The American Evangalical Zionists gearing up for their Last Crusade!

24 03 2008

I was not surprised to read in the New York Times Magazine of March 23, 2008 that the “migaminister” of Cornerstone Church of San Antonio, Texas the Reverend John Hagee donated millions of dollars to fly in 25,000 Russian “Jewish” immigrant to Israel to take their place and settle in the Palestinian territory and of course the join the largest Jewish terrorist organization in the world, the IDF.

The Reverend John Hagee is one of the main leaders of the American Zionist Evangelical movement that formed a strong alliance with Likudist within the American Jewish community and the Bush –Cheney Administration and of course forged an alliance with the Zionist NeoCons, who organized and funded the Taliban’s and Ben Laden in the first place, who then went on to get us in the war on Iraq only to walk away having made sure that the blood of our boys and girls are spilled every day in Iraq, so that they can feel good about their own agenda, which is not an American agenda.

Such an alliance has been talking hold for sometimes and goes back to the days of the Jewish terrorist, Menachem Begin when he was the prime minister of Israel and was solidified with the coming of the Likudist Benyamin Netanyahu as prime minister of Israel.

On July 19, 2006 over 3,400 Evangelical Zionist Christians descended on Washington, as the First Summit of Christians United for Israel, to lobby for and on behalf of Israel (as if Israel needs more lobbies) not Israel at peace with its neighbor and at peace with the Palestinians but a country with over 45 years of the one most curliest of all occupations. And unlike any military occupation in history, the Israeli Occupation is designed to” ethnically cleanse and transfer” the Palestinians cohabitant and original owner from the their land and country of Palestine. Having already succeeded in driving out millions of Palestinians from the area that became modern day Israel.

John Hagee like millions of Evangelical Christian Zionists believe that it is the duty of all Christians to support a strong, racist and powerful Israel, and believe that Arabs have no place in the land covenanted by G-d to the Jews and exclusively to the Jews. These groups are actively in engaged in the American political process and have very strong influence on a congress that is already under the “spell” of the Zionist and well financed and powerful AIPAC in its support of Israeli’s worst crimes. (Read more on the issue in Michelle Goldberg Book “Kingdom Coming: the Rise of Christian Nationalism”.

The rise of modern day Christian Nationalism is an extension of and revival of the ancient Crusade where hordes of Cross carrying bands slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Muslim, Jews and Arab Christians in their quest to liberate the Holy Land form the Muslim and Arab “Infidels”. The same Christian Nationalism responsible for colonial activities resulting in the murder and death of hundreds of millions of people around the globe from South America, to Africa, Middle East, Asia and of course not mention the Pogroms of Czarist Russia and East Europe culminating in the death and murder of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. And the killing machine is on going now.

Christian Zionism has strong support within the Protestant Fundamentalism, Southern Baptists and the Charismatic Pentecostal Church. These groups take the literal view of the Bible, and believe in the Second coming of Christ and the final battle between Evil and Good in the Palestinians city of Megiddo (Armageddon) and believer in the theological system called “ Premillinial Dispensationalist” The Israeli author and writer Gershon Gorenberg in his book “ End of Days” describe “Dispensationalist as “essentially a Four Act play, where we as Jews disappear in the Fourth Act just prior to the return of Jesus” and of course the redemptions of all Christians having succeeded either to convert the Jews or succeeded in killing them all.

One has to wonder how can American Jews let alone Israeli Jews forge such an alliance with such people. The answer is very simple, it is politics stupid. The Zionist NewCons and the Likudist within the American Jewish community find the Evangelical Christians very useful in getting to the Congress and administration and push very hard for what Israel wants and needs to keep the Occupation going and well funded. The Evangelical Christians are under the hope that these hapless Jews will one day see the daylight and become born again Christians expediting the coming of Christ.

No one should under estimate this unholy alliance. In May of 2002 in a rally billed as Washington Rally for Israel more than 100,000 well -healed Zionist Jews and Christian Zionists and other hypocrites rallied in Washington. Among the names appearing at the rally where the likes of the number one hypocrites in the world, Elie Wiesel, and Bibi Netanyahu, Paul Wolfowitz, Arlen Spector, Barbara Mikulski, Richard Gephardt, Dick Armey, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and an array of leaders of Right wing Zionist Jews and leaders of Christian Zionists movement.

Among top names within this movement is whose how in Right Wing Christian movement, the likes of Pat Robertson of the 700 Club, Ralph Reed of the Christian Coalition, Jerry Falwell and Brandt Gustafson of the National Religious Broadcast, Don Argue of the National Associations of Evangelicals Ed McAteeer of the Religious Roundtable, William Crystal of the Weekly Standard, Richard Perl, Douglas Feith, both senior Pentagon officials with strong commitment and allegiance to Israel. Of course not mention, Eliot Abrams of the infamous Contra Affairs, Willian Safire and Charles Krauthammer, columnists for the New York Times and the Washington Post, Gary Bauer and William Franklin Grahm.

