The Hub of World Evil: The British Deep State

29 03 2017

by Harun Yahya

Throughout history, evil has always been controlled from a single center. Those who propagate wars and massacres are acting under a chain of command and are following the plans originated from a single center. There is only one hub responsible for the great wars of the 20th century, the colonization, the massacres, the division of the Middle East and Africa and of economic crises. Evil is like an octopus with lots of tentacles; our eyes tend to focus on the most active tentacle first. However, there is a brain which directs all these tentacles. The tentacles move with perfect coordination towards a single goal on the commands of the brain. The fact that tentacles seem to move independently is just an illusion – all these tentacles are under the control of a single brain. Moreover, evil is a pyramid-like hierarchical structure.  No matter how wide a base it has or how many hundreds of layers it is made of, there is only one point at the top, and this point has absolute authority over what is underneath.

It is impossible to get results in the fight against evil by merely focusing on the tentacles of the octopus or targeting the lower levels of the pyramid. We should put up an intellectual fight against the top who controls, manages, and commands the system and makes the final decision. Exposing this aforementioned hub should be at the core of this intellectual fight, because this power is only effective as long as it can confuse others and hide itself as it utilizes all the shameful advantages of secrecy.

While talking about the leader of evil in the world today, many names are mentioned: the deep states of the United States and Israel which are frequently mentioned, bodies such as the United Nations, NATO or the EU, organizations such as the CIA, MOSSAD or Gladio, secret societies like the Illuminati, Freemasonry, Skull and Bones, the Rosicrucians, and the Templars, and those who control the world economy such as financial barons in the Wall Street, oil trusts and multinational corporations. But these are all the gears of this system. They are the tentacles of the octopus, the lower levels of the pyramid.

The British Deep State has been, on the other hand, at the top of this hierarchy for centuries. The British deep state is also the center of colonialism and slavery. China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia remained under the British yoke for centuries. It was also the British deep state who introduced opium to China, disciplined India with hunger, and terrorized most of Southeast Asia with the East India Company. Nowadays, the genocide carried out in India by the Britain of that period would not be remembered. The Britain of that period, which left 330 million  people face to face with famine 150 years ago, caused the death of more than a million Indians.

It was the British deep state which destroyed the Ottoman Empire and occupied Anatolia. The founding cadre of communism was assembled in Britain. Marx and Engels’ The Communist Manifesto (original title of the first edition: Das Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei) that constitutes the keystone of Communism was first published in Britain. All the foundational theoretical texts of communism, including Das Kapital, were written there. Founders of liberalism, Adam Smith and David Ricardo, were British. Charles Darwin, who founded the ideological basis of social Darwinism that unleashed such horrors upon the world in the 20th century, was British.

The policies that forced the Middle East into a bloodbath are the work of the British Deep State. Most of the Middle Eastern nations were founded by Britain. The borders of the Middle Eastern countries were drawn up at the Cairo meeting presided over by Winston Churchill. Most of the administrators of the countries in question have been chosen by the British deep state. The men of the British Deep State – T.E. Lawrence, Gertrude Bell, General Allenby, Orde Wingate, Hubert Young, Sir Percy Cox, Herbert Samuel, etc. – found, trained, and authorized these people.

The vast majority of the cadre who ruled the Middle East in the 20th century were trained in British schools such as the Sandhurst Military Academy, SOAS, School of Oriental Studies, Exeter, Cambridge or Oxford, and were brought in to serve the plans of the British Deep State. Indeed there are countless honest, sincere, and good people who were trained in those schools. However, it is also clear that these schools are used as training centers by the British deep state.

Most of the founders of today’s radical terrorism were trained at the University of Al-Azhar. The Anglo-Saxon racist and evolutionist Lord Cromer, the Colonial Governor of Egypt, who made the Al-Azhar University what it was. Al-Azhar University, along with Muhammad Abduh, who was financed and supported by Lord Cromer, became the center of Social Darwinism in the Islamic world. These cadres are the ideologists of radical Islam. The system established by Lord Cromer came to influence the entire Islamic world within 30 years. This negative effect is the main cause of the present war environment.

