Terrorism Without Borders

7 02 2015

Sami Jamil Jadallah

In preparing this article I struggled to find a defined definition of “terrorism” whether in international law or in transnational law. All international experts including those of the UN all failed to agree on a definition of “terrorism”, most agree that the definition is subjective at best, depending on which side of the “conflict” one is on.

The word “terrorism “ has its origin in Latin “ terrorisme” or great fear. Maximilien Robespierre, a leader in the French Revolution proclaimed in 1794 “terror is nothing other than justice, prompt, sever, inflexible”.

However Title 22, Chapter 38 of the United States Code contains a definition of terrorism in its requirement that the Secretary of State to Congress submit annual country reports on terrorism every year. It reads

“The term “terrorism” means premeditated, politically motivated perpetrated against noncombatant targets by sub-national groups or clandestine agents”.

However, please allow me to add my attempt at defining terrorism As “premeditated, politically, religiously, ethnically, and racially motivated acts of violence against civilians and noncombatant targets by states, national governments, and or sub-national groups or clandestine agents to include murder, targeted assassinations, kidnapping, coercion, unlawful imprisonment, destruction of private or public properties and causing utter fear and acts of violence as means of accomplishing private or national goals.

Of course the world focus these days on Muslims and Islam as the source of “international terrorism” prompting the likes of the Robert Murdock, the Israeli/American/British/Australian head of News Corps and Fox News to tweet

“ May be most Moslems peaceful, until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible” Robert Murdock 2:07 am 10 January 2015

Mr. Murdock gave his edict/fatwa the all Muslims are responsible for the jihadits among them. However Mr. Murdock failed to say at the same breath or tweet that all Christians and Jews should also be held responsible for the acts of “terrorism” committed by states like Israel, the US, France, England among others.

Contrary to the American Zionist Jewish Islamophobia promoters and inciters of violence against Moslems and Islam, modern day terrorism in the Middle East did not start with Muslims or Arabs certainly it will not end up or come to end by Muslims or Arabs.

If we are to look at modern day terrorism in the Middle East we have to look at the very beginning, the years leading to the creation of the State of Israel in 1948.

The new European Zionist colonial settlers, in order to achieve the ethnic transfer and cleansing of Palestinians from Mandated Palestine undertook massive and systematic war of terror mainly against Arab populations, certainly against British Mandate soldiers.

Between 1936-1939 the Jewish terrorist group Irgun, Haganah among others, carried more than 60 terrorists attacks mainly against Arab civilians targeting public markets. There are some of the terrorists attacks committed by Mr. Robert Murdock own people.

July 22, 1938 attack on market place in Haifa killing 43. July 25, 1938 Jewish terrorists attacked another market place in Jaffa killing 24. On February 27th, 1939 Jewish terrorists carried out multiple attacks on Arab markets killing 33. June 19, 1939 saw the cold-blooded murder of 20 when Jewish terrorists loaded a donkey full of explosive and detonated the explosives killing 20 and the donkey at market place in Haifa.

On December 12, 1947 Jewish terrorists group killed 20 with a barrel bomb at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, again killing other 20 on January 7, 1947 in bomb at Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem. On February 18th, 1948 a bomb went off in a crowed market in Ramla killing 123 and injuring 43. Of course no one should ever forget the massacre of 107-120 Arabs killed by the Irgun and Lehi terrorists gangs at Deir Yassin between April 9-11 of 1948 not to forget the bombing of King David Hotel on July22, 1946 killing 91 and injuring 46.

Mr. Murdock should be reminded that Israel never stopped its terrorism and continued till today. I am sure he does not expect me or any one else to blame the Jews for the terrorists acts of Israel, specially after the attacks on Gaza where more than 5,000 killed and 15,000 injured in two wars destroying one third of Gaza.

We should not go too far. According to the logic of Mr. Murdock, WWII showed the massive cruelty of “Christendom” when America and its allies carried out massive raids on German cities. One need to remember the bombing of Dresden 13-15 February 1945 when 722 heavy bombers of the RAF and 527 bombers of the US Army Air force dropped 3,900 tons of high explosive bombs and incendiary devices over the city killing and burning alive between 22,700 to 25,000 Germans. Tens of millions died in WWII the majority were non-combatants.

Of course we need to shift to the East where two nuclear bombs one uranium (Little Boy) and one plutonium (Fat Man) were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan in August 6, and 9th 1945 killing and burning alive 90,000-166,000 in Hiroshima and 39,000-80,000 in Nagasaki immediately and within the next few months.

