Arab armies are taking a “detour”.

1 05 2011

Syria, Yemen and Libya gives Arabs good reasons not to trust their national armies and must think twice if they decide to go to the streets to force change. The Egyptian and Tunisian armies proved to be an exception, giving hope to the rest of the Arab world. Arab citizens have to really worry about “Arab nationalist’s leadership” they prove once again, they are killers and murderers. Liberating Palestine starts with killing Syrians, Libyans, Iraqis, Yemenis, Algerians and Palestinians.

Every one around the Arab world held their breath as Hosni Mubarak and Omar Suleiman were pushing their luck too far, dismissing the “People Revolution” as an outside conspiracy and kids stuff, raising doubts of which side the Egyptian army takes, the regime or the people? Well we all know the outcome.  Ben Ali ran away, when the Tunisian army proved it is the people’s army and not the regime army.


Arab armies are not known as the people’s army or national defense armies, not known to win battles and wars against the Israeli enemy.  Arab armies for the most part are regime armies, to defend the regime but not the nation and the people as we see in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and Algeria.


 Refa’at Assad, the brother of Hafiz Assad and uncle of Bachar, made good use of his “Saraya Defa’a” or Internal Security Army not to liberate the Golan Heights but to destroy and level the Syrian City of Hama where more than 25,000 people were killed. Once again, the Assad family is making good use of its army.


Saddam Hussein Ba’athist army was no different from its counter part in Syria. Saddam sent his tanks and planes bombing Helabja killing tens of thousands dropping napalms and nerve gas against his people.  Saddam declared winning the Iran-Iraq war after 8 years of war, $300 billions down the drain, more than a million Iraqi dead, he started at Shat el-Arab and returned to Shat el-Arab.


Saddam, the Arab “nationalist leader” like Bachar would like to refer to himself, once again, made good and personal use of his army. This time not to kill Iranians but to invade Kuwait, a country that stood by his side in his war with Iran. He declared his war on the Arab Gulf as the “Mother of all Battles” and when he and his army were routed out of Kuwait, he took his revenge on the people of South Iraq, killing tens of thousands.  No thanks to George Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powel and General Schwarzkopf, who did not finish the job leaving Saddam alone a decade to kill another million mostly children and of course we should not forget the more than 1.3 millions killed so far in the American invasion of Iraq.


Now Bachar Assad is following in the foot steps of his late father and uncle, making good use of the Ba’athist army to destroy and besiege Syrian towns and cities, killing hundreds, and injuring thousand, same excuses used by his late father and uncle.  The Syrian army once again turned its guns against the people rather than toward the Golan Heights.


This is the” resistance and steadfastness army” as we hear from Syrian television, Hezbollah and Arab “nationalists”, same army that lost 82 fighters jets in few minutes in 82, as Israel shot them down like flies before the Syrian pilots were able to lift the landing gears. This is the same army that together with Lebanese forces killed and murdered over 5,000 Palestinians in Tel-Zaater, and same army that shared in the killings of tens of thousands of Lebanese, and the same army, the sitting ducks of Lebanon, as Israel was using it as a weekly target practice.


Of course we should not forget the humiliating way Israel took out the Syrian air defense batteries deployed in the Ba’aka Valley. The only thing one could hear from the leadership is that Syria regime, will chose the right time and right measures teach Israel a lesson.  I guess destroying Da’ara is one way to teach Israel a lesson. The Syrian army is proving once again, it’s a lion against the people and a coward in the face of the enemy.


Muamar Gaddafi could not find a better use for his army and billions except to kill his own people and destroy Libyans cities simply because they had enough of 42 years of lunatic and criminal rule. No one expected the Libyan army to turn against its own people. I guess money, drugs and some Viagra can go a long way to incite loyalty to the “leader”.  It is a truly shame the Libyan army turned out to be a Gaddafi army, not the Libyan or the people’s army


Sudan was no different. Omar Hassan Al-Bashir made good use of the Sudanese army to kill and murder over 400,000 in Darfur, not to mention the millions who lost their lives in the fight between North and South. Now he is threatening to renew war again.


Arafat liberation army having failed to liberate Palestine, retuned with Arafat to help the PLO manage the Jewish Occupation, became an auxiliary security forces for the Israeli army and the armed settlers, and help the PLO/PA run its police state. Arab citizens have good reasons to worry.

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