News from the world press: “Adnan Oktar Has Won His Struggle Against The Theory Of Evolution”

21 07 2017

From Italy to Indonesia, Britain to Saudi Arabia, the most prominent newspapers in the world spoke of the success of the anti-evolutionist works of Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya) that he has been carried out in the intellectual sense for the last 30 years. All the news reports concluded that he has won this struggle.

The Daily Telegraph made the headlines, “Turkey to end the teaching of evolution theory in lower school.”

“Adnan Oktar, a prominent Turkish creationist, has led a crusade against the teaching of evolution, saying the theory is a European invention developed as a slight against Islam.”

The news also read; “The Koran, like the Bible, teaches that Adam and Eve were the first humans. God is said to have created Adam from Clay and then formed Eve, also known as Hawwa, from Adam.”

daily telegraphy_evrim_haber

Pikaia, the prominent atheist and communist Internet website based in Italy, had the headline: “Turkey says goodbye to Darwin.” The news report outlines the anti-evolutionist developments which  Adnan Oktar has been instrumental since 2008 -for the last ten years- in Turkey: The ban on Richard Dawkin’s website, distribution of The Atlas of Creation across Europe, the anti-evolutionist conference held in Milano The news report also included  video of Alpaslan Durmuş, the head of curriculum for the Ministry of Education, in which he announced that Darwin’s theory would be removed from lower school programs.


Following the news coverage, Pikaia reported another news item titled “Turkey has excluded evolution from the curriculum.”

The report states, “Harun Yahya will be most pleased about this news.” It proceeds to mention that your efforts have made it possible for the book “Atlas of Creation” to be distributed to the half of the world, and for the theory of evolution to be excluded from the curriculum. It also mentions that your efforts lead to various pro-evolutionary scientific websites, Richard Dawkins in particular, to be shut down in Turkey.

pikaia 2

Skalanews’ [Indonesia] story about the removal of the theory of evolution from the curriculum in Turkey is as follows:

“The Turkish scholar Harun Yahya’s struggle against the theory of evolution has brought results. The Turkish Ministry of Education will no longer include the theory of evolution in the school curriculum. The theory is excluded because it is not scientifically proven and it is against the teachings of Islam.”

skala news

In the Saudi Arabia version of Asharq Al Awsat, one of the three major newspapers of the Arabic world published in three continents, there was news report with the headline, “Harun Yahya has won his struggle against the theory of evolution”

The related news is as follows: “ The theory of evolution has been attacked by Adnan Oktar [aka Harun Yahya] who is known to be close to the AK Party and has strong power over the business world and many aspects of media. Adnan Oktar has his shows on A9 TV Channel, with ladies with revealing clothes and make up and a group of young people. Adnan Oktar lives in a luxurious villa and he has many houses and villas in the most prestigious locations of Istanbul.”

The story goes on:

“According to Oktar, Darwin tells a lie and there is not a process called the process of evolution. He says that he will award anyone who brings a proof validating the theory of evolution with three million dollars.

Adnan Oktar has great influence both on the Turkish society and abroad. He seems he has won his struggle by being instrumental in the official removal of the theory of evolution from the curriculum. He says his anti-evolution books such as “The Collapse of the theory of evolution in 20 questions” have been instrumental in this.”

Asharq Al_Awsat_yazar_bahis

The news article published in Haaretz, one of Israel’s oldest daily newspapers whose editorials arguably have significant influence on government leaders,

titled “Compared to the US, creationists are leagues ahead in Turkish schools,” writes thusly:

“In 2006, the book titled “Atlas of Creation” printed on prime quality paper came into many Turkish schools with the claim to refute the notion of evolution through natural selection. It bravely called attention to the fossil records to elucidate that creation is the work of God. Moreover, the book argued that evolution is also accountable for anti-Islamic and destructive doctrines such as Nazism and communism.”

The article then notes:

“A few years later, Adnan Oktar, an ardent advocate of Islamic creationism and the author of Atlas of Creation writing under the pseudonym ‘Harun Yahya’, had the websites of well-known evolutionist, Richard Dawkins’ being in particular, closed down on the grounds of blasphemous libel.”

haaretz evrim_mufredat

The well-known scientific journal WIRED, in its Italian website,

reported a news article titled “What risks are we taking by following Turkey’s suit in not teaching evolution?” and

wrote, “Turkey is trying to exclude the theory of evolution from high school programs. This is not the first attempt in disavowing Darwin,” while addressing the impact of your books in this regard.