The Japanese “Shinto” were also heavily engaged in state terrorism killing and murdering tens of millions in Korea, in Manchuria, in China, in the Philippine and in the Pacific Islands.

Vietnam was no different. The US with orders from the Noble Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger ordered the carpet-bombing of Cambodia and Laos in the spring of 1969 killing tens of thousands. Between 1969-1975 an estimated 600,000 Khamer died as a result of the American “Incursion”. Of course Pol Pot (Buddhists) not to be outdone by the Americans killed and murdered over 2 millions in the killing fields of Cambodia bringing Buddhists to the ranks of “terrorists”.

Napalm and Agent Orange, where extensively used by the American Occupational Forces in Vietnam and also by the South Vietnamese army where thousands were burned to death and where tens of thousands (Americans and Vietnamese) died and suffered incurable cancer because of the extensive use of Agent Orange. Of course more than three million Vietnamese died and injured as a result of the US Occupation.

Of course I did not mean to forget America’s war on Latin and Central America where our “agents and partners” in the military killed and murdered over 350,000 during the “civil wars” that took place in the 70’s and 80s.

It seems “Christendom” does not farewell at all. Not in WWII or in WWI. Both Germany and the Allies made extensive use of chemical weapons including tear gas, mustard gas, phosgene and chlorine with Germany “firing 18,000 artillery shells containing liquid xylylbromide” at Russian positions near Rawka River during WWI.

France and Spain, and Italy did not fare well on the “terrorism score board”. Here I am not talking about the tens of millions killed as a result of colonialism and occupations of Latin America and Black Africa.

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I am limiting my talk here only about North Africa where over one million Algerian died as a result of mass execution and massacres and of course full fledged wars on the indigenous population of Algeria by the French colonial army and settlers.

Morocco did not fare any better with Spain dropping chemical weapons on the Rif (North Morocco) to quell insurrections against the Spanish Occupation. Taking beheading to a higher level, France issued it postage stamp of 12 beheaded Moroccans around the City of Mekkness in 1922.

Well, Muslims also scored well on the “terrorism score board”. In Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in Yemen, in Syria, in Palestine, in Libya among others where close to a million died in civil wars and sectarian violence.

Here we must give honorable mention to one and only one Mr. Saddam Hussein; America’s boy trained as a thug, died as a criminal at the same hands that brought him to power, the good old USA.

Mr. Saddam no doubt an “Arab nationalist” certainly not an “Islamists” who on the command of the Reagan White House decided to defends the honor of the “Arabs” by waging his war against the newly established Islamic Republic of Iran.

The US, Britain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Egypt, India, Luxembourg, Spain, China even Singapore all contributed to Saddam’s chemical war fare contributing material and know how.

Between 1983-1988 and during the Iran- Iraq war Saddam dropped 19,500 chemical bombs, 54,000 chemical artillery shells, 27,000 short range chemical rockets killing tens of thousands of Iranian soldiers in place like Faw, Panjwin, Hawizah Marsh, Um ar-Rasas, al-Basrah, Sumar and Mehan among others.

Well, America’s boy and darling felt immune from prosecution, decided to do the same with the Kurds, sending his MIG and Mirage fighters dropping chemical weapons on Kurdish Halabja on March 16, 1988 killing between 3,200- 5,000 and injuring 7,000-10,000.

Of course no one raised a finger or a voice, not Arab nationalists, not Muslim fundamentalists certainly not the Judeo-Christians Neocons.

It seems that “terrorism” is also a corner stone of Arab nationalists “secular” regimes with the Ba’athist Party taking the lead. Not only did it bring Iraq to its knees, but also it brought total destruction to Syria. In the last 3 years, over 300,000 Syrians died as a result of Bashar Liberation Army, using barrel bombs as standard menu of his “war on terror” killing his own people and destroying almost all Syrian cities. Barrel bombs were not the only items on the menu, chemical weapons were used extensively. The Syrian Opposition does not fare well on the “terrorism scale”. It too has its shares of committing acts of terror.

Oh we could not conclude without giving honorable mention to the Palestinians, mainly Hamas and Islamic Jihad. These two organizations also engaged in active acts of “terrorism” carrying out extensive suicide bombings of restaurants, shops and buses, of course against Jewish targets.

Between 1992-2002 Palestinian organizations mainly Hamas and Islamic Jihad, carried out a total of 107 separate suicide attacks killing over 500 Israelis.

