To American Jews in denial, Read this.

27 03 2009

 Too bad for Israel, for the Palestinians certainly for the United States American Jews for the most part continue to be in the state of denial, simply could not bring themselves to understand and believe that Israel always waged war and always stood against peace. They need to understand their part and responsibility for so much suffering, so much deaths and so much lies.  They and they alone keep this conflict going.  Perhaps they need to take a second look next time someone ask them to donate money for AIPAC or write a congressman or a senator or send a letter to the editor. Read the rest of this entry »

We Will Not Forgive The Jews For Their Silence; for Turning Israel Into a Racist, Criminal State.

22 03 2009

The Jewish War on Gaza and its resultant destruction of the Gaza Strip and the horrible killings of innocent women and children in cold blood and as reported in series of articles in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz and in statements made by UN officials were not surprising since Jewish soldiers are educated and trained to do that, simply kill. And so the total silence of the Jewish community around the world and especially the US Jewish community should not come as a shocking surprise but was and is expected and so their dancing in the streets of New York City as their army was leveling Gaza, destroying homes, schools, hospitals, clinics, and UN supply depot and so their successful push for a an overwhelming resolutions in both House and Senate supporting Israel’s crimes in the name of “self defense”. Read the rest of this entry »

The Hell With Israel, Open the Sea Port of Gaza!

4 03 2009

The Gaza donor conference concluded couple of days ago in the Egyptian city of Sharm-El-Sheik and was attended by more than 70 countries, pledging more than $5 Billions exceeding any and all expectation. Of course this sum of money and the US pledge of $300 millions is dwarfed by the $30 Billions George Bush pledge to Israel in arms and weapons. Read the rest of this entry »

Watch the Ad on Gaza DIRECTV Refused to Air

17 02 2009

Learn More:

Time for Mahmoud Abbas to Turn in Keys and VIP Passes.

11 02 2009

The Israeli voters and beyond them the American Jewish community made it very clear, there is no peace with Palestinians, no peace with Arabs, no sharing of Jerusalem and no evacuations of settlements and no tearing down the Apartheid Wall, certainly no end to the siege and starving of Gaza, no end to the targeted assassinations, and nothing but contempt for their partners in Ramallah. Read the rest of this entry »

The Forbidden Debate

1 02 2009

In the US and the West, we are able and free to debate God and HIS/HER existence, debate Jesus, Moses, Mohamed, debate America, its failures and its successes, debate our constitution and its interpretations. We are free to debate George Bush his stupidity, his crimes against America and the world, and his many failures. We are free to debate anything and every thing except Zionism, Israel and Judaism. In Palestine and the Arab world, we are allowed to discuss few things but one thing no one dares to discuss is the PLO, its illegitimacy and its failures. Read the rest of this entry »

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