The article also noted, “In 2008, the evolutionist Richard Dawkins’ website was closed down after Adnan Oktar, the author of “Atlas of Creation” also known as Harun Yahya, proclaimed that it was committing blasphemous libel. Subsequently, Darwin’s picture, which had been planned to be used on the cover, was removed from the cover of a popular scientific magazine.”

wired evrim_mufredat

The Sargasso, a website based in Netherlands, had the following news:

“When the words ‘Turkey’ and ‘evolution’ are told, the name Adnan Oktar comes to one’s mind. Starting as of next year, pupils in high schools will no longer hear about the theory of evolution in Turkey. The name Adnan Oktar is the first word that comes to mind when the words Turkey and Creationism are uttered. In the West, Adnan Oktar is known as the author who, about ten years ago, sent a thick, pleasant anti-evolution book with the name “The Atlas of Creation” to thousands of politicians, schools and prominent names in Europe. Many American Creationists praised this book, stating that it is full of information. Adnan Oktar has a daily three-hours long live broadcast show on A9 TV Channel in which well-groomed ladies called “kittens”, setting a role model for Turkish women, participate. Will the well-groomed ladies of Mr. Oktar be a role model for modern Turkish women? This is highly probable.”


Another news report regarding the exclusion of Darwinism from Turkish schools has come from Norway today. The news titled “They are spreading their ideas in textbooks” featured in Dagsavisen, an Oslo-based Norwegian newspaper known for its affiliation with the Norwegian Workers Party, writes the following:

“The Turkish Muslim creationist known for his anti-Darwinist work gains increasingly wider ground among the immigrants in Europe.

Holding religious discussions on his own TV program, the extent of Adnan Oktar’s popularity is not limited to Turkey. His ideas have passed way beyond national borders – Oktar’s creationist ideas are particularly cherished by the Middle Eastern immigrants residing in Europe. 10 years ago, him sending out copies of his own work, a textbook titled ‘Atlas of Creation’, to schools in Europe sparked a debate. Hans Henrik Hjermitslev, a researcher in Southern Denmark University Department of Religion and Science, notes that Oktar still remains the stronghold of Muslim creationism and adds:

“His is a well-financed movement. His views find support among the young and educated people in Europe,” says Hjermitslev, masha’Allah.

dagsavisen evrim_mufredat

Another news found coverage on the website of a German radio station named Deutshcland Funk.

The news report, featuring a huge picture of the German edition of your book ‘the Atlas of Creation, wrote:

“According to a research conducted by TU Dortmund, 15% of the students from Lehramt reject the theory of evolution.  They are opposed to the theory of evolution doctrine being taught in schools, just as the Muslim writer Adnan Oktar criticizes the theory of evolution in his book ‘Atlas of Creation.”

deutschlandfunk evrim_mufredat

De Standaard, a Flemish Christian Democratic Party-affiliated Belgian daily newspaper reports:

“Harun Yahya’s book, ‘Atlas of Creation’ achieved incredible success and brought about change worldwide. In Turkey, the theory of evolution has been excluded from the curriculum including high schools due to being too complicated for pupils. In Flanders, the Dutch speaking region of Belgium, there is a strong argument prevalent on Facebook that suggests mankind did not descend from apes.”

de standaard

The Dominion Post, based in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, issued a news article titled “When evolutionary theory met radical Islam.” The article wrote:

“According to surveys, Darwin’s theory is widely embraced in Western countries while the majority in Turkey does not believe in evolution.

Anti-evolutionism takes bizarre forms in Turkey where televangelist Adnan Oktar nightly broadcasts Islamic creationism from his private TV channel.” The article also notes, “The slick 61-year-old, designer clothing-suited Adnan Oktar attracts wealthy followers who regard him as the redeemer,” and adds that you claim the ladies partaking in your TV program are pious university graduates who speak many languages.

The article remarks how you further spread your creationist message by bombarding schools and scientists round the world with more than 10,000 free copies of your 800-page glossy anti-Darwin book Atlas of Creation, and talks about how you daily discuss Darwin’s negative impact on Islamic and moral values and the apparent fact that the Turkish government also shares your views.

dominion post

In Oumma, one of the well-known Muslim sites of France;

“We should not forget the anti-evolution movement developed in Europe by Harun Yahya and many other salafi scholars between 1990-2000…”

13 oumma

In Catholic news site Medias Presse Info published in French;

In the news article titled “Darwin is fired from the schools in Turkey”, it is mentioned that this attack against Darwin is nothing new, and Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya) published the Atlas of Creation in 2006 and the book sold 1.5 million copies. It is also mentioned that Turkey is the only country in the world where rejection of Darwinism is more common than the acceptance of it.