Among the most infamous is the attack on the restaurant in Natanya that killed 30 on March 27, 2002. Also the attack on Rishon LeZion on May 7, 2002 that killed 15. Also the suicide bombing of the Hadera bus on April 13, 1994 that killed 5, and the suicide bombing of the Matzo restaurant on March 31, 2002 that killed 16.

Always leaving the best to the last. Iraq. No where has “terrorism’ made a name for itself than Iraq. Not only during the infamous reign of Saddam but during and after the criminal invasion and Occupation of Iraq by the Judeo-Christian-Zionist Neocons of the United States.

Of course there were NO nuclear materials in Iraq, but baby Bush, promoted by his circle of criminal blood thirsty Neocons decided to finish Iraq. Destroy whatever is left of Iraq after its war with Iran, after its invasion of Kuwait, and after 8 years of killing sanctions. Destruction of Iraq was Bush/Cheney gift to Israel and the emerging “Islamists/Ba’athists” terrorists.

With intent to destroy Iraq, the Bush administration could not chose a more incompetent, more inept, more reckless if not stupid other than Ambassador Paul Bremer to really fuck things up in Iraq. Paul Bremer as head of “provisional authority” in one year May 12, 2003-June 28, 2004 destroyed and ruined Iraq something that Saddam failed to do in 28 years of dictatorship.

With no historical, cultural or anthropological background or knowledge about Iraq, its mosaic of ancient culture and history and ethnic and religious diversity, Paul Bremer decide on ill advice and without even bothering to listen to some few “wise” aids decided to disband the army, the only “ power” that kept Iraq intact after all these years of Saddam iron hand rule. He also decided to disband the Ba’athist” Party criminal as it is, nevertheless it kept the bureaucracy of the state going and functioning.

Of course both Paul Bremer and the subsequent American administrator all failed to understand the complexity of the Iraqi society, the simmering feud between Sunnis and Shiites fueled by Saddam frequent attacks and killings of Shiites who always accused as agents of Iran. Of course no one can exonerate Iran ambition of ruling Iraq through proxy.

To bad for Iraq, too bad for both Sunnis and Shiites, Paul Bremer and subsequent American military and policy administrators did not benefit from any help especially from those Iraqis who came to “liberate” Iraq riding on top of American tanks.

With few exceptions, all were “sectarian” out to destroy Iraq from within, harvesting the seed of division planted by Saddam. The likes of Ahmed Chalabi, Eyad Alawi, Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, Ibrahim al-Jaafari all should have taken charge and formed the kind of critical leadership Iraq needed at the time after all these years of devastating wars and dictatorship. Iraq and its people were badly in need of a leadership that can heal the wounds, reconcile years of divisions, political and social abuse, economic disfranchising of certain segment of society mainly Shiite and reuniting the country including Kurdistan. All Iraqi leaders post the American Occupation failed the test of leadership.

Nouri al- Malaki was worst of all. A die-hard “sectarian” he came to power with vengeance and meanness unmatched in modern history. During his 8 years tenure as Prime Minister Iraq was truly a failed country, a country divided along sectarian and ethnic lines. A country witnessing daily suicide bombings that spared no one, rich and poor, women and children, schools, hospitals, markets, restaurants, gas stations.

During his tenure sectarian violence took on a more sinister and danger level, all over Iraq, with both Sunnis and Shiites killing each other with impunity. It was Nouri al-Maliki that should take the blame and should be held responsible for the rise of the Daesh (ISIL) it was his policies and his disfranchisement of Sunnis and his failure to rebuild state institutions that gave Daesh reasons to exist. No one should ever forgive him for all the damage he did.

One could never understand the cruelty of those who killed and murder the Moaz al- Kasasbeh by “immolation”, an ancient practice where 50,000 people were executed as “witches” in Europe in the 15 and 18 centuries.

Here in the US, lynching, the practice of killing and hanging of Blacks was common practice in the South, where according to Tuskegee Institute recorded 3,446 cases of Blacks lunched with 1,297 Whites during the same period of late 18th century to 1960.

America does not do lynching any more; it sends its drones all over the world killing both “terrorists” and civilians alike. Since 2004 over 2,851 persons were killed in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia among others. Welcome to the world of “Terrorism Without Borders”.

Saudi-Iranian Detente

27 01 2015

By: Sami Jamil Jadallah

Americans — with divided loyalties between America and Israel, and with national priorities taking a back seat to narrow political ideologies — is not in a position to solve the Middle East problems by choice and by design. In fact, America is the driving force in the continued conflicts, especially the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The Israeli occupation of Palestine is an internal American domestic issue, rather than an international one, and is driven by Congress and AIPAC.