Of course this alliance wants and so far partly succeeded in having and organizing the Last Crusade to cleanse the Holy Land and the land of Israel from Muslims and Arabs, the conversion or execution of Jews and the redemption of Christians. I am sure if Jesus Christ where here he will wonder what went wrong with his people, from people who are taught to love thy neighbors to a bunch of religious nationalists not so unlike the Social Nationalist of Germany.

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3 responses to “The American Evangalical Zionists gearing up for their Last Crusade!”

24 03 2008
ian (15:28:17) :

It is nice that you are exposing zionism as it needs to be. But let’s not use that 6 million figure anymore as it has been clearly proven to be a fabricated number. Consider Auschwitz lowered it’s death toll from 4 million to 1.5 million in ’76, so even if you consider the death tolls of the other camps to be accurate we can only say 3.5 million jews killed in Nazi Germany. Why make this point, simply to put into perspective the fact that Jews were not disproportionately killed in Nazi ‘WORK’ camps. Arabs however have been targeted by Zionists for the last 100 years, with millions dead and displaced, and have not a single museum, memorial or Hollywood Movie to show for it.

24 03 2008
Sami Jamil Jadallah (15:46:03) :

With all due respect to those who make the number of Jews perished in the Holocaust an issue, I can only say if the numbers are two millions or ten millions it does not make the crime lesser and it does not take away from the fact that millions, and I stand by the number 6 millions were killed and executed simply because they are Jews. This is a horrenodus crime, let us learn from it. Of course one is very saddened by the fact that Israel and the entire Zionist machines made the Holocaust a business and industry, a milking cow for the Zionist agenda. Too bad that prominent survival of such a horrific crime such as Elie Weisel and Tom Lantos never had the courage nor the moral backbone to stand up once and tell Israel enough is enough with its crimes against the Palestinian people.these two in particular are moral and decadent hypocrites for never speaking out against Jewish crimes against the Palestinian people. One would expect that those who suffered simply because they Jews,will stand up for the Palestinians as they suffer simply because they are Palestinians and simply do not wish to go away and disappear. It is sad and trajic that the issue of the number of Jews killed remains an issue. My posistion remains the same whether it is one Jew or 10 million Jews the crime is the same.

24 03 2008
Alex (23:15:10) :

I’m an avid historian (read over 1000+ books over many cultures and timeframes), but no theologian.

The holocaust that happened to Jews and others was a terrible crime and the term “never again” should be upheld. But “never again” will NOT be upheld unless it is applied to everyone even the Mongolians (they are cool). At the same time, the 6 million number cannot be correct: there were barely that many Jews living in Europe; the Germans were technologically incapable of killing 12 million (every holocaust victim including German dissenters) people in a holocaust manner; and the number could have been 5,999,999 or 5,999,998 or 5,000,000 or 3,000,000 or 1,500,000 (this ‘arguing over numbers’ line of thought comes from a story in the Hebrew Bible). Though Jewish persecution in WW2 Europe was horrific, it is simply impossible to prove the 6 million number, period.

I’m not a Buddhist, but let’s perform one of their thought experiments. Ready?

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way.” Whoever benefits from a circumstance is usually the cause of it. The ‘shoa’, Hebrew for holocaust, also means “burnt offering” – a sacrifice to God. If the Zionist knew that historically mass emigration only happens through severe persecution (via man or Mother Nature), what sacrifice would they need to create Israel? What happened first: birth of Zionism, Holocaust or Israel? Bearing in mind that there can be multiple causes to the same effect, what is the cause and effect?

All people of middle-class origin who experience a rapid rise to great power had a puppet-master or benefactor. There is simply no other ‘prime’ reason or explanation.
After all, Adolf Hitler (middle class origin) didn’t really hate the Jews – he cared solely about the blinding lust for power – as they, Zionist searching for a ‘burnt offering’, helped finance his rise to power. Somebody, with large sums of money, had to finance Hitler. Who has a ton of cash and a cause (see German-Zionist transfer agreements to Palestine) which benefited at the end of WW2?

Don’t take my words in a judgmental manner as “all suffering comes from resistance to what is…” -Buddha. Regarding the heart of Zionism, a gentile at a World Zionist Organization meeting would feel like a black man at a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) rally. If there is an “after life”, Arial Sharon, Theodor Herlz (Zionist National Socialism founder) and Adolf Hitler (German National Socialism) are all playing cards in the same place.

Search your feelings. What deep self-evident truth, at least in part, do you find in these aforementioned statements?

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