14 medias_presse

Le Courrier, a Switzerland-based website, criticized the removal of the theory of evolution from the school curriculum in Turkey. The news article published under the title “Science in Danger” stated that this was the result of the writer Adnan Oktar’s works, who is also known by the name Harun Yahya.

15 le_courrier

In the website of the French radio channel RFI, broadcasting in 13 languages, a news article is published with the following title “Turkey: the theory of Darwin is no longer welcome in schools.”

“Under the pen name Harun Yahya, Adnan Oktar made history with his book Atlas of Creation, which included rich visuals and was distributed in France and Switzerland. In this book, we see examples proving the invalidity of hundreds of page of evolution such as how a 200-million-year-old fern fossil shows that the plant has not undergone any changes.”

16 rfi

In the most visited Spanish-language Israeli newspaper Aurora, a news article was published titled “Turkey has removed the theory of evolution from the curriculum.” The article included the following statement:

“In 2006, with its first grade page quality, the book Atlas of Creation entered many Turkish schools with the intention of refuting the idea of ​​evolution through natural selection. It boldly pointed to the fossil records to explain that Creation is the work of God. The book also claimed that evolution was responsible for destructive and anti-Islamic doctrines, such as Nazism and communism.

17 aurora

A news article titled “The Approach of the Turkish Scientific Group to the Darwinism; ‘both sides should be explained'” was published in the internet site Uncommon Descent of the Intelligent Designers, who believes that the materialist ideology is an obstacle in the way of the correct examination of biology and science.

Mrs. Denyse O’Leary, who published the article, says for Harun Yahya’s book “Evolution Deceit” that, “it’s the most concise work I’ve ever read that destroys Darwin’s theory of evolution.” In her column, she included Technical Science Research Foundation’s press release about the removal of theory of evolution from the curriculum in Turkey.

18a uncommon_descent_evrim_mufredat_basin_bulteni

In the article titled “International Creationism” published in the well-known French magazine L’Express;

The author, Christian Makarian, talks about global creationist movements while devoting half of his article to the worldwide influence Mr. Adnan Oktar had on this issue.

“In this regard, the most ardent actor of this movement in Turkey is Harun Yahya, in other words, Adnan Oktar. He maintains a fierce fight against Darwinism. All the think tanks, internet sites, and all media organizations (including our editorial department of L’Express) are virtually covered with richly illustrated books and propaganda articles. ”

19a l_express_adnan_oktar_evolution_out_from_cirriculum

In the Huffington Post, one of America’s most well-known liberal news sites, an article was published by Erkan Saka, an Assistant Professor from Bilgi University, on the issue of the removal of theory of evolution from the curriculum in Turkey.

In his article, Saka claimed that evolution in Turkish schools was taught only as a theory and that it was not focused on too much, he continued: “Popular and unusual Islamic groups, such as Adnan Oktar, are engaged in anti-evolution activities using Western creationist literature. People like Oktar can easily organize exhibitions in public spaces that deny evolution.”

20 huffington_posts_adnan_oktar_evolution_out_from_cirriculum

In the famous Knack magazine published in Belgium since 1971;

…In 2007, the Turkish creationist (Harun Yahya) sent the luxury-printed Atlas of Creation, in which he refuted the evolution with scientific evidence, to thousands of universities in Western Europe free of charge. Yahya is the pen name of Adnan Oktar, an interior designer from Istanbul. Yahya is the leader of a think-tank that advocates creation and is making world-wide advances to explain that Islam does not contradict with science. These advances came to fruition in his own country. On June 23rd, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan signed a law that would remove evolution from middle schools on the grounds that “it is difficult and complicated to understand”. In 2019, Darwin will disappear from the textbooks at middle schools.

21 knack_adnan_oktar_evolution_out_from_cirriculum

Traditional A9 TV Iftar Banquet – A Place Where Different Ideas Meet

2 07 2017


by Harun Yahya

This year again, I had the beautiful opportunity to welcome my esteemed guests during our traditional A9 TV Iftar (fast-breaking) banquet held at the Cıragan Palace Ballroom in Istanbul where we celebrated our bonds of peace and unity.

Our traditional Iftar banquet – in addition to the delicious food served – stands out for its mission to bring together a vast variety of people from different religions, cultures, ethnicities and ideologies. Once again, this year’s Iftar event was a special occasion to strengthen unity and solidarity among participants from different religions, sects and views in addition numerous artists, politicians, religious leaders, academics, diplomats and media members with distinct views and backgrounds.