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani

It is time for the Arab and Muslim worlds to wake up and face the ugly truth that America is the source, rather than the answer to, most of their ills, divisions, political and sectarian wars, conflicts, fleecing of their national wealth, corruptions and dictatorship. Sadly, America is the source and driving force in the continued Arab-Israeli conflict and instability in the Middle East.

The answers to the conflicts that have afflicted and continue to afflict people and nations in both the Arab and Muslim worlds in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Bahrain, do not lie in Washington, but in Riyadh and Tehran. Two regional powers (political and religious) neighbors that need to come to term with their own duties and obligations toward the people in the region and exercise their power and wisdom in the service of peace and stability. It is time for the leadership of these two key nations to sit down and work hand-in-hand solving one conflict after another. If there is a will, there is a way.

The ascension to the throne by King Salman, with his bold steps of appointing the second generation of Al-Saud to key positions in government is a first step that should lead to even bolder steps on the international level. A Saudi-Iranian détente is a good first step toward resolving many of the disputes that are consuming people and destroying wealth and nations in the Middle East. With many of their regional conflicts solved, Saudi and Iranian leadership could give their attentions to solving their own chronic problems of high unemployment and other social issues.

Like they stay, it takes two to tango, so Iranian and Saudi Arabia leadership, King Salman and President Rouhani, for the sake of hundreds of millions whose future is at stake, must exercise the needed leadership.

For the sake of millions in exile and in refugee camps; for the sake the thousands dying every day; for the sake of cities being destroyed beyond recognition; for the sake of the dead, the dying and the hardly living; the leadership of these two key nations, must take the initiative for “rapprochement”, leaving behind sectarian and geopolitical interests and begin to work on a grander scale for the common good.

Such détente will not be easy, given the power and influence of both Saudi and Iranian religious “establishments” — that for the sake of “Umma” must step aside and allow the political leadership to commit themselves — and work together hand in hand and within 6 months to solve regional conflicts in Syria, in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Yemen and Bahrain. They can do it, and there are no other choices but to do it.

Washington, Moscow, Peking, Paris and Berlin are not the answer… Tehran and Riyadh are the place to start solving these regional conflicts. Tehran and Riyadh should be the “Axis of Good”.

While the Iranian nuclear program is a source of fear and apprehension in all Arab Gulf countries, the onus is on the Islamic Republic of Iran to set these fears aside as a first step toward this much-awaited détente. Iran should initiate its own “nuclear discussions” with its neighbors in the region, no different from its own discussions with the Group of 5+1.

With good will from both sides, Saudi Arabia and Iran can work and should work together and defuse the political and sectarian conflicts that so far have costs hundreds of thousands of lives, cost hundred of billions, and rendered nations like Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya failed nations. Without a concerted effort for peace, there are no assurances these regional conflicts will not spill over to both Iran and Saudi Arabia, endangering these nations as well.

Whether we like to admit it or not, there is a cold war between Iran and Saudi Arabia that is translating to hot wars in Iraq, in Syria, in Lebanon certainly in Yemen.

Time to give peace and prosperity a chance. The time is now — not tomorrow — for a Saudi-Iranian détente. Once this détente is in place, other regional powers such as Turkey, Egypt and UAE can be invited to solidify the process of working for the future, initiating an Islamic Renaissance. There is no reason not to make these overtures!

Syria, in support of the revolution.

10 06 2012

By: Sami Jamil Jadallah


The United States never was on the side of the people of the Middle East and is the only party standing between the Palestinians and their freedom and liberation and always stood the side of criminal dictatorship as they imprisoned, tortured, suppressed freedom and democracy and looted the country. Read the rest of this entry »

The Inevitable Price of Dictatorship.

2 06 2012

By: Sami Jamil Jadallah

With the on going killing fields of Bashar Assad’s Syria, by now Washington, Tel-Aviv, Moscow, Berlin, Paris and London should know the “inevitable” price of dictatorship. In the same way Damascus, Baghdad, Algeria, Tripoli, Sana’a, Mogadishu, Khartoum, Tehran, Cairo and Tunis know the price of dictatorship. There is always a heavy price paid by the people and nation, later than sooner. Read the rest of this entry »

Bernard-Henry Levy; the Ugly Jew.

28 05 2012

There are hundreds if not thousands of “Jews” who enriched our lives and that of humanity with their talented contributions to the arts, to the literature, to music, to cinema, to science, to medicine, to physics, to sociology and psychology, to freedoms, to civil rights and liberties and law, Bernard-Henry Levy is not one of them. he is full of it. Read the rest of this entry »

Jefferson Corner; America’s Speakers Corner.

