Why so many informers and traitors among Palestinians

26 11 2006

The news coming out of Gaza is that Israel and the Palestinian resistance movements, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have reached a tentative cease-fire, which should be welcoming news to the people of Gaza, more than any thing else. While understanding the right to fight the occupation, the so called rockets coming out of Gaza are not only useless weapons of war but gives the world the impressions that the Palestinians have an arsenal as powerful as Israel with its F-16s, F-15s. Apache helicopter, 155 mm howitzers, Merkava tanks and Hellfire missiles not to mention smart bombs. These so called rockets are more of an ego thing than a true defensive weapons. The costs of such stupid rockets are so high for all of Palestinians and as I wrote before, is nothing but stupid weapons of war. In any case, I do hope the cease-fire will hold so that Israel stops all of the crimes it is committing on daily basis.
However the subject matter of this article is why and how does Israel manage to target so many people and so accurately, if there was no support on the ground for Israel. By that I mean, so many informers and traitors as if the number of traitors and informers for Israel among Gazans is more than the number of fighters.
Without the support of Palestinian informers on the ground working for Israel day and night, supporting in the killing and murder of hundreds if not thousands of Palestinians, Israel could not fire its missiles so accurately and target specific cars, specific apartments, specific people.
One does understand, that in all wars there are always traitors and informers for the enemy, but the Palestinians exceeded all expectations. Of course one need not only blame the poor people who are forced for one reason or another to become informers, but one has to ask the questions of how Israel is able to penetrate the Palestinian leadership all the way to the late Yaser Arafat and how Israel was able to recruit some of the top echelons of the Palestinian leaderships. It seems that any thing and every thing that happens in Al-Muqata and in almost every home within Palestine Israel knows of it and of course act on it by either killing these suspects or arresting them. Though I do not buy the idea that Arafat was poisoned by Israel, one has to accept the possibility given the number of informers and traitors among the Palestinians and given the strong possibilities those Israeli agents and informers are among top Palestinian leadership.
Without the active support of informers and traitors, Israel could not have the ability of targeting Sheik Ahmed Yasin or Rantisi or know the whereabouts of Bargouthi and could not target specific cars in the middle of the night. Someone must have cooperated with Israel.
In my view that while Palestinians have shown great resilience in their fights against Israel, one has to admit they also cooperated so much with the occupation, to the point that Gaza and the West Bank is becoming like the old East Germany, where every family have an informer among its members.I do not have the answers for all of this, perhaps someone can help

