Flawed Plan for Syria

22 11 2015

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by Harun Yahya

A decision regarding the Syrian problem passed with little notice due to the busy world agenda last week. There was talk of a six-month transitional period in Syria, followed by elections.

Nobody considered the question as to how can a state be built in a country without a nation? Nobody asked, “What is the plan for the broad stretches under the control of Daesh and other radical groups?” As a matter of fact, the Syrian people should have taken such decisions but it is Russia and US that are calling the shots. And the regions discussed under the plan consisted only of Southwest Syria under regime’s control and the north, Rojaya, under the control of the YPG.

Observers may recall that Turkey had expressed its various concerns to the US. It said that any military aid for the PYD in Syria would be regarded as a hostile act against Turkey. The US, which explicitly referred to its military aid to the PYD during these announcements and stated that it supported autonomy under PYD leadership in the region, suddenly changed its tone on Nov. 4, saying that it would not even accept a semi-autonomous system in the region and that no military aid was being given to the PYD, but rather to Arab groups in the area.

The Arab groups in the region refer to Sanadid, and to Suwal Al-Raqqa that broke away from the Free Syrian Army. These two groups are known for their Stalinist ideology and act together with the YPG. A fictitious name, the “Syrian Democratic Forces” said to be fighting Daesh in the region, has recently come to prominence. This in fact symbolizes a grouping including the above-mentioned Arab groups and the YPG (the armed wing of the PYD). In other words, US weapons are directly reaching the YPG, but under a different name. The US Deep State is therefore playing with words in an effort to win Turkey over and avoid probable international condemnation.

International condemnation is the reason for this change in the US tone. Recent reports by international groupings on YPG indicated the severity of the situation. Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a report in June documenting YPG violations of human rights. In a second report, in July, it described the horror of the PYD’s use of child soldiers. In October, Amnesty International documented how the YPG had directed US bombers toward areas with civilian populations and added its policy of repression of the local Arab population to the report. Amnesty International stated that the YPG had committed war crimes in the region and violated international law. At the same time, the Kurdish people in the Kurdish area of Syria carried out violent protests. These protests were against the YPD/YPG and were an uprising by local people against the PYD because of its violation of international humanitarian law.

The US concern entered the equation here. Directly arming the Stalinist YPG, a documented international war criminal, was dragging the US into a situation that would be difficult explain. The international community may have believed this change of tone, but very few people in Turkey have. The US policy of trying to win over the Turkish administration and people, experts on the Stalinist and terrorist PKK and its treachery, is a mistaken one.

In the immediate wake of these developments the issue of Jarabulus, the only area on the south line of Turkey that the YPG has failed to take, was again raised by the US. Jarabulus has long been in Daesh’s hands. The US wants to expel Daesh from the region.

In all likelihood only Turkey in the region can see the terrible consequences of the steps taken by the US Deep State to remove Daesh from various parts of Syria. It is as if a Stalinist YPG line along our border has been dreamed up in order to separate us from Muslim lands and make it easier for the PKK to settle on Turkish territory. It is sad to see how our ally, the US, is serving this plan.

The strategy is a familiar one; US planes bomb targets based on coordinates given by the YPG, and YPG militants then move in. Let us remember Tal Abyad, from where the Turkmens and Arabs were expelled after the YPG took control. The US showed pictures of what was said to be the FSA flag flying in the region to prove that the PKK/YPG terror organization had not moved in. Yet that flag actually belonged to none other than Suawal Al-Raqqa, which had broken away from the FSA and acts with the YPG. In other words, a ruse was being worked out under the name of the “Democratic Syrian Forces,” a virtual entity entirely deriving from the mindset of the YPG. Now the US Deep State wants to use a similar means to remove Daesh from Jarabulus with Turkish help. Yet the Turkish administration is unable to obtain an answer to the question, “What will happen once Daesh departs?” Because the safe zone along the Mare line proposed by Turkey was again rejected by the US at the G-20 summit in Turkey this week. Only one option therefore remains to move the virtual entity known as the “Democratic Syrian Forces” into the region; in other words, to move the PKK in.

It is difficult for us to understand the idea of seeking military help from Turkey in order to settle the PKK, Turkey’s sole enemy, along the Turkish border. However, name changes, political maneuvers and a veiled political language make it all the easier to raise such proposals.