17 03 2012

When drafting the First Amendment rights, the Founding Father’s did not imagine that one day America will have a Fox News, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald or ADL and AIPAC. The Fourth Branch of Government, unelected and accountable to no one. It is not the government that stifles free speech and debate but major corporate media and powerful ethnic lobbies.

Hence the needs for a Jefferson Corner, a Free Speech Corner in every town and on every campus, where citizens have open forums to gather, speak, and listen without government permissions or corporate media censorship.

The Constitution and First Amendment do not guarantee citizens the right of access or open forums to speak out on radio, appear on TV, publish in Op-Ed page, or even speak on college campuses. That is why corporate media and for the last decades shaped and limited public discourse and all of that was not in the good of America. Editors and publishers have an absolute rights, stifle, censor free speech, and decides what issues of importance. The war on Iraq was more than enough.

Not only powerful corporate media decides the debate, but even ethnic organizations such as the ADL, Campus Watch, AIPAC exercise a powerful role is stifling public debate and free speech and the exercise of First Amendments rights.

Thanks God/Allah for the Internet all that changed, well almost. Now someone like me have the opportunity to write, publish and speak out. However important these opportunities are, the Fourth Estate continue to exercises an undue if not harmful influence over public debate and public policies. As the experience of the Occupy Movement shows, government continues to stifle free speech through permits covering demonstrations, and public assemblies. It is time for us citizens to have designated public squares, public parks and college campuses to exercise our First Amendment rights.

On my first visit to London in 79, I made sure to attend and visit Hyde Park’s Speaker Corner where scores of speakers mount a soap box and speak on a variety of topics, some makes sense, others make fools of themselves but they all have an absolute right to speak and for audiences to gather, cheers even jeers without a license or permission from governmental authority, or approval from powerful organizations.

That experience which I make sure to repeat every time I am in London, prompted me to incorporate Jefferson Corner, Inc, as a not for profit organization with the idea of promoting a Jefferson Corner on every campus, in public parks, in every town and every city. The Internet while it pause a challenge to established corporate media, is no substitute for the need to engage audiences in public squares.

The Occupy Movement shows the absolute need for colleges and towns to designate certain parks and corners as “Jefferson Corner “ where citizen speakers can mount that soap box and speak up on any subject they chose, and for guests to go directly to a Jefferson Corner and speak to college audiences without having to fear Campus Watch and ADL flex its muscles and “disinvite” speakers deemed anti-Israelis, anti-Semitic and anti-Zionists.

I remember the thousands of times I wrote to editors at New York Times and Washington Post (kept copies all these years) There was one exception (Post) did my letter pass the censorship of the editors. Perhaps my name was enough for my letters to hit the wastebasket.

What is needed now is for college students to petition and demand from college administrations the permanent designation of a central location or park where students and guests can speak up on any subject they chose. No interference from college administration or the exercise of “disinvite” from ADL, Campus Watch or AIPAC. Same for citizens to petition and demand city councils to designate one or more parks depending on the size of city as Jefferson Corners.

It is one of the many ways we need to counter the power and authority the media, the Fourth Brach exercise over the affairs of the nations and energize citizens to public debates and exercise of free speech.

We must not forget the role of the media, Fox News, CNN, the Post and the Times and the role they played on hyping the country to war against Iraq and the same we see today, where the media is doing the same advancing Israel’s position and advocacy of war against Iran.

It is this Fourth Branch of government, owned by big money, driven by ideologies that are not necessarily American oriented that formulate and influence American voters and decision makers on issues that matters, more wars and little peace, issues of public interests as social services, medical and health coverage, employment issues and economic policies. It is this Fourth Branch that shaped the misfortunes of our nation, held hostage by powerful media.

No one voted for Robert Murdoch and Fox News, and no one voted for Wolf Blitzer and CNN or Rush Limpough and Clear Channel, yet these people are more powerful than any US senators, even a president when it comes to shaping public policies and debates.

While we as citizens and government could not bring the Fourth Branch to public accountability, we can challenge institutional and group censorship by designating certain public squares as Jefferson Corners, making a visit and participation in this public forum a cultural tradition where exercising our First Amendment becomes citizens affairs.

Just imagine a Jefferson Corner in McPherson Square in Washington DC, Central Park in NYC, even Lincoln or Hyde Park in Chicago. Time to bring free speech to the streets, parks of every city and on every campus.

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