AIPAC, The Jewish Holy Worriers.

14 06 2008

Unlike the Rolling Thunder, the Veteran group that descends on Washington, DC every Memorial Day to remind us and the nation, certainly the Congress of the brave men and women who gave up their lives for the love of the country and to remind us and the nation of the millions of American men and women who served honorably in the US armed forces, certainly to remind our elected officials of the thousands of MIA’s, the Israeli lobby group, AIPAC and its army of Jewish Holy Worriers descend on Washington shaking the nation and creating a seismic waves in Washington, certainly rattling members of Congress and elected politicians and of course potential presidential candidates with demands for open and declared loyalty to Israel. What different reception each gets from our Congress and our elected officials?

While some 10,000 Harley Davidson bikers comes to town with hardly any notice from members of Congress, members of AIPAC descend down on Washington making the city and its politicians tremble with fear, shock and owe from its power and influence and the death sentences it can hand down to members of Congress, leading politicians, members of the media certainly presidential candidates if found guilty of disloyalty to Israel.

That is why presidential candidates paid no attention to the Rolling Thunder and gave all the attention and more to AIPAC and its very powerful, rich, take no prisoners, determined Jewish Holy Worriers. That is why every leading politicians in town from presidential candidates to the most obscure congressman comes to the convention to pay homage, respect and to AIPAC and pledge the allegiance to Israel promising to wipe out countries off the face of the earth if they become at war with Israel and promising to open the US treasury to AIPAC and Israel to fleece the nation and tax payers.

It does not take a genius to see the power and influence of AIPAC and its army of Jewish Holy Worriers. Dick Cheney comes to pay homage to Israel and pledge his allegiance to the Jewish state. Hillary Clinton commits the country and its nuclear arsenal to defend Israel if Iran retaliates against an Israeli attack putting at risk the lives of hundreds of millions of people here in the US and in the Middle East.

John McCain commits himself to a 100 years of war against “radical” Islam and Muslims around the world, using the lives of our soldiers to protect a very aggressive Israel that has been at wars with ALL of its neighbors for the last 60 years, and of course committing himself to fleece the national treasury and becomes the American Ali Baba robbing the very poor tax payers to give to the very well to do citizens of Israeli.

Barack Obama makes a life time commitment to make the holy city of Jerusalem as Jewish as Tel-Aviv or North Miami united under Israeli rules and control and of course blessing the very ethnic cleansing exercised by the city Jewish management making sure that Palestinians residence of the city disappear over times under very complicated rules of ethnic cleansing.

Barack Obama the presidential candidates who made “CHANGE” central to his presidential theme came out swinging and committing the US to a policy far to the right of Likud and other Jewish nationalist parties committed to ethnic cleansing and transfer. Barack Obama sounded more like a Meir Kahana than Barack Obama the presidential candidates for the United States.

One would think that someone like Barack Obama will use such an occasion to announce his commitment to peace and reconciliation between Arabs and Jews and would use such an occasion to implore the American Jewish leadership to abandon its opposition to peace for Israel and implore the American Jewish leadership to stop sponsoring congressional legislations that makes peace for Israel and for the Arabs and especially the Palestinians almost impossible. AIPAC is not a peace-oriented organization.

One would think that someone like Barack Obama will use such an occasion to announce a change in policy for the United States, one of honest broker to the Middle East peace rather than a party to the occupation and expanding Israeli settlements and confiscations of more and more land for Jewish settlements established on stolen Arab lands, and the confiscations of prime Arab lands for use as “Jewish roads” open only to Jews and Israelis and denied to the very people whose properties where stolen to build these roads.

But then this AIPAC, the most powerful lobby in the history of the United States, a lobby that is loyal to Israel and committed to its own agenda of power, influence over US politics and Congress and of course exercising the very right to fleece the national treasury to the tune of some $ 5 Billions annually, not to mention the different legislations that keep funding the Israeli and Jewish Occupation.

This is AIPAC, the organization of the very rich, powerful Jewish Holy Worriers who come to Washington every year to exercise its power and authority over the nation agenda, making sure that elected officials crawls on their hands and knees and prostrating in front of its members pledging allegiance not to the United States but to Israel.

Perhaps it time for the US to push for real peace between Israel and the Palestinians and Arabs and put AIPAC out of business and put out of business the blackmail its members exercise over members of Congress and the national treasury. Yes, perhaps it is time for US politicians to declare their own independence from the power, influence and the death sentences that AIPAC can hand down to any one and every one in Washington. After all we expect our elect politicians to be loyal to the US and to declare their open allegiance to the United States and its people, not to the State of Israel. Israel at peace will change all of that and will enable elected politicians to get back and recover whatever dignity they may have left after attending physical and mental surgery in AIPAC shops.

Special Note: What $5 Billions in annual subsidies to Israel can provide for the poor US taxpayers: 330 elementary schools at $15 millions for each school. It provides 33 hospitals at $150 million for each. It provides 66,600 homes at $75,000 a home and it provides annual tuition for 333,333 college students. Perhaps our elected leaders can give these figures some considerations next time the annual give away of the treasury takes place in our Congress. Imagine this every year, year in and year out.

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2 responses to “AIPAC, The Jewish Holy Worriers.”

19 06 2008
miriam (14:47:34) :

Thanks Sami!…I too am a Vet…served what I thought was ‘my country’…usainc…lived in the dark about the truth of Palestine most of my life with only brief or intermittent flashes of insight that ‘something’ was amiss in the not so holy holy land…only when I took a hop during leave one summer did I get an inkling that I’d been lied to…but it took a more recent trek to Palestine, 2004, that the cold hard Truth hit me in the face like a bucket of ice water…that everything I’d been taught to believe was a lie and that there is a zio-nazification going on in the holy land…and that like Palestine our Congress is also Occupied Territory. How could such a small minority of a minority stake out such unshakeable control? claimed in the name of ‘security’ no less? You’ve heard the old joke? Israel claims to be the 52nd state—and Aipac boss laughed and said why become a single state-then we’d only own 2 senators…giving up the entire Congress! ….I think that the good guy, Grant Smith, at the IRMEP (Inst. for Research -Middle East Policy is on a right pushing the effort to force them to register as Foreign Agents and all that will entail…extremely doable and IF the current Trial of aipac officials accused of using US classified info (again) becomes more publicly known, then perhaps that much of a change could prompt hope. I like to say…”SHIFT HAPPENS”….thanks for opening your blog to comments….shukran….salamat…

19 06 2008
Sami Jamil Jadallah (17:28:45) :

The sad thing about AIPAC is the fact that both the media and Congress fail to understand the real danger to our national security and treasury. Our Congress is an Israeli Occupied Territory as much as the West Bank and the Golan Hight. Frankly, AIPAC buys our Congress on the cheap.

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