Tear down this wall

13 02 2013

I am sure Israel will not dare blind fold President Barack Obama as he crosses from Israel to the Israeli Occupied Territories to prevent him from seeing the barbered wires and the Apartheid Wall. The question is will President Barack Obama stop at “Qalandia Gate” step out of his car and dare to say to Bibi Netanyahu “Mr. Prime Minister Tear Down This Wall”. I don’t think so.

Perhaps the greatest moment of the late Ronald Reagan presidency was when he gave his famous speech at Brandenburg Gate on June 12, 1987 and challenged Mikhail Gorbachev to “ tear down this wall”. It was only few years later that the citizens of Germany, East and West tore down the Berlin Wall without having to wait for permission from Gorbachev.

Some years ago, when I was the general counsel for a large Middle East construction company I used to travel to West Berlin almost every couple weeks to our engineering office and on few occasions I had the chance to travel and cross over to East Berlin.

And what a contrast! On my first trip to East Berlin was on a Saturday late November, cold snowy day in Berlin. As the bus stopped at Check Point Charlie the East German police directed the bus to a stop and with mirrors they inspected the undercarriage of the bus and checked both passengers and luggage very thoroughly. Founding nothing, we proceeded to the East Berlin bus station and again, what a contrast? As if the cold wintery day was not enough, the sad miserable faces of East Berliners told the story. Perhaps the most memorable moment on my first visit was not the Soviet Memorial to the fallen Red Army soldiers but the old woman carrying two bags as she walked the long lonely road with light snow falling.

On many occasions I also had a chance to cross the Israeli Apartheid Wall, a wall build by Israel not for its security from “terrorists” but to steal and rob the Palestinians from their homes and land, to rob of them of the underground aquifers thus robbing Palestinians from precious water resources and of course more importantly as a way to redefine and redraw the “provisional” borders of the “provisional” state of Palestine.

The Israeli Apartheid Wall is a racist wall that defines the Zionist cultural and moral value system of Israel. It is build to inflict maximum damage on the Palestinians and their properties and land. It separates Palestinian villagers from their land, from their only source of living, it is intended to inflict maximum humiliations on Palestinians by having them wait for hours perhaps days to get permission to attend their fields, if not confiscated by Israel for “security reasons”.

Who would believe in today’s world there is such a thing as “Jewish Only Roads”? Where Palestinians are denied the rights to use or travel such roads even though these roads are built on land and properties stolen from Palestinians? Not even the Nazis in their heydays had roads and streets designated at “ Germany Only Roads” and where Jews were denied such access.

Not sure what President Obama’s reaction will be toward this Apartheid Wall, however this should send a message to the president that the “Only democracy” in the Middle East is all about. There is nothing democratic about it.

Zionist Israel is perpetuating what Anti-Semitic governments used to do when they forced “Jews” to live in Ghettos. Now Israel on its own is building Apartheid Wall all around its borders and not only with Palestinians and creating a state ghetto. However Apartheid Walls even Zionist will never stop the winds of freedoms and liberty when the times come. And the time will come when the people Israelis and Palestinians will tear down “This Wall” even if President Obama will not dares saying it.

Arab Democracy; Now or Never.

3 02 2013

It seems the tens of millions the United States injected in Egypt to promote democracy went down the drain, with most of the beneficiaries of such funding are now undermining the first free presidential election in over 7,000 years. Unless Arabs; left and right, Islamists and Secularists, nationalists and independents accept the principals of “democracy” of one person one vote, free and transparent elections, citizens not government funded parties, accountability and transparency, there is no hope for democracy in the Arab world.

If the world and the Arabs think the “Arabs” are ready for democracy they better have a second look and a second thought. What is happening in Egypt now is nothing short of deliberate undermining of the fledging and infant democracy in Egypt with the opposition (National Salvation Front) and the trio of (Hamdeen Sabahi, Amr Moussa, Mohamed ElBaradei) determined to drive President Morsi out of office and bring a quick end to democracy in Egypt.

Of course President Morsi and the Muslims Brothers also share the blame for the anarchy and the collapsing of the Egyptian state having failed to understand the priorities of the Egyptian people and the priorities of those who faced Mubarak’s bullets to bring down his dictatorship. The priorities are not of rebuilding state institutions but addressing the pressing needs of a failing economy, poverty, hungers, broken down if existing infrastructures, high unemployment, personal dignity, civil and human rights abuses standards at police stations, security agencies and the courts. A new constitution was the last thing on the mind of Egyptians and this is where Morsi lacking political acumen and smarts failed and failed miserably.