The League of Nations was founded at the 1919 Paris conference controlled by Britain. The conference materialized the plans of Britain to a large extend. The British Deep State is also behind most of the UN resolutions and decisions. The chief architect of NATO, Gladio, and the EU, was British Prime Minister Churchill. The founders and the initial administrators were always British. These historical facts do not prove that these institutions or organizations act in a completely biased fashion. Undoubtedly, the UN provides numerous useful services, and every intelligence organization provides important services for its own country. However, this does not change the fact that the dark influence of the British deep state is present in the structuring of such institutions and organizations and in some of their decisions.

The British Deep State was behind the Mosaddegh coup d’état in Iran, the coups of 1960, 1971, 1980, 1998 and 2016 in Turkey, and the entire coup-filled recent history of Egypt, Syria and Iraq.

The CIA and MOSSAD, who allegedly rule the world today, were established and trained by MI6 staff, the British intelligence.

The American Federal Reserve Bank was founded by the Bank of England, as well. The Rothschild family, one of the leaders of the world economy, is based in Britain. George Soros was educated in Britain.

Five Eyes, the world’s largest surveillance system which was exposed by Edward Snowden, was founded in British-controlled Australia. In Five Eyes, US intelligence is joined by Canadian, New Zealand, British and Australian intelligence – all members of the British Commonwealth.

Karl Popper, the founding father of Soros’ Open Society movement, is British. Richard Dawkins, who is the flag-bearer of atheism in the 21st century, is British. One important thing should immediately be noted here: the British people are loving, friendly, beautiful and decent people.  Exposing the structure of the British deep state will save the British people from this affliction that has hurt them for centuries as well.

Britain has historically invaded the entire world at some point except for 22 countries. Let us take a look at this map of invasion: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, the Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Beliz, Botsvana, British Indian Ocean Territory, British Virgin Islands, Brunei… Cayman Islands, Gibraltar Christmas Islands, Cocos Islands, Cook Islands.. Dominica, Falkland Islands, The Gambia, Wales, Gana, Grenada, Guyana, South Africa, India, Scotland, Jamaica, Cameroon, Canada, Kenya, Kiribati, Northern Ireland, Kingdom of Leshotho… That is not all, there is more: Republic of Malawi, Maldives, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Coral Islands, Montserrat, Mozambique; Namibi, Nauru, Nigeria, Norfalk Island. That is not all, there is still more; Papau New Guinea, Pitcairn Islands, Ross Dependency, St.Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, St. Helena, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapour, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Swaziland. There is still more; Tanzania, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tokelau, Turks and Caicos Islands, Tuvalu, Uganda, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Zambia. All these 52 countries are members of the British Commonwealth. Elections are held in some of these countries. Prime Ministers are being elected, but above all these elected administrators in some of these countries, there is still a Governor assigned by London. That means the UK is sending “GOVERNORS” to rule all these countries as if they are her counties. Elected governments make decisions, but put these decisions before the British Governor. The assigned Governor presents them to the Queen. The Queen says “Yes” or “No”.

The United States itself is a former British colony. The machinations of the British deep state led to the War of 1812, in which British forces briefly occupied Washington, D.C. and burned down the White House. The peace negotiations proceeded under British control after the First and the Second World Wars.  It is also noteworthy that it is a veteran British intelligence agent who has been preparing counterfeit reports against President Trump.

Bernard Lewis, the mastermind of the Afghanistan and Iraq occupations, the Iran-Iraq War, the Iranian Revolution, the Red Crescent Project, the fragmentation of the Middle East, the Clash of Civilizations and the Age of Muslim Wars, is a British military intelligence officer.  He taught at SOAS for 30 years. Lewis, who came to the United States on a spur-of-the-moment decision in 1974, has been the chief consultant for almost all US presidents regarding affairs in the Middle East since then. He is the educator of Kissinger, Brzezinski, Huntington and the recently famous neocons. He is the person who wrote US policies in the real sense.

Today, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Syria and Yemen, where terrorism has claimed the most lives, have been under British occupation. Osama bin Laden was educated in Britain. The GIA, which covered Algeria in blood, assembled its cadres in Britain. The most important gunmen of ISIS were soldiers from Britain.

ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, FETO, Hezbollah, the PKK, the PYD, Asala, the DHKP-C, the Red Brigades and similar terrorist organizations all serve as the foot soldiers of the British Deep State. This structure brings bloodshed and tears everywhere it goes. The list goes on. To summarize, the last 300 years of human history have been covered with blood by the British deep state. Hundreds of millions of innocent people, including British people, have died at the hands of these racist, colonial, self-seeking, brutal, merciless killers. The greatest genocides of history have been carried out by the British deep state. The British deep state has caused great suffering for the British people as well.