The determined US backing for the PYD is of concern to Russia. Russia’s longstanding aim is to strengthen Baath rule in Syria. The precondition for that is a Baathist mindset, not Assad. Since the PYD adheres to the similar ideology, it would seem to be the only component in Syria on which the US and Russia can agree. If Syria’s future is to be built on this Stalinist terrorist basis, then even worse scourges clearly lie in wait for the Middle East. We hope that rational US and Russian leaders can grasp this before it is too late.

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The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and www.harunyahya.com

Israel: $50 Billion Fence Mending with the US

18 11 2015

Remember this Next November when you cast your vote.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 6.21.20 PMI am sure $50 billion destined to Israel as “fence mending” could do a great deal to mend fences with millions of Americans (exceeding the entire population of Israel) cheated out of their homes, cheated out of their pensions, cheated out of their jobs, cheated out of their dignity and self-respect by the White House and Congress that chose to mend fences with criminal Israel, but not with its own citizens.

I always have a hard time trying to understand this so called “special relationship” between Israel and the US. It is not strategic; it is not political; it’s not moral; at best it’s a special relationship between a whore and its pimp. The more the pimp beats the whore, the more money the whore gives to her pimp.

This week the White House hosted none other than Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, for what was termed as mending fences. It was a meeting between the pimp and its whore, the US.

Think about it. Bibi Netanyahu keep hitting and punching President Obama left and right and below the belt, and our President, the most powerful man in the world, kept taking it, adding insult to injury. Too bad Mr. Obama did not tell Bibi to go to Hell.

The last time Bibi was in the US, he was invited by Congress to deliver a speech to a joint session of Congress in an attempt to block the Iran nuclear deal. Very few members of Congress dared to skip out on the speech, and Bibi received numerous standing ovations.

Bibi came to speak to Congress to warn the US about the danger of a nuclear Iran when he, his intelligence services, and all of the intelligence services around the world knew that Iran did not have the bomb and didn’t seek the bomb. Bibi knew how to make stupid fools out of Congress, when his intention all along was not the Iranian bomb, but how to fleece and blackmail America out of more money.

This week, he got what he wanted: $50 billion, in what is referred to as “mending fences” between the US and Israel, and between Obama and Netanyahu. Bibi arrived at the White House shortly after being honored by the American Enterprise Institute, the “incubator” of America’s wars on behalf of Israel; wars where trillions of dollars were wasted, and where tens of thousands of our finest soldiers were injured or maimed for life or killed. Yes, Bibi deserves such an award because he is the pimp that America is afraid of.
Fence Building — This is the fence that Bibi built with American dollars

Fence Building — This is the fence that Bibi built with American dollars

Just imagine what $50 billion in “mending fences” can do for the people of West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Southern Ohio, Southwest Virginia, Appalachia.

Just imagine all the clean drinking water, the brand new sewage treatment plants, the medical and dental care, the technical schools and universities, the job retraining, the environmental cleanup and restoration, and decent and affordable housing. It would make that region come closer to what the people of Israel with our money enjoy.

No Sir, our Administration and Congress continue to give priority to Israel over American citizens. For the $10 million AIPAC and the American Jewish leadership contribute to political campaigns through PACs, Congress votes tens of billions of our tax dollars to Israel, without even a debate.

It makes no sense, and we need to throw out and vote out of Congress all those Israeli Firsters, who send our tax dollars to a criminal racist rogue nation like Israel.

As I look around, maybe there are a few things that bind us to Israel, such as our political bankruptcy, our illegal and criminal wars, our treatment of our own citizens of “color”; but there are other qualities that don’t bind us to Israel, such as our sense of morality, our sense of justice, fairness, humanity and charity, and looking after our neighbors.

National cultural values are the landmark of the American people. Israel shares none of these value systems with us.

The so-called Judeo-Christian values do not bind us with a Zionist state whose religion is Zionism, not Judaism.

Remember next November when you go to the voting booth. Remember all those members of Congress who voted $50 billion for Israel, but who did not vote the $50 billion for you and for your neighbors and friends, nor for our citizens in Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Southern Ohio, Southwest Virginia. They deserve the money more than a nation whose GDP was $365 billion.


Terrorism and Turkey

15 11 2015


by Harun Yahya

Following June 7 elections in Turkey, HDP surpassed the threshold and AKP lost its parliamentary majority that it had held for the past 13 years. In other words, after 13 years of single-party rule, coalition efforts started which also ended in failure. A temporary government was set up to be in charge until the preliminary elections on November 1.

During this busy period of elections, polarization in Turkey intensified, terrorist attacks increased and various other factors that could affect the elections came into play.