The opposition, “sore losers” taking advantage of Morsi failings, lack of political experience and shortcomings not only are determine to make his presidency short one, but are active in enticing and promoting violence and anarchy in the streets of Cairo and other cities to make up for what they lack in wide popular support. Together with Mubarak “fuloul” they are working hard to have a second revolution to replace and undermine the first revolution.

President Morsi and the Muslim Brothers ignoring the “pulse” of the Egyptian streets for jobs and dignity and recognizing the “State” institutions are for the most part untouched and unaffected by the “revolutions” wrongly were determined to remaking the “state institutions” in their own image, a task that will take decades and not months or years and once again, it was not the priorities of the revolution. The fear of the Brothers complete take over of “state institutions” even if not the objective is a serious threats that Egyptians are not willing to substitute one party state with another one even if this party is the Muslim Brothers.

However Egypt is not the first country to experience undermining of a fledgling democracy and free elections. The Palestinians leadership of the PLO and Fatah were the first ones to undermine and abrogate free elections, the first and perhaps the last free elections in the Arab world.

In 2006 the Palestinians under Israeli Occupation went to the poles in the first ever-free election held in the Arab world, an election that all international observers testified to its transparency. Hamas won that election defeating long time decadent and corrupt Fatah and the PLO.

The Palestinian established leadership of the PLO and Fatah did not accept the result of the elections and decided to conspire with Israel, Jordan, Egypt and the US to undermine such transparent election, actions that lead to the bloody routing of Fatah out of Gaza and the take over of Gaza by Hamas and a division that had dire consequences if not criminal consequences for the leadership starting with the Israeli siege of Gaza and subsequent Israeli attacks on Gaza and the murders of thousands of people and the repeated destruction of Gaza.

However Palestine and Egypt are but few examples of the failings of Arab democracy. In Iraq the American invasions and the end of Saddam dictatorship did not bring democracy to Iraq but brought anarchy and sectarianism. Many thanks goes to the American legal experts who helped draft the Iraqi constitution that, rather than bring about transparent and accountable democracy and government established and entrenched evil “ sectarianism” as we see today with Almalki’s government and the start of the disintegration of the Iraqi state as we know it thus achieving the objective of the American Zionist Neocons behind the war.

Tunisia and Libya are not doing any better. In Tunisia the post revolution government so far failed to address pressing issues that lead to the uprising with priorities to economic and regional development, employments and improvements of the daily lives of people. The “Salafis” who were not in the front lines of the revolutions are now bent on transforming the civil state to a “theocratic state” in their own image and the “secularists” thus far failing to have a vision of the new state one that can accommodate “Islamists” and “secularists” or make a dent in the failing Tunisian economy and regional development.

Libya continues to suffer from armed “anarchy” with national government under constant threats from armed militias that having fought Qadafi dictatorship are now pushing to establish their own anarchist’s dictatorship. Very few in Libya are willing to put aside their weapon and spend badly needed time and talents to rebuilding state institutions, a process that needs the good will and support of all Libyans.

The recent elections in Jordan were nothing but a rerun and repeat of past elections with no real and material changes that truly and practically addresses key failings of the state, specially corruption, failing and inefficient state institutions and keeping Jordan as an international welfare state.

Perhaps Hilary Clinton is right when she stated “lack of experience” of emerging political leaders as a shortcoming. However perhaps Lt. Col. James Lacey is more accurate in describing the status in the Arab world with his prediction of the collapse of “Arab Civilizations”. This prediction came in his published article “ The Impending Collapse of Arab Civilization” in the Naval Institute: Proceedings. Concluding that it is the Arabs that are failing not Islam as predicted by Bernard Lewis and Samuel P. Huntington.

It is so ironic that the Arab world with so much natural resources, many internationally renowned thinkers and intellectuals is unable to bring about a civil change in dictatorial governments rather than bloody revolutions and uprisings. It is also unable to bring about real and material reforms in existing governments that are badly in need of reforms before the streets goes bloody.