Held on the evening of June 8, 2017, and with around 750 people in attendance, the Iftar banquet was once again home to many esteemed guests from Turkey and abroad. The exclusive occasion was honored by my guests, Jewish and Christian clergymen from Israel, France and the US. Similarly, esteemed members of the Turkish Assyrian Society, the Armenian community, the Greek Orthodox Society and the Catholic Church. Many ministers, parliament members and politicians from various parties on either side of the political divide, foreign consul-generals and diplomats serving in Turkey and professors, esteemed members of the business world, distinguished figures from the Masonic community and many celebrities also attended.

A beautiful gesture that made our banquet even more special was the video message sent to me by the Knesset member Rabbi Yehuda Glick in celebration of Ramadan. My dear and esteemed friend Rabbi Glick began his message with the following kind words: “My dear friend, honorary Mr. Adnan Oktar, champion of religious tolerance, champion of love to all human beings, champion of God in the world” and continued, “we shall see [each other] on the Temple Mount, that House of Prayer, that unite all nations to One and Only God. From Jerusalem, allow me to wish you all Ramadan Kareem, from Jerusalem, the city of peace, city of shalom.”

Indeed, the Temple Mount will bring all nations together under the light of peace. As my good friend Yehuda Glick pointed out, by the grace of God, when that beautiful time of peace comes to the world we will come together with the good people of the world at the Temple Mount.

During the day of the Iftar banquet, the Israeli delegation made a visit to the Jewish Museum of Turkey at the Neve Shalom Synagogue in Istanbul.

Additionally, they enjoyed the beauty of Bosphorus on a boat trip.

Anglican priest Todd William Kissam from the US and retired chief justice of the Supreme Rabbinical Court of Israel Rabbi Abraham Sherman, the director of Alsadiqin Institute Rabbi Abrahamson, outreach personality and writer Rabbi Jeffrey Seidel and international spokesperson for the Jewish community of Hebron Rabbi Yishai Fleisher also graced the banquet with their presence as my special guests.

Prior to the Iftar meal, Pastor Kissam was a guest on my live broadcast on A9 TV where he mentioned our shared love for God and how the sincerity, wisdom and love that he witnessed during his interactions with us deeply affected him. Rabbi Sherman was also a guest on my live program and said that God orders us not to hate and not to be selfish and that peace is an order of God in our holy books.

Rabbi Seidel, who attended the live show before the Iftar event along with the other rabbis, told me that his students insisted he go to Turkey to give a message of unity: “It happened for the Jews in Israel.

But for us, this miracle is happening every day. We may not realize it, but I am very thankful to be here.

In the 50th year of Israel, I want to remind you that we are living this miracle again.” Our conversation followed with my quoting from the Koran and the Torah to explain the Jews’ right to live in the Promised Land of Israel.

Following the banquet, Rabbi Fleisher joined my live conversation and reflected on his pleasure at being there by saying, “I think that by you bringing us here today to Istanbul, you are part of that vision of connecting the peoples of the Middle East.”

Natasha Kirtchuk, the leading anchorwoman of ILT V, attended the A9 live show after the Iftar dinner.

Expressing her awe at the diverse, distinctive, harmonious and loving atmosphere of the banquet, Kirtchuk said that it was a great privilege and an extraordinary occurrence that a rabbi, a priest and an imam were sharing a table and getting along quite well. She said that this way people’s minds could change and that the tradition of these very important meetings should be maintained in the future as well.

I told her that inviting priests, rabbis and imams to share a table is a tradition dating back to our Prophet Muhammad, and that people with a fanatic mindset naturally take a step back when they see this picture.

When she asked me how Israel-Turkey relations would be in the future, I replied that the alliance of these two countries would get stronger, as this is what must be done and what is necessary.

Kirtchuk was wondering how the misconceptions about Jews and Israel held by certain groups around the world could be dispelled. I explained to her that it was possible through persistent efforts and inculcation.

When Natasha asked me, “What does it feel like to hold a Iftar banquet where you host guests from all around the world?,” I told her that the love in the hearts of our guests at the Iftar was visible on their faces, that the atmosphere was truly wonderful and it was a joy to see the love on people’s faces. It was because the universe was created for love.

I hope that this banquet and many similar other events will bring people one step closer to peace and help them believe in the possibility of unity and solidarity.

My efforts to dispel the misperceptions and hatred from the world will continue. I will also continue to create and encourage such occasions where people from all around the world regardless of their backgrounds and faith can meet and get to know one another. By the grace of God, the alliance of the good will soon make the world a peaceful abode for all.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and