On July 15th 2016, when the masks slipped off and true colors were revealed with the armed insurrection in Turkey, England dispatched thousands of soldiers in the Royal Air Force base in Southwest coasts of Cyprus 100 miles away from Turkey, and sent Royal Navy war ships to the Mediterranean, deploying hundreds of jets, helicopters supposedly to help about 50,000 UK citizens move away from danger. Soldiers were free to shoot at ‘local insurgents’ who would attempt to interfere with this operation. All these preparations made by England seem to be something other than an attempt to rescue citizens, and more like a calculated plan.

After Turkey’s relations with Russia – the only country to offer support to Turkey during that period –  improved swiftly, the British Deep State was deeply troubled to realize that the three countries joining forces for the resolution process for Syria would bring peace and unity to the region. Then the UK, who was waiting on standby – ready to invade – during the coup attempt, started to display a supposedly ‘friendly’ and ‘candid’ attitude towards Turkey. Of course, having good relations with the people of the UK is important for Turkey. Yet the plots of the British Deep State are never for the good of Turkey nor her own people and have never been so.

No leader, no nation, no state can stand alone in the face of the machinations of such a structure that has been organized on this scale and penetrated the capillaries of other countries.  It is the alliance of the good that will stop these vicious plans. Last year, the foundation of a strong and unshakable alliance between Russia and Turkey has been laid on the initiative of President Putin and President Erdoğan. The duty of everyone with a clean conscience who wants to save the world from the scourge of the British Deep State is to defend and support this alliance.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and

Crimea Crisis Can Be Turned Into An Opportunity

19 03 2017

by Harun Yahya

Crimea is a peninsula of utmost geopolitical and strategic importance, dominating virtually the entire Black Sea. Together with the straits of the Bosporus and the Dardanelles, it is one of the most critical points with regards to the security of the Black Sea and the countries with a coastline on it. It is an established conviction that the power that controls the region will also control the passage of the Black Sea and, through the Straits, of the Mediterranean. For this reason, the peninsula has witnessed many wars throughout history. Therefore, Crimea becoming a safe zone under the hegemony of pro-peace and pro-stability countries is an absolutely vital issue in terms of world peace.

In various epochs, the peninsula came under the rule of Roman, Byzantine and Trapezuntine empires, as well as that of Geneva, Venice and the Golden Horde. Nevertheless, the two nations that have the most deep-rooted and strong historical, cultural, religious and ethnic bonds with the region are the Turks and the Russians.

Both countries share a holy and spiritual heritage and have countless of their martyrs buried in Crimean soil that has been home to Muslims and Christians in every era. The Russian prince Vladimir was baptized in the town of Chersonesus, an Ancient Greek colony in southwest Crimea, in 988, later bringing Christianity from here to his own country.

Tatars are one of the Turkic clans that settled in the region as far back as the 6th century. The Crimean Khanate, the historical state of the Crimean Tatars, was founded in 1428 as a successor state to the Golden Horde. As of 1475, the Khanate remained under the rule of the Ottoman Empire for 300 years as an autonomous khanate. This ended in July, 1774 with the Treaty of Kucuk Kaynarca signed between the Russians and the Ottomans.

According to the treaty, the Muslim tribes and Tatar communities indigenous to Crimea were deemed politically independent and recognized that it was a vassal to no other country. However, they still were to remain subjects to the Ottoman Sultan due to his position as the Muslim Caliph. One of the most important provisions of the treaty, which was signed on the condition of being “perpetual” and still remains in effect today, was that “Crimea cannot be ceded to other third parties.”

Following the Kucuk Kaynarca, on March 21st, 1779, the Treaty of Aynalikavak, a regulation and trade agreement, was signed again between Russia and the Ottomans. According to the treaty, the Ottoman Sultan was to be asked for approval for the selection of khans coming after the then ruler, Sahin Giray. Thus, with the Treaty of Aynalikavak, the independence of Crimea was reconfirmed.

As a result of these two treaties that compliment and consolidate each other, the Tsardom of Russia and the Ottoman Empire acquired – in modern terms – guarantor state status over Crimea. It was signed that in the case of any possible political disputes that may occur in the Crimea region, the Ottoman and Russian states retained the right to impose the regulation agreed upon between the two upon Crimea.