However, among all these factors, rising terrorist attacks in Turkey need special consideration. Just like in many countries of the world, the purpose of terrorist groups in Turkey is not always demoralizing people or taking revenge, but is sometimes about conveying a political message. Because political outcomes of terrorist attacks are important in their quest to conquer from within.

PKK terror that has been scourging Turkey for the past 40 years has a similar nature. Having enjoyed strong support of certain deep groups throughout its history due to its communist background, PKK managed to stay alive in Turkey. Sometimes through terrorism, sometimes using cease-fires or negotiations as a pretense, PKK has done everything to stall the state in its pursuit of the goal of conquering from within. Regrettably, this tactic worked.

The bloodiest terrorist attack in Turkey’s history happened on October 10 in Ankara and had all the characteristics of such an agenda. A quick look at PKK’s history will reveal that it never refrained from killing its own supporters to secure Marxist support by playing the victim. This is actually not at all surprising for a terrorist organization that executed 17,000 of its own militants.

Indeed, the explosion that happened in Diyarbakir only two days before the general elections, the suicide bombing in Suruc that claimed the lives of 34 people in July and the Ankara attack have all similar characteristics. For instance, all of them happened during HPD rallies, which is the political party that PKK supports. The fact that no HDP member was present at those rallies is mysterious and merits serious consideration.

Furthermore, the targets of these bombs have always been groups known for their support of HDP.

For these reasons, it is safe to say that the attacks were tactical terrorist moves intended to turn PKK into victims, by targeting its supporters while making sure that PKK wasn’t harmed in the process.

The fact that these bloody attacks happened right before or after the elections also needs to be considered carefully. Let us add that after the Diyarbakir attack, in a span of a mere day, HDP managed to increase its votes by two percent.

There is one important fact that we need to keep in mind: HDP is an important political party with important values, such as democracy and women’s rights. However, the fact that it is kept under constant PKK threat makes it a risk for Turkey. Therefore the problem is not the values it defends, but the PKK support it enjoys.

As some factions known to be close to PKK in Turkey continue their policy of creating a diversion, it was revealed that the individuals who tweeted “about the explosion in Ankara” a day before it actually happened were PKK members. Similarly, PKK defector D.B. confessed that PKK planted the bombs at the HDP rally venue in Diyarbakir. Another recent development, regarding the Suruc explosion, came after a convicted PKK member named Gulistan D. admitted that Nazli D. organized the attack in Suruc to “provide leverage to PKK.”

But is it true that after these attacks, PKK has gotten what it wanted, namely more people blaming the government? Regrettably, the polarization in Turkey has now peaked. And clearly, the terrorist attacks have had untoward effects on the country’s stability. Yet the real impact is yet to be seen, when the elections are held two weeks later. Unless the government takes more effective measures to curb PKK’s terror, and adopt a uniting rhetoric instead of a polarizing one, there is no doubt that the terrorist organization will benefit from such an environment. In other words, as long as this rhetoric continues, the outcome of the November 1 elections will not be significantly different.

Even if the election results do not change significantly, the attitude after the elections should be different and decisively more positive than in June.

Most importantly, a coalition government should be formed urgently, without further ado, so that escalating terrorism can be effectively countered.

Parties should reach an agreement on the basis of their shared values and temporarily set aside their differences. The recently rising language of hatred and anger in politics should be replaced with a language of love that will have a positive impact on people.

It is important to understand the sheer scale of the problems Turkey is facing: Increased terror attacks, a raging war right on its borders and millions of refugees that it is accommodating. If in the face of these challenges people fail to cling to each other, lose their bonds of friendship and love and become divided, the ensuing troubles will be like nothing seen before. It should be kept in mind that the stability of countries depends on the happiness of their people. Turkey should adopt a strategy to rebuild its solidarity and union, despite all the negative outcomes of the challenges it is facing.

This is important because Turkey, as an Islamic country, has a great responsibility to be the bright, democratic, stable and free face of Europe and the Middle East.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and www.harunyahya.com

How Can Lebanon Break Its Downward Spiral?

8 11 2015


by Harun Yahya

Lebanon has long been a very strategic country despite its small size. Its borders with Syria and Israel and its unique communal set-up made it a special but fragile country open to foreign intervention. The unrest between the Muslim and Christian communities led to a long and painful civil war that began in 1975 and lasted for 25 years, claiming the lives of 100,000. Once known as the Paris of the East, beautiful Beirut is today changed beyond recognition both due to the civil war and the foreign intervention.