The Arab Spring was not about “Sharia” or “Secularism”

24 01 2013

Dr. Moncif Elmarzooki, President of Tunisia is correct when he stated in an interview in Asharq Al-Awsat (23/12/2013) and I rephrase, that the Arab Spring was not about Sharia or about ethnicity, sectarianism and nationalism, it has every thing to do with liberty, civil rights, freedoms, end of a police state and freedom from economic deprivations, corruption and dysfunctional state, decent life with full rights of citizenship.

This was the case in Tunisia, in Libya, in Egypt, in Yemen, certainly in Syria. US supported if not sponsored “secular” governments ruled with blood and iron, jailing and executing opposition, disfranchising large segment of the population in favor a ruling party and elite that looted the countries and rendered the nations of divided, those inside jails and those outside, those with a life style that many dreams of and a majority living in dire poverties.

In Tunisia as it was in Egypt, in Libya and in Yemen, it was not the “Islamists” who lead the revolution and took to the streets, forcing ruling dictatorship out of office. It was the young, mostly educated who lead the charge against oppressions and the state security forces and corrupt incompetent governments. Sharia, Isalmizations and “secularism” of the nations was not the driving force behind the success achieved by the people as they took to the streets breaking the wall of fear and defying bullets, and water cannons.

Over the last year or so I have been following, many writers and opinion makers and their analysis of the Arab Spring with views ranging from a “conspiracy by the US and the West against “nationalistic governments” as some claims the case in Syria and Libya, while others mostly “Islamists” claim the Arab Spring was all about “virtues and Islamic value systems” with many “liberals” in the West claiming it was an international conspiracy. With all due respect to all views, the Arab Spring was all about freedoms, civil liberties, dictatorship, failing government institutions, disfranchising majority of people. It was all about the rights of “citizenship” since people in most if not all the Arab world are referred to as “subjects” but never “citizens” with its wide ranging meaning.

Arab “nationalists and secularists” on the one hand are worried that the emerging powerful “Islamists” movements will change the nature of the state from a “nationalist and secular” to an “Islamistist and religious” and as part of the “Ummah”. This is at a time when these “Arab nationalists and secularists” disfranchised” important segments of the populations that are not “Arabs” such is the case in North Africa and in Iraq, failing to recognize the unique and enriching diversity of the “Arab” world with its Arabs, Berbers, Kurds not to mentions Christians, Jews, and others.

“Islamists” are moving now toward committing the same mistakes. By insisting on the “religious/Islamic” nature of the state they are disfranchising a substantial part of the nation who are Non-Muslims and “secularists” who do not adhere to the nature of an “Islamization” of the state or the institutionalization of the “Sharia” but believe in the “civil” nature of the state where citizens are equal in rights, opportunities and duties irrespective of ethnicity, faith, and gender, and as citizens of the state and not members of a “sectarian community” be it Muslim, Christians or Jewish. “Islamists” are unfortunately leading these states toward divisions and “sectarianism”.

Both sides, “Islamists” and “Secularists/Nationalists” are simply forgetting why the Arab Spring came about, freedom, civil liberties, economic reforms, educations, opportunities, and poverty. Most if not all of the people (Muslims. Christians and Jews) are true believers but they too want “Heaven” in the hereafter only, they want to live a decent life here on earth, a life of freedom from wants and poverty, a life free of fear from the knock on the door past midnight, they want respect of their rights as citizens in dealing with a chocking and frightening and discriminating “bureaucracy” that can be described as “hell on earth”, one oiled by bribery, corruption and ‘Mahsoobia”, dividing the people into those “with connections” and those “ without connections”. They want accountability and transparency from their governments and their elected officials. All of these rights have nothing to do with social virtues. It has every thing to do with “rights of citizenship”.

Religion, sectarianism, Sharia or secularism could not of itself solve or address the deep and entrenched problems of the “Arab” word from hunger, poverty, ignorance, lack of development, lack of science and technology, lack of education, lack of equal opportunities, dysfunctional bureaucracy that is main contributor to failing economies in almost all of the Arab world, certainly absence of accountability and transparency.