Therefore, the Turkish Republic and the Russian Federation, the successors of the aforementioned states, are the two countries who have the right to have a say in Crimea. The article of the Treaty of Kucuk Kaynarca specifying that Crimea cannot be ceded to other third parties renders it impossible in terms of international law for other countries to lay claim to and intervene in Crimea.

For that reason, Ukraine, the European Union, the USA, or any other country (or NATO) have no legitimate authority to intervene in/over Crimea. Ukraine does not lose Crimea or its territorial integrity either, because save for neighborly relations, it has not shared any real historical, cultural or ethnic bonds with Crimea all along.

In 1954, the region was perfunctorily handed from the SSR of Russia to the SSR of Ukraine. Since the concession was made within the USSR and was largely a matter of Soviet internal politics, nobody really paid any attention to it in that era. In fact, only 13 of the 27 members were in attendance in the USSR’s Communist Party General Assembly where the historic vote took place. In this process, no one asked the people of Crimea what they wanted; the legal processes that should have been followed were violated, and a referendum that was supposed to be held did not take place. The possible future consequences of this decision, which was taken after a rather brief 15-minute discussion, were never considered thoroughly.

In 1991, following the USSR’s dissolution, Crimea was given to Ukraine as a gift by Boris Yeltsin, the President of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia. The people of the region, with a population of 2.5 million, were not even asked for their opinion. Upon this decision, Crimea, which had been under Turkish and Russian rule for centuries, remained within Ukrainian borders on paper for the next 23 years. The agreements in effect concerning the region and international law were openly violated.

Today, led by Mr. Putin, these historical mistakes have begun to be rectified with the consent and support of the people of Crimea. However, the Crimea issue is still brought forward as supposedly valid grounds for anti-Russian isolation and sanctions introduced under the guidance of the British and Obama governments. These policies are also a part of the plan to neutralize the countries of the region such as Russia and Turkey in the Black Sea, and are strongly supported through criticism, intimidation campaigns and the manipulation of public opinion masterminded from London.

As is the case with every topic, a powerful Russian-Turkish alliance that will be forged over Crimea will prove to be the most effective and legitimate response to these organized criticisms, objections and threats. These two countries acting in the role of arbiters and protectors over Crimea is, in Russian senator Aleksey Pushkov’s own words, more legal and “reasonable than the Falklands having to be part of Great Britain.”

When the cooperation between Turkey and Russia is raised to the highest levels by rectifying the erroneous policies and negligence of some previous Turkish and Soviet governments, the people of Crimea will attain the historical and cultural identity and beauty they deserve once more. Economic, cultural and material support from the two countries for Crimea to develop, progress and thrive will give rise to a peninsula world-renowned for its beauty. The region will become of significant historical and touristic value. On the other hand, the military alliance between the two countries will ensure the security of the Black Sea and Black Sea countries in the strongest manner.

Mr. Erdoğan and Mr. Putin, making great use of this historical opportunity by leading the way in cooperation, will pave the way for wonderful developments. An independent Crimea, bound by ties of blood, history and love, and under the care and protection of both countries, will become the adamantine symbol of a strong Turkish-Russian alliance and brotherhood. This alliance will be the greatest response to the British deep state, which has a habit of provoking the two countries against each other throughout history.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and

Iran And Turkey Will Stay As Brothers No Matter What

14 03 2017

by Harun Yahya

The Middle East has always been the target of certain factions due to its geopolitical significance and rich underground sources.

These circles have stirred disorder in the region by driving a wedge between the regional countries. Against all odds, Turkey together with Iran and Russia dealt a strong blow to those who tried to hatch plot to fragment this league. This alliance had the privilege to take the first practical steps on the way to a peaceful solution in Syria since civil war broke out. Yet, as soon as the effect of this union was clear, these provocateurs imposed pressure in many ways to disband this nexus. These countries bear grave responsibility to bring stability to the region.

For a long time, these agitators attempted to execute several schemes to damage the ties between Turkey and Russia. However, recently both countries did not allow any kind of fracture to splinter their on-going affairs taking lesson from the damage done to both peoples during the time of the downing of the jet crisis. Recently, these provocateurs have tried to derail the relations between Iran and Turkey. Regardless of being aware of the burden and responsibility to bring peace to the region, these two strong countries have repelled such attempts. They will probably do so for current and future events; not only because they are two regional countries that need each other in many aspects but also because they have a lengthy history of brotherhood and friendship dating back to a thousand years. Presidents Rouhani and Erdogan’s meeting in Pakistan on the sidelines of Economic Cooperation Organization summit was an exemplary move in which both leaders used constructive rhetoric to improve their ties. While Rouhani stated “Resolving political differences [between Iran and Turkey] can lead to regional stability,” Erdogan focused on ending the bloodshed, saying, “Let us extinguish the flames of fitna”.