However, the country, despite its struggling economy and post-war situation, admirably hosts a very large number of Syrian refugees in addition to Palestinian refugees that sought shelter there after the Arab-Israeli conflict started.

During the Arab Spring, Lebanon managed to maintain its stability and despite the fact that its politics is largely dominated by certain families, it escaped unscathed from the destructive winds that left a trail of destruction throughout the Middle East.

At the moment, things are relatively calm, but political turmoil continues, as the country hasn’t had a President since May 2014 due to political disputes.

Despite the election dilemma, the country held on to its stability for the most part, until recently, when a garbage landfill south of the capital was shut down. Since then the trash started piling up in the streets, causing the residents a good deal of distress and discomfort and very possibly, serious health concerns. Although the government has repeated on many occasions that they are working on a solution, the trash crisis led to a popular movement called ‘YouStink’, followed by a larger movement demanding accountability from the country’s political leaders, which are seen by most as thoroughly corrupt.

Although more freedoms and better management of the country and seeing to it that it is free from corruption are natural demands, it is of paramount importance that both the people of Lebanon and political leaders act with great caution for the best interests of their country. We all have seen the destructive consequences of the Arab Spring, which also started with promises of more freedom, democracy and better living standards.

Neither Lebanon nor the region can afford to slip into a dangerous situation one more time.  They need to carefully observe the situation and the consequences of similar movements in Syria, Libya, Egypt or Yemen. Furthermore, given its history of foreign intervention at its weakest, it would be incredibly risky to further weaken the country.

What the people of Lebanon should do is to embrace and spread a spirit of peace and solidarity from the bottom up. It is crucial that Muslims, especially the political parties abandon sectarian or ethnic divides and embrace each other on the basis of Muslim identity. They should see Christians and the Druze as people entrusted to them by God, and approach them with love and compassion. This beautiful spirit of love and common sense will give an important message to Lebanese politicians and encourage them to take more concrete steps in improving the country’s management.

Needless to say, the garbage issue and other problems the country faces needs to be resolved urgently. However, it is important that the beautiful people of Lebanon make their demands known with peaceful and democratic methods. Mass petitions, signature campaigns, rallies that are orderly, civilized and respectful to the authorities, appointments between the representatives of activist groups and relevant government agencies and TV interviews will help achieve quick and effective results. When people make their requests known through such peaceful, civilized and respectful methods, it is unlikely that any government would remain indifferent. It is crucial that the people of Lebanon do not resort to the aggression and rebellion, which can be considered a tradition in the Middle East now and continue to adhere by the principles of democracy.

In return, the government should take immediate action to solve the garbage problem urgently. After this step is taken, other reasonable requests of the people should be taken into account to create a more transparent, more efficient and more accountable system of governance that includes participation from all the groups in society. Following this, the political bottleneck regarding the presidential elections should be eliminated and a peaceful, all-embracing president who is respectful of freedoms and human rights must be elected to take the country off this dangerous journey down the path to self-destruction.

Both the good people of Lebanon and the suffering peoples of the Middle East need peace and stability. It would be a grave mistake for the people of Lebanon to embark on a risky adventure, especially given the recent examples around them.

We hope that this beautiful country, with its rich history and legacy, gets back on its feet very soon through peaceful and democratic means and that the good people of Lebanon can achieve the living standards they deserve.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and www.harunyahya.com


Russia’s Stance on the Muslim World

30 10 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 19.29.07

by Harun Yahya

September 23rd, 2015, was a milestone for relations between Russia and the Muslim world. Russian President Vladimir Putin, accompanied by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, opened a new mosque in Moscow that can accommodate 10,000 people.

Moscow today is home to some two million Muslims. This is more than the population of some Muslim countries in the world. Most of this community is made up of Muslims from the Russian Republics of the Northern Caucasus, Azerbaijan and other Central Asia Republics that formerly made up the Soviet Union. Furthermore, there are considerable numbers of Muslims coming from Tatarstan and Bashkortostan Republics situated by the Caspian Sea. Turks, with a population of 15,000 people, make up only a modest portion of this Muslim society.

The Russian Federation is home to a staggering 20 million Muslims, where Muslim and Christian communities are known for their warm and friendly co-existence. Christians happily live in Muslim majority areas while Muslims enjoy discrimination-free lives in Christian majority areas. Such peaceful co-existence is hard to come by, even in the Western countries that claim to be champions of human rights.