More than any thing else, the Arab world needs competent, honest, dedicated social, economic, educational, scientific, political leaders and competent corrupt free public servants that can bring the Arab world into the 21st century. All the money in the world will not and could not solve the problems plaguing the Arab world unless the people, the citizens take charge and do something about their own fate and future. They too have a duty and obligation to be part of the solution. They must not trust their future to “Islamists” as they trusted their fate to “secularists” but make sure the state is a “civil state” with rights of citizens to their faiths, independent of state or governing institutions.

Ps. The absence of “codifications” of Sharia allows countries, certainly groups to define it and exercise it according to its own ideology or interests.

Israel Does Matter

15 01 2013

As Chuck Hagel stands to face his prosecutors in the American Knesset he has to face serious charges perhaps rising to the level of treason. Among the charges Chuck Hagel is facing (1) he is a US Senator not an Israeli Senator, (2) He distance himself from the Jewish Lobby (3) Does not sign letters presented by AIPAC, (4) Antagonistic against Israel. (5) He is non –interventionist and does not support “promiscuous war” especially Israel sponsored wars, and (6) he labeled AIPAC as a Jewish Lobby not an Israeli Lobby.

As Americans will see from the process of confirmation, and all the discussions leading to the confirmation, hardly any talks of Chuck Hagel and his service to America and his leadership as combatant in Vietnam and who always put America First, it is all about Israel and it is not about America.

Almost all the entire case against Chuck Hagel has everything to do with Israel and has nothing with America or the American people or his qualifications as defense secretary and his survive as a combat soldier or as US senator.

Neocons and Jewish Zionists are leading the pack, those who took America to a wild chase of WMD and got us in a quagmires in both Iraq and Afghanistan, wars that will never end and have costs America thousands of dead and tens of thousands of wounded and more than a trillion dollars. Dollars that could have renewed the already deterioted and falling apart infrastructures building the best primary, secondary and high schools in America, rebuild all the bridges, clinic and hospitals and introducing a network of super fast trains all across America. Perhaps build clinics and schools in districts of Likud members of the American Knesset, investing in America and its citizens and not wasting money on stupid wars.

Many Likud members of the American Knesset have already voiced their opposition against Chuck Hagel nomination leading this pack of rabid wolves is Lindsey Graham (L-South Carolina). Others Likudist’s have also expressed opposition to the nomination’s the likes of John Cornyne (L-Texas), Maroc Rubio (L-Florida), Bob Corker L-Tennessee and Mitch McConnell (L-Kentucky) and the majority of Likudist’s on the Senate House Service Committee expressed apposition to the nomination.

Jumping on the bandwagon, as friends of the court is a list of whose whom in the neocons industry, the likes of Bill Kristol, Elliot Abrams, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Michael Goldfarb, and Kenneth Adelman among others.

Also jumping on the bandwagon is the Emergency Committee for Israel buying televisions advertisements apposing the nominations. Others like CNN giving much time to his distracters, with the Washington Post, coming out against the nomination as “not the right choice”. One has to ask the Washington Post what is the “right choice” and based on what? Blind unconditional support of Israel and surrender to AIPAC.

It is a well known fact in Washington and across the great land of the USA that any one, local and national politicians who stands for America First and not an Israeli Firster will be politically assassinated ending careers of many who served this great country, the likes of late Senator Charles Percy, Congressman Paul Findley and recently snuffing the career of a great servant of the republic and the people, Chass Freeman.

Perhaps this nomination is wakes up call for all Americans to demand that ALL senators and congressmen pledge the allegiance to the United States and not Israel, perhaps it is time to retire all Likud members of both Senate and House and have the house of the people once again, the American Congress.
Let us wait and see which counts Israel or America?

As Syia Bleeds, the World Looks on.

6 01 2013

I simply do not buy the excuses by America and the West let lone some Middle East countries for non –intervention in Syria. The only and main reason the US and European are reluctant to give the logistical support to the Syrian rebels is the safety of Israel.

America and the West are willing to see Syria totally destroyed, to see not 60,000 but 100,000 dead as long as there is not one single anti-aircraft missile in the hands of Syrian rebels that may one day be used to shoot down an Israeli jet as it flies over Damascus or Aleppo. That is the only reason and excuse for not arming the rebels. Arab and Muslims fighters should also stay out of Syria; this is the Syrian fight, not the misfits from all over the Arab world.

A much-weakened Syria is the best thing that can happen to neighboring Israel. A much destroyed country is a bonanza for Israel, a much divided Syria is a gift from heaven to Israel and ripe to conclude peace with Israel.

