Dick Cheney is itching for a new war to destroy the Arabian Gulf once and for all.

4 07 2008

As we celebrate our freedom and independence this 4th of July, It seems that President Dick Cheney (ops,) Vice-President Dick Cheney is at again. This time is itching for another war with Iran. The award winning writer Seymour Herch exposes this Administration plans for its third war on the region. http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2008/07/07/080707fa_fact_hersh writes that the president of the United States signed a secret order to start clandestine special operation inside Iran and have budget some $400 million (can rescue and save few foreclosed homes). This secret operation was approved late last year with the knowledge of key congressional leadership both Democrats and Republicans.
The Bush-Cheney Administration is making every efforts and in coordination with its friend and ally Israel in toppling the regime in Iran or at least destabilizing the regime in Iran as the American did back in 80 with the support of its former servant Saddam Hussein who engaged in an 8 years war against the newly established Islamic Republic of Iran. We all know the consequence of such war not only on both Iran and Iraq but also on the entire Middle East and especially the Arab Gulf Region. Arab and Persian money and blood paid for that war which was an American sponsored war. It was the war that set the stage for the Second Gulf War and the occupation and subsequent liberation of Kuwait. This team of Cheney and Bush lied and tried to convince the American people was our war on terror, when in fact it was planned by Cheney and his friends from the Israeli Likud back in the mid-nineties as a way to finish with Saddam and secure Israel’s eastern borders. We need to keep in mind that the Reagan and Bush Administration always supported their puppet the criminal Saddam as went about killing more than 2 million Arabs and Persian, not to forget the gassing of tens of thousands of Kurds.
Before we go to the consequences of such new war on Iran and the entire Middle East we need to know that this Cheney-Bush Administration is following the model of the Reagan Administration when it recruited, engaged Sunni fundamentalists and organized them in the Mujahideens to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, only to have these same people come back an attack us at home. This administration is now recruiting and engaging fundamentalist Sunni Muslims like the Ahwaz Arabs and the Baluchis to wage an undeclared war and wage clandestine operation against Iran and its people including political assassinations and terrorists bombings of public buildings and markets.
Some how Mr. Dick Cheney that great American patriot who sought and got several draft deferment to avoid military service and avoiding going to war for his country, and was too busy with other important things than to serve his country is at it again, working behind the scene and doing all he can in engaging American in another war beside the ones we have now in Afghanistan and Iraq.
We all know or should know, that Dick Cheney as the power behind this president has abandoned the war on terrorism and the terrorists in Afghanistan (former allies of the United States) and decided with his friends in Tel-Aviv and the Likudists in Washington to concoct the big lie of the weapons of mass destruction and took us to war for and on behalf of Israel. This time around Mr. Cheney is doing all he can to get Israel to hit Iran forcing Iran to retaliate and with the end result for the US to be sucked into another war, without putting the two wars we have now to and end.
This Cheney war will for sure do lots of damage to Iran, and it will definitely do lot of damage to Israel if not crippling it. Iran is not an Arab country with incompetent armies and will take the war outside its borders and will certainly do lots of damage to the neighboring Arab Gulf States.
Perhaps Mr. Cheney beside his interest in securing Israeli borders beyond Occupied Iraq is very interested in total destruction of the entire Arabian Gulf where there is a great boom and where projects worth hundred of billions are under way. We hope and pray that the wise leadership of the Arab Gulf Countries does not buy Mr. Cheney war on Iran and learn from past mistakes when forced to side and fund America’s bad boy Saddam Hussein with dire consequences that will be felt for years to come.
I am sure the leadership and people of the Arab Gulf should not forgot that it was the US that not only sponsored the Shah of Iran supplying him with arms and weapons to the point where he declared himself the policeman and guardians of the Arabian Gulf terrorizing the Arabian Gulf with the military might supplied by the US. It was also the US and Israel that collaborated together to bring nuclear technology to Iran of the Shah.
The Arab Gulf must remember the history of the US in the Gulf region where its policies and for the last 50 years has been nothing but hostile to the people of the region engaging the region in war after war after war and with each war there is total collapse of the economic prosperity of the region. Perhaps it is best for the Arab Gulf countries to put Mr. Cheney on a hundred million dollar annual retainer from now and persuade him that they do not need another war.
As for Israel it should know that Iran is not an Arab country that can easily be defeated and that an attack on Iran may bring to an end the western miracle that is Israel.

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