Arafat, more of a fraud than a hero

12 11 2006

Couple of days ago, thousand of Palestinians gather in “Almoqata” the official seat of the Palestinian government in El-Bireh/Ramallah (actually, the “Almoqata” is officially in El-Bireh) to commemorate the second anniversary of the death of the late Yaser Arafat.
As a Palestinian American with strong views and opinion of the late Arafat have to respect the love and feeling many Palestinians continue to hold for Arafat. I guess for so many of them, he is the one that made the Palestinian cause an international cause and here no one can deny that. However the disagreement and argument over Arafat is about the way he managed and ran the Palestine Liberation Organization and the way he ran “ the revolution” and the big mess he got the Palestinians in with his Oslo.
I do not want to discount the love for Palestine the late Arafat had and do not doubt his original commitments to the cause, however no one can deny that over time, Arafat became “egomaniac” convinced he is the “cause” and he is “Palestine” and as such he blurred the clear lines between himself as a person or as leader and that of the “cause” and this is was the down fall of Arafat. In his quest for power and authority he made sure that his personal interest in power and authority over money and political decisions supercede that of what is good for the “cause” and for the people. Arafat was simply a little man with small mind and small dreams like all other dictators who put there own personal and selfish interest ahead of the interest of his “cause” and his people. How could any one justify the fact that Arafat opened the check book of the PLO and Palestinian Authority and transferred tens of millions of dollars to the private accounts of his wife and wrote millions to his personal and loyal friends when their contribution to the people and the cause was at best totally absent. If Arafat was a leader of democracy or the head of a corporation he will be in jail for life. Instead thousands of people gather to honor his memory. That is why after 100 years we remain under Israeli Occupation.
Not only Arafat was morally, ethically and financially corrupt, he made a big mess of such a great cause and in the end gave up the rights of our people to a free state within Palestine in exchange for a job as a subcontractor to the Israeli Occupation. Oslo no matter how rosy certain people within the Palestinian Authority makes it to be and no matter the justification that Fatah and the PLO give to Oslo remains the biggest fraud ever committed by Arafat. One may forgive financial fraud, misuse and embezzlement of the people’s money; Oslo justifies bringing to trial Arafat and all those who negotiated Oslo. Arafat desperate after his big mistake of supporting criminal Saddam and desperate to stay as a key player in the Palestinian cause agreed to the terms and conditions of Oslo. The Israelis up to their ears with the mess of the First Intifada knew Arafat too well, and knew he will sell his own mother, let alone his people to stay in power and convinced him to conclude the deal in Oslo, a deal that made Arafat and his gangs billions of dollars while helping Israel manage the occupation of his people and destructions of their homes and properties. I am sure in due time, the Palestinian people will wake up one day to discover that Arafat was not only a hero, but a very big fraud. That Oslo has nothing to do with liberation from Israeli Occupation, but a way to ‘manage for a fee’, the Israeli Occupation by giving Fatah, the PLO and the Palestinian Authority a “business”. The Palestinian people will soon discover this fraud and will soon discover that Arafat was out for himself and was never the leader they think he was. Arafat embezzled the people’s money for his own personal use, but also hijacked, destroyed and mismanaged a great cause and it will take the people decades to undo the damage done by Arafat.

$42 million dollars will not change Fatah and will not make less of a corrupt incompetent racketteering organization

21 10 2006

While this US Administration continue to provide legal, political, financial and even criminal coverage of Israel’s crime within the Palestinian Occupied Territories, the US recently announce a $42 million fund to support Fatah re-organization plans making sure Fatah continue with its “agreed to” role as subcontractor for the Israeli Occupation.
It is so ironic that at a time when the US government and especially the White House and the State Department are silent on the humiliating treatment of its citizens within the Israeli Occupied Territories, as we have seen most recently with the denial of entry to Palestine of US citizens of Palestinian origins. Israel went even further by demanding that those US citizens of Arabic origin must leave the Occupied Territories. Sam Bahour is one case in point (visit the different website that covered his case in the US and international media) and the case of my sister Laila and her husband who planned to retire in El-Bireh but where denied residency. Of course if this treatment happened to any Jew, and especial to a US Jew by any country in the world all hell will break lose and congressmen and senators will be tripping over each other demanding freedom of residency and movement to members of the Jewish faith. Of course Arabs and Muslims are not entitled to this kind of coverage by US lawmakers and this administration.
While this administration is silent about all the crimes committed by Israel it is doing all it can to undermine the very democratic practices it advocate.
Every one, except the majority of the Palestinians do recognize that the Oslo Accord signed by the late Yasser Arafat and Ishak Rabin was nothing but a contractual agreement by an occupying power and representative of the occupied, where Israel as the occupying power cedes its role of managing the day to day affairs of the people under occupation to an organization such as the PLO and Fatah, with the US providing the political coverage to both Fatah and Arafat and the European Union providing the funding that keeps Fatah, the racketeering machine, well funded and in business. That is why we never hear any thing about ending the occupation, not from George Bush, not from Secretary Rice, not from Olmert, certainly not from any the Palestinian leaderships that is identified with Fatah. It seems that Fatah leadership have added the US State Department as client in addition to the European Union and Israel.
$42 million dollars will go a long way to fund and buy many of Fatah leadership who also made a financial killing since Oslo and who make sure that the Israeli Occupation continue as a steady source of income for Fatah and its leadership.
Since Oslo many of the Fatah leadership hardly ever talk about ending the Israeli Occupation and for the most part talk only of managing the occupation and talk about salaries for their army of thugs. These Palestinian officials talk nothing of the Israeli criminal occupation but talk of making life a “little easier” for those who have suffered some 39 years under the worst military occupation since Nazi Germany occupied most of Europe. No Fatah officials talk of the more than 750,000 Palestinians who were guest of Israeli jails, and no one talk of the hundreds of thousands who lost their properties. I am sure the US State Department in the next few months will go on a shopping spree buying the “conscious” and “themam” of many Palestinians in the US and around the world, making sure they complete the transaction begun with buying Fatah. I continue to say and repeat that Arafat and the PLO after the Palestinian exiles of 48 and the second exile of 67 and the military occupation are the worst thing that could ever happen to the Palestinian people. Oslo was nothing but a crime. Arafat, Fatah and the PLO should take the blame for failing to end the longest military occupation in modern history