When we examine the history of both countries, we see that the existence of Turks in Iran dates back long before the Oghuz migration. Thanks to these mass movements, the Turkish population became a significant part of the demographics of Iran making us true brothers. With the effects of this intermingling, the Turkish language endorsed many Farsi words and Iranian culture had a profound impact upon Turkish culture. On the other hand, Turkish became the second spoken language in Iran. Additionally, there were numerous interactions between them concerning the states’ administrative systems, arts and science.

A very important accord to determine the border between the Ottomans and Safavids was signed in 1639. The 570-kilometer border that was determined during the time of the treaty of Qasr-e Shirin is still valid today. This border is famous because it is the only border that has stayed unchanged for 377 years and it is, at the same time, the only border in the Middle East that was not drawn by the imperialist powers. This accord is frequently stated as a historical document to recall how these two countries have a long-term relationship based on mutual respect. Despite the fact that there were some conflicts between the Ottomans and Iranians throughout the course of history, they penned many peace treaties aside from the Qasr-e Shirin and enjoyed political and military relations. 1555 Peace of Amasya, 1590 The Treaty of Constantinople, also known as Treaty of Ferhad Pasha, 1612 Treaty of Nasuh Pasha, 1618 Treaty of Serav, to name only a few.

Turkey and Iran should be mindful of this rich, common history all the time and determine their foreign policy accordingly. Their relationship should be kept intact even though there might be government changes in one of them.  Their ties are beyond politics. History has proven this friendship and hopefully time will show the same. They should both feel blessed they are neighbors. It is a great favor for Turkey to have Iran on its border as a devout Muslim country and vice versa. Believing in the same God and following the same faith are the most important factors to draw two countries together as a family. Leaders from both sides have declared their identities as Muslims not differentiating that they are Sunni or Shia on many occasions in which they shared.

They both have very powerful armies and their union would be a great deterrence for those trying to fuel tension in the region. They can also develop a strategy on cooperating in terms of energy and trade. This collaboration will definitely be very fruitful to increase the living standards of both peoples. Turkey can play an important intermediary role to connect Iran to Europe since Iran is new in the international arena after some of their sanctions were lifted. Iran had been having difficult times due to these sanctions and when they were lifted, they found relief. With the support of Turkey, Iran would get a huge economic boost. It would give both Turkey and Iran a huge economic relief.

It would be a great mistake to fall into the erroneous idea of sectarian division in the region. No Muslim should let anyone speak against any sects. There are millions of Shias living in Turkey and at least fifteen million Shia Azeri Turks inhabit in Iran. The Shia sect is a beauty that all the Muslims should be proud of and those endorsing this sect are all very dear and blessed people. When both countries like each other, they will certainly witness abundance. To accelerate the steps in forming this unity, leaders from both countries should make frequent visits to one another, giving positive messages of unity and cooperation. Businessmen and civilians should follow. Carrying out joint projects on many levels will help the links grow. Lifting visa procedures between these countries will also be an important achievement in this approach. This unity will be sufficient to thwart any plans to destabilize the region. The unification of these two countries will be a role model for other Islamic nations and hopefully we will see others follow in their steps.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and

Watch Out For Provocations Against Russia

9 03 2017

by Harun Yahya

Recently, Britain became the voice for a potential war with Russia. First, former NATO commander General Sir Richard Shirreff’s book, 2017 War with Russia, came out in May; after that, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called on the British people to participate in street demonstrations against Russia. Last week, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon stated that war with Russia is not likely in 2017, but Britain would be ready for war against Russia in two years. There is a climbing tension between countries, nothing short of the one the world experienced when Cold War tensions occasionally peaked. British politicians are ignoring the fact that a war between Russia and the Western bloc would drag the whole world into it.