By not arming the Syrian rebels America, Europe and certain Arab countries are giving indirect support to Bashar’s criminal regime. Time to arm the Syrian rebels and let them finish this fight they did not start and did not chose and let them bring this bloody “spring” to an end.

No one including I are calling for the Americans or the French or the British to come to Syria and fight. Just give the poor Syrian bastards the right weapons to make the sky free of Bashar menacing air force and the anti-tank missiles to fry his soldiers. Should the West done so months back there will no 60,000 dead and the country will not be in ruins.

The Assad dynasty, criminal dictatorship and thieves never had the courage to stand up to Israel, even when Israel was kicking the hell out of the Syrian army in Lebanon. The Assad family and the Ba’athist regime were and are the best thing that happened to Israel and its northern borders. Not a single shot was fired since 73 and the Golan Height is booming with Israeli settlements, farms and ski resorts.

When governments send its army and air force to bomb towns and cities it is everybody’s business. When governments engage in daily massacres of own citizens it is everybody’s business.

When the Shah of Iran was killing his own people it was everybody’s business. When Hitler massacred the Jews in the concentration camps it is everybody’s business,

When Pol Pot and his regime killed over two million Cambodian it is everyone’s business. When Milosevic unleashed his Serbian thugs to massacre hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Bosnia it was and remains everyone’s business.

When the local police and sheriff unleashed their attack dogs and water canons on peaceful Black demonstrators in the South it was and is everyone’s business.

Even occupying courtiers like Israel or Japan or Germany when they deliberant targeted civilians under their occupation its everyone’s business. Too bad it was no ones business when Saddam gassed the Kurds in Halabja and the Reagan administration send non other than Donald Rumbsfeld bearing gifts to Saddam only few days after massacring tens of thousands of Kurds. And it was no ones business when Saddam unleashed his attack helicopters on the rebelling South killing tens of thousands only few days after the allies concluded a truce in Safwan.

The Syrian people are like all other people in the world entitled to freedom and liberty and have every right to take up arms against a totalitarian regime that oppressed them for generations, robs them of their wealth and dignity, jailing hundreds of thousands with thousands simply disappearing forever. All of this was done in the name of “Arabism” and “Arab nationalism” and “fighting and resisting Zionism” as Sheik Hassan Nasrallah and “Arab” nationalist tell us. They said the same thing about Saddam when he ruined Iraq as a favor to the Americans in his war against Iran.

There is simply no excuse by the Arabs, by Muslims, certainly by the Americans or the Europeans to allow this war against the Syrian people to go much longer.

Arabs “nationalists” were too angry protested loudly when Israel attacked Gaza and killed couple of hundreds yet they are silent as one of their own managed to kill over 60,000 and every day a hundred and two hundred are added to the list.

I do not blame the US or the West for their cowardly position on what is going on in Syrian, however I take a strong view about the position of Iran from all of this.

Iran of all countries, a country that rose against the Shah and his regime that called on all oppressed people to stand up for their rights and freedom is so silent. I guess to every rule there is an exception and as Israel is an American exception so is Syria an Iranian exception.

I very much doubt that the Syrian people subjected to decades of “secular “ ruthless dictatorship are ready to replace it with a “religious Talmudic” ruthless dictatorship of ‘fatwa’s” and Islamic caliphates. Otherwise all the lives and destruction are in vain.

The Ugly Face of Religion

29 12 2012

In the US there is powerful well-funded circles of influential people and organizations with a mission to defame, demean and dehumanize Muslims and Islam. Though Islam has it own shares of “ugly faces” there are ugly faces of religion in all Abrahamic religions even in Buddhism and Hinduism. No religion is free of “ugly faces” and hates speech.

From denying the rights to a Christmas tree in Upper Nazareth by its Jewish mayor, to the withdrawal of “kashrut certificates” from businesses with Christmas trees by the chief municipal rabbi.
To the fatwa issued by Sheik Yahya Safi, the Imam of a mosque in Australia forbidding Muslims to extend Christmas greetings to fellow Christians, to Buddhists Monks calling for murder and ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Myanmar to Pamela Geller and her offensive and racists subway ads. There is always the Ugly Face of Religion.