Time for the UN to save Palestinians from themselves

21 10 2006

When it comes to Iraq, no Iraqis so far was and is able to describe the Iraqi situation and the failure of the Iraqi people to form and build a modern nation state than Foulath Hadid, the honory fellow at St. Anthony’s College, Oxford as he eloquently expressed his views in an article published in the International Herald Tribune (Friday, October 20, 2006).
Mr. Hadid quoting the late King Faisal I, shortly before his death describing the Iraqis as “ There is still— no Iraqi people but unimaginable masses of human beings, devoid of any patriotic ideas, imbued with religious traditions and absurdities, connected by no common tie, giving ear to devil, prone to anarchy, and perpetually ready to rise against any government what so ever” The late king Faisal was somewhat correct in the last instance. However the Iraqis did not rise in mass and throw out Saddam and his Ba’athist gang. Too bad the Sunni Muslims did not join the Shiites and Kurds when they revolted against Saddam.
It is very clear that not George Bush nor any one in his administration bothered to read the history of Iraq before they set of their reckless, ill advices, ill planned, and ill executed war on Iraq. It seems when it comes to history, members of this administration to do not bother to read, or are unable to read.
No one in their right mind, will disagree that Saddam Hussein is a killer, a murder, a war criminal who had to go, but many disagree with the lies of George Bush and with the way he ramp the war on Iraq, as a war on terror down the throat of congress and the public.
It is hard to believe how Bush allowed Paul Bremer to execute the plans for the post war Iraq without any due considerations to its history and its very complicated social, religious, tribal and ethnic structure.
More troublesome is the fact that Bush and Rumsfeld continue to believe in the same in what they are doing and thinking they are on the right course when the facts on the grounds tell them they better change plans and change tactics.
Bush afraid to admit he made a major blunder and made the biggest mistake of his presidency continues to make believe and continue to advocate, “staying the course”. What course are you talking about Mr. President? Your course is nothing but a disaster and all of the provado you can give and pretend will not change the facts on the grounds.
The Late president Lyndon Johnson lied to Congress when he claimed the North Vietnamese attacked US Navy ships in the Gulf of Tonking, thus escalating a conflict the murdered over 55,000 of our finest soldiers, crippled for life hundreds of thousands of GI’s and killed and murder over a million Vietnamese, he left in disgrace which he deserved.
Bush is doing the same like Johnson, lied about Weapons of Mass Destructions and continue to lie about the ties of Saddam to terror and of so far the number of murdered and killed Iraqis is approaching the 700,000. Do we expect that Bush will admit his lies and his failures before the death toll in Iraq reach a million, I doubt it?
The only beneficiaries of the Bush’s War on Terror are the so-called “security and terror experts” and those companies that sell to Department of Homeland Security. I do not believe the nation is safer or safer under Bush leadership.
It is time for Bush to admit to the people of the US that he lied, he made believe and he should apologies to the families of the more than 700,000 who died in Iraq so far. He should apologies to the nation and for taking the nation for a reckless, and joyless ride these past 5 years.

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