Muslims play a dominant role in the Russian economy. According to Forbes’ Richest 100 Russians, Muslims make up an important part of wealthiest Russians. Alisher Usmanov, the number three businessmen on the list, is an Uzbek Muslim; another name that made it to the top on the list is Azeri Vagid Aliekberov, followed by Aras Agalarov, Ingush Said Selam and Mikhail Gutseriyev, Dagistani Suleiman Kerimov and Uzbek Iskander Makhmudov. These names represent only some of the many Muslim businessmen that are major players in the Russian economy.

Muslims play an important and central role in Putin’s domestic and foreign policies as well. For instance, Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, Tatar President Rustem Minnikhanov, and Vladislav Surkov, who has held the position of First Deputy Chief of the Russian Presidential Administration for a long time, are only some of these names.

Scientists such as Damir Hayreddinov, Rashid Sunyaev, artists like Dina Garipova, Dinara Satreddinova and athletes such as Kurban Berdiyev, Marat Safin, Nail Yakubov are all proudly making a name for Russian Muslims in the world.

The last two years in the world of Russian Muslims paint a fairly different picture. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, intense clashes erupted in Muslim majority areas due to the ensuing power vacuum. As tensions between Georgians-Abkhazians, Armenians and Azeris came close to triggering a wider scale Muslim-Christian confrontation, they ended on a local level. During the same time, two major Chechen wars resulted in the blood of hundreds of thousands of Muslims. However, this painful picture for Muslims was largely eliminated as Putin’s policies helped bring calm and stability. Muslims finally were able to live their faith, speak their language and practice their traditions freely.

The Russian Federation’s President Putin’s affiliation with the Islamic world isn’t merely limited to Muslims in his own lands. Since it is home to more than 20 million Muslims, Russia became an observer member of the Organization of the Islamic Conferences. The same year, it signed a deal with Saudi Arabia for building $14 billion dollar investment fund. After sanctions were lifted, trade between Iran-Russia gained speed and it is now known that the parties are discussing a comprehensive barter agreement.

Russia-Turkey relations have also followed a similarly positive route, despite small disagreements on various issues from time to time. Mega- projects such as the Turkish Stream, which will take Russian gas to Europe via Turkey, are currently underway. As the embargo disagreements with the USA and the EU over Ukraine are raging, Turkey proved yet again that it was one of the most reliable business partners of Russia. Despite its NATO membership, Turkey never neglected its trade and political relations with Russia.

President Putin’s good relations with Muslims both inside and outside his country are highly commendable and could be improved even more. The reliable ally that Russia has been seeking is undoubtedly the Islamic world. We hope that Russia always enjoys good relations with the Western world, but the truth is the Islamic world shares much more in the way of common values with the Russian people and Russia compared to the Western world. Muslims are loyal, they know what it is like to live through difficulties and they are not selfish. Additionally, they take pleasure in altruism and never betray their friends, regardless of the circumstances. Although materialism has gained control of the Islamic world, Muslims never refrain from sacrificing for the sake of their friends, all due to their strong spiritual values. Once again, thanks to this spiritual depth, Muslims have open hearts and practice sincerity. Therefore it is quite easy for Russia to win over hearts and minds and enjoy the support of Muslims. In short, the safe haven for Russia, which is being pushed away by the Western world due to the West’s erroneous policies, is the Islamic world. A strong unity of love to be built between Russia and the Islamic world will lead to an unbreakable bond.

The Islamic world and Russia control a major part of the world’s oil reserves. Russia is an important balancing factor in the world’s oil markets and President Putin pursues decisive and independent policies in this matter. He views Russian interests as greater than the interests of corporate monopolies. The reason behind the pernicious anti-Russian propaganda seen in some Western media outlets today is actually these very oil policies. The truth is, policies independent of oil monopolies are in the best interests of the Islamic world. Cooperation will therefore be on common denominator.

President Putin is also aware of the importance of alliance with Muslims. He wishes to further economic cooperation and extend it to the social arena and build real and lasting solidarity and brotherhood. However, the fact remains that radicalism is still a threat for the Islamic world. It is imperative that moderate Muslims come together in the Islamic world and work together to completely eliminate radical tendencies. They should lead the efforts to communicate true Islamic values to the Muslims in Russia, which wishes to see the true Islam, completely purged of radicalism, and help spread real Islamic values in the country. The words of President Putin’s at the opening of the Moscow mosque will no doubt build the foundations of this new era of alliance:

“It will be a source for education, spreading humanist ideas and the true values of Islam.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and www.harunyahya.com

Jerusalem for All.