When I set out to write this article I spent couple of days doing research on how individuals claiming “faith” and how some religious leaders are the one who invoke and promote hate and incite violence and murder in the name of religion and faith.

Pamela Geller is not the only person of the “Jewish” faith to spread hateful and venomous language meant to demean Muslims. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the head of the Shas’s Council of Torah Sage and the most senior Sephardic Rabbi is quoted

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world-only to serve the people of Israel”.

In Rwanda, where an estimated one million died, Christian churches and taking part in the genocide with priests inciting violence and murder.

In Bosnia, leading priests find excuses and justified support for the many massacres that took place in the civil war where an estimated 400,000 people died as part of systematic ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims.

Here in the United States and since September 11th, not only average citizens became part of the Islamphobia that is taking hold in the US with the US military becoming part of this trend.

US military officers are told,” Islam must changer or we will facilitate its self-destruction”. Lt. Col. Mathew A. Dooley, an instructor at the Joint Forces Staff College presented a series of training material that if not racists and bigoted it promoted and encouraged Islamophobia within the military, claiming

” A staggering 140 million people… hate every thing you stand for and will never co-exist with you, unless you submit”.

In France, it is not only Jean Marie Le pen and family that are leading the crusade against Islam and Muslims in France, but the French branch of the Jewish Defense League or Katch, recruiting former French soldiers to go to Israel to provide protection for Jewish settlements.

In Israel, the IDF in 2011 opened its first combat unit for ultra-Orthodox recruits with the first group of Haredim to serve in an artillery unit according to Brig. Gen. David Suisssa IDF chief artillery officer. One has to imagine what would be the reaction of President Obama and Congress if the Egyptian or any Arab or Muslim army establishes ”salafi” battalions.

Well known Christian Evangelists like the Rev. Pat Robertson, the late Rev. Jerry Faldwell and non other than John Hagee all have made inflammatory and racists statements about Muslims and the Prophet Mohamed
“ This is worse than the Nazis,” and “ Adolf Hitler was bad, but what the Muslims want to do to the Jews is worse”

With the late Jerry Faldwell calling the Prophet Mohammed a “terrorist” with the preacher Billy Graham following suite. Keep in mind that all of these men of religion and faith are beneficiaries of a tax system that not only exempt them from taxes but allow then to collect billions of dollars of tax free money as if the US government is part of this hate speech and demonization.

However it is in Israel where real hate and racism flourish and runs deep within the religious establishment and institutions.

“All of the Palestinians must be killed; men, women, infants, and even their beasts.”

This is the religious edict issued by Rabbi Israel Rosen, director of the Tsomet Institute, were many soldiers from within Israel and the Jewish settlements attend.

Rabbi Rosen no doubt a frequent traveler to the US compared the Palestinians to the ancient Amalekites and quoting the Torah

“ Annihilate the Amalekites from the beginning to the end. Kill them and wrest them from their possessions. Show them no mercy. Kill continuously, one after the other. Leave no child, plant or tree. Kill their beasts, from camels to donkeys”.

Islam is not too innocent either from similar opinions as those of Jewish rabbis and Christian Evangelists, with a number of them issuing” fatwa’s” that justify the killings and murder of “infidels’ or non-believers and are seen by Muslims and non-Muslims behind many of the terrorists attacks that took place in New York, Paris, London, Madrid, Bali and Casablanca.

The Islamic “Madrasa” in Pakistan, in Afghanistan became the recruiting grounds for the Taliban’s. In Lebanon, more in Iraq, many of the Muslim clergy are behind many of the sectarian violence with Shiites murdering Sunnis and Sunnis murdering Shiites.

There are many ugly faces of religion, claimed religious leaders as Abu-Qutada and Hamza Almasri and Sheik Omar Abdul-Rahman, Mullah Omar, and with a dangerous trend of many “salafis” joining the bandwagon with message of intolerance, hate not only toward Christians and Jews but toward Muslims as wells.

We all need to keep in mind that the ugly face of hate and racism and murder is not only religious. Begin and Shamir and Sharon were non-religious Jews. Hitler was an atheist. Stalin was a Communist and so were Pol Pot and Mao Tse-Tung. George Bush and Harry Truman were Christians. The late Emperor of Japan (WWII) was a Shinto, Saddam, Bashar, Qaddafi and Al-Bashir were and are Muslim.

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