli jails, more than 15,000 under aged children were arrested with substantial number were victim of sex abuse by Israeli internal security forces. Not one, in all of these years did this man speak out against all of this. His sense of humanity, his sense of decency , his sense of values, his sense of compassion is absent when it comes to non-Jews and specially when the victims are Palestinians.

It is one thing to be a moralist and pretend to be a man of principals, of passion and ethics, but it is another thing when one is a hypocrite with no morality, compassion certainly no ethics. A wrong is a wrong whether committed by a Jews, a Muslim or a Christian or a Hindu, or an Israeli or a Palestinian. Mr. Weisel never spoke a word condemning the murder of children and women during and after Israel’s war on Gaza, never spoke a word and questioned Israel’s use of cluster bombs over Lebanese civilians that continued to kill four years after, never spoke a word against Israel’s use of phosphorous bombs during its war on Gaza, or Israel use of unarmed civilians and human shield. He never spoke a word against the armed Jewish thugs as they roam the hills terrorizing Arab villager, and he never spoke a word when Rabbi Baruch Goldstein open fired on Muslim worshiper in Hebron.

When it comes to Israel and its crimes against the Arabs and Palestinians Mr. Weisel is always, silent does not dare to challenge his own hypocrisy and his own double standard morality because he knows if speak out for “Jewish” compassion, “Jewish” spirit and “Jewish” values he has non of these. The man is simply a creep, a moralist whore, with no values and no compassion “Jewish “ or otherwise. The man will always remain a weasel, not a Weisel.

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