28 10 2015

Sami Jamil Jadallah

The violent events of the last weeks in Jerusalem from stabbing to premeditated targeted killings to planting of knives next to Palestinians after being shot and killed should tell us few things. Israel is unfit and unqualified to mange and run the city. The PLO failings in Oslo also make it unfit and unqualified to represent the interests of Palestinians in the city.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 3.31.42 PM

That Israel, contrary to its marketed slogan “ the only democracy in the Middle East” is a racist xenophobic country and never a country for all of its citizens. That the Palestinian leadership of the PLO is a self serving, corrupt, inept organization not trusted to represent, let alone protect the life and rights of those it claims to represent. That nothing short of providing international protection for the Palestinians population of Jerusalem, certainly in the entire Occupied Territories will do. That the US as party to the conflict is never to be trusted as fair and honest broker.

The Palestinians under Israeli Occupation are “damn if you do and damn if you don’t”. While all nations and people have an absolute and inalienable right to resist foreign occupation including armed resistance, Palestinians are the only people and nation denied such rights. Any form of resistance is seen as “acts of terrorism”, sanctioned by the PLO, Oslo and the United State.

All official Israeli armed acts and the acts of criminal trespassing settlers are deemed “self defense” no matter what are the circumstances, including targeted assassinations, detentions without charges, house demolitions, acts of arsons and cold blooded murders, uprooting, burning of hundreds of thousands of olive trees, confiscation of properties and denial of access to one land and farm. The Palestinians are denied any rights of self-defense let alone any rights of resistance to the Israeli Occupation. Keeping in mind the Palestinian Authority and leadership role is a commercial and security partner with the Israeli Occupation.

For over 48 years, since the Six Day War, Palestinians in Jerusalem have been suffering from daily Israeli practice of discrimination and ethnic cleansing, supported for the most part by wealthy Jewish Americans using tax exempt organizations to confiscate Palestinian properties under the pretenses of being “Jewish” properties. Israeli courts for the most part allow falsified and fraudulent deeds in support of such criminal activities as we have seen most often in the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Sheik Jarrah and Bab-Alamoud.

The violent events of the last several weeks, while not a full fledge Third Intifada is an expression of pent-up anger and frustration over the ethnic cleansing that has seen over 80,000 Palestinians losing their residency in Jerusalem and the confiscations of their properties. Palestinians in Jerusalem are denied the basic right of building or adding rooms on their own properties, while Israeli Jews are allowed not only to steal the land but also build on it.

Since the founding of Israel and prior to the 67 War, Jerusalem, as we know it today, was divided by barb wires with East Jerusalem under Jordanian control and West Jerusalem under Israeli control with some minor UN presence.

It was only after the Six Day War that Jerusalem was united under total Israeli control, formally annexed to Israel shortly after the end the war.

Israel moved quickly and swiftly to consolidate its control over East Jerusalem making dramatic and drastic changes in the city demographic, totally destroying entire Arab neighborhoods as was the case with “ Maghreb Quarter” near the Dome of the Mosque.

Declaring the unified city as its eternal capital of Israel began to use a series of dubious laws as legal means to ethnically cleanse the city of its Arab residents. First it denies Palestinians their rights of residency under many pretenses and then uses “absentee laws” to officially steal and confiscate their properties.

The violent events of the last few weeks while not rising to a full fledged uprising or Intifada, it is an expression of anger and frustration over the treatment Palestinians receive at the hands of Israelis both soldiers and settlers.

While not denying the fact that some Palestinians in the absence of any rights to use arms to resist have resorted to “knifing” as a mean of expressing their anger and frustration with scores of Israeli suffering from such attacks.

Israel and Israelis taking full advantage of the “knifing” and the wide coverage in America and international media, began to plant knives next to murdered Palestinians. There are many videos out their clearly showing the planting of knives to justify the cold-blooded premeditated murders.

By now and after 48 years of total control over Jerusalem, Israel proved over and over is not a fair and honest trustee of a city of both Jews and Arabs (Christians and Muslims), its policies are so discriminatory it disqualifies it from managing unified city.

On the other hand, and not withstanding empty statements by the late Yasser Arafat and his successor Mahmoud Abba, Jerusalem and its Arab residents was never a priority, never received the necessary material support to help Arabs fight Israel’s onslaught on their very existence in the city.

The Palestinian leadership never translated its words to on ground deeds to help Arab residents fight to stay. Little if any legal support was given to the Palestinians to help them fight expulsion or confiscation and demolition of