Bibi made the case for Israel; Abbas failed to make the case for Palestine.

1 09 2010

For years marauding criminal and armed Jewish settlers have been terrorizing Palestinians villagers in and around Hebron, Jenin, Nablus, Ramallah, Tulkarem, Qalqillia among other places. These criminal gangs have engaged in cold blooded murder on almost daily basis, attacking and burning olive orchards, killing life stock and poisoning wells, yet not the Israeli leadership, certainly not the Palestinian leadership ever spoke up against this daily well organized and Israeli army protected campaign of terror.

Bibi Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister spoke very well for Israel, the ancestral and homeland of the “Jewish People”, demanding a secure and safe Israel,promoting the case for Israel throughout his life and speech, promoting and advocating Israeli settlements, promoting, advocating and sponsoring marauding Jewish thugs roaming the hills and narrow allies of Palestinians villages, promoting land theft and fraudulent land transaction that facilitate the transfer of Palestinian properties to Jewish owners. Netanyahu seized the moment in the White House at the opening ceremonies of the Direct Negotiations.  Mahmoud Abbas certainly missed the moment to make his case for Palestine let alone the people of Palestine.

Mahmoud Abbas as was expected not only extended his condolences to Bibi Netanyahu for the murder of these 4 Israeli criminal settlers, he condemned the murder as well. Mahmoud Abbas unlike Netanyahu failed to mention the Palestinian rights to their ancestral home land, failed to mention over 63 years of forced exile, failed to mention 43 years of military and settler’s occupation one of the longest and most cruel in modern times, failed to mention the ethnic cleansing of 83,000 Palestinian Arabs from their homes in East Jerusalem, failed to mention the systematic and ever present house demolitions of Palestinian homes and the consistent denial of building permits for Palestinians, the destruction of farms, the confiscation of water resources, the Apartheid Wall and all the land, the farms and homes it destroyed and denied, the Jewish Only Roads that robbed the Palestinians of more additional lands to provide safe and speedy access to Israeli settlers and land thieves.

Bibi Netanyahu spoke much of the “Palestinian terror” that Israelis faced and are facing, while Mahmoud Abbas never once did he speak of the daily Jewish terror the Palestinian people have to face at more than 600 security checkpoints, have to face by the hundreds of Jewish settlements that dot the Palestinian country side, the daily targeted killings and kidnapping of Palestinians by settlers and the Israeli army.  While Netanyahu made his case for a “secure” Israel, Mahmoud Abbas simply was lost unable to focus on the real issues, the rights of his people in their land. Abbas simply overlooked the daily Jewish terror his people have to face every day for 43 years.  It seems the security and safety of his people was not an issue.

While Bibi Netanyahu spoke of Israel, of course Israel of “Judea and Samaria” as the “Jewish Home Land”, Mahmoud Abbas only satisfied himself of speaking of “freeze” on settlement building giving his approval for ALL existing Jewish settlements small and large built in the Occupied territories since 67.  Mahmoud Abbas like Arafat before him never spoke of the Palestinians historic rights in Palestine, rending the issue of one of “refugees” but not of national right of return similar to that advocated and demanded by Netanyahu for his “people”.

Both Bibi Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas skipped over the issue of the Occupation that took place in 67 as if this occupation does not exist.  Too bad Mahmoud Abbas did not seize the moment, a historic moment to make the case for a free and sovereign state of Palestine in all of the territories occupied in 67 with East Jerusalem as its capital. He only spoke of easing the restriction, freezing the settlements and otherwise spoke as a manager of the Jewish Occupation asking for easier condition under the Jewish Occupation but not the freedom from the Jewish Occupation.  Abbas statement spoke of extending the terms of contract negotiated in Oslo and signed in Washington. He simply handed Area C to Bibi Netanyahu on a golden plate, thus fulfilling the role and the game that started in Oslo.

I could never understand the silent of the Abbas and Salam Fayyad when Jewish settlers murder a Palestinian or when the Israeli army target killing a Palestinian, yet and within minutes both men condemn the murder of armed Jewish settlers who are nothing more than criminal trespassers. With hundreds of millions spent on the Palestinian Security Forces by Israel, the US and the EC, it seems the Palestinian Security Forces the Blackwater of the Israeli Occupation failed in its mission and failed to do the job assigned which is the protection of Israeli armed settlers and the safety and security of the Israeli army as they come to town to kill, murder, kidnap and destroy.

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