Only 100 years ago the world was dragged into a serious war that went on for four years. The ambitions of European politicians thrust the world into an irreversible conflict in three weeks. This conflict was the First World War and led to deaths of 20 million people. Twenty years later, even before the ink on the peace treaties dried, another much deadlier world war broke out. By the time the warring parties sat round the peace table, 50 million people had lost their lives. A century after all these events, there is no doubt that the conditions have changed dramatically. A potential world war in the 21st century would likely claim several hundred millions of lives. No one in the world has the right to gamble millions of lives.

The tension of a war with Russia is an obsessive policy dating back to the 20th century. Today, the world is not polarized between two opposing sides. Nations are deeply linked to each other through commercial, social, cultural and economic ties. Thanks to new communication technologies, black propaganda is not as effective as it used to be. Most of the world can access accurate information with a speed which was not even dreamed of 30 years ago. Deceiving the masses and dragging them towards unnecessary wars will not be as easy for warmongers as it was in the past.

The current events could have been regarded as a temporary crisis. However, the increasing military measures in parallel with rising political tensions are among the factors that make the situation more volatile. The first move was the deployment of NATO troops to Eastern European and the Baltic countries after the call from the Atlantic Council. After the NATO summit in Warsaw in June 2016, the number of troops stationed on the eastern borders of Russia increased rapidly. With NATO’s plan to boost its presence in the Black Sea region, the circle surrounding Russia will be completed. In an environment where military mobilization is this intense, it will not be possible for political tensions to diminish.

Britain and NATO points to Russia’s aggressive policies on Syria and Ukraine as the reason behind these recent tensions. However, they are ignoring the events in both countries leading up to the Russian intervention. Ukraine’s last three elections since 2004 were concluded in the shadow of street demonstrations. The so-called Orange Revolution, first sociologically, then physically, divided the country into two. After the coup of 2014, which overthrew President Yanukovych, Russia became an active side in the country. The biggest supporters of the revolution that brought the civil war and divided the country were George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. During the same period, successive colorful revolutionary attempts were carried out in former Soviet Republics: Kyrgyzstan and Georgia only narrowly avoided dissolution. The street demonstrations in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Belarus and Uzbekistan were barely stopped before they could turn into revolutions. Kiev, which was proclaimed as the heart of the Russian people for a thousand years, is now the epicenter of anti-Russian policies. There is a hostile formation only several hundred kilometers away from Moscow. Even though Russia employed a reactive strategy of “justifiable self-defense” in light of all this, it would be more accurate to say that the true responsibility lies with the EU countries, which laid the groundwork for these movements and simultaneously ostracized Russia. Those who pursue the truly aggressive policies in the region are the deep powers, which drag countries into civil wars, technically, financially and politically support the revolutions, and expect to profit from these conflicts.

Besides, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the origin of the ongoing civil wars in countries like Syria, Libya, Egypt and Yemen were the Arab Spring demonstrations. In no part of the Arab Spring was Russia involved. Between the years 2010 and 2015, Syria was razed to the ground by coalition aircrafts and 15 million Syrians were forced to leave their homes. The north of the country was divided into cantons controlled by the PKK and the PYD terrorist organizations. Those who first dragged the country into ruin were the aggressive policies of the anti-Russian front. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov likens these policies to a “bull in a china shop”. Due to their very nature based on use of brute force, these policies are not protective, but destructive. The thing to do in order to save Syria is to immediately abandon these destructive policies and to look for a solution based on alliances for the region.

In various places of the world, hundreds of thousands of people are arming themselves with weapons to fight every morning. At any moment, some kind of provocation can ignite the fuse of a great war as the Sarajevo assassination did in 1914. There are many subcontractor organizations that can volunteer for it and the deep states that will instruct them are sinister and merciless. In the civil wars of Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen, there are tens of thousands of mercenaries. As for Mediterranean, five aircraft carriers, over a hundred warships, warplanes, helicopters, amphibious transport docks and tens of thousands of soldiers are advancing. An environment where deadly weaponry is stocked with such intensity is no doubt a very risky one. Within these conditions, the tense tone in international relations should be abandoned immediately, and the language of peace should reign over world politics.

War with Russia is a disastrous scenario that shouldn’t even be considered. Tensions with Russia mean putting the entire world into danger. Russia is not a potential threat; on the contrary, it is a country to form a friendly and amiable alliance with. Such an alliance can bring great value to the West. For this, the language of peace should be brought back; what an alliance would bring should be considered, not conflict, and the fruitful and fine outcomes of growing powerful together, not fighting with each other, should be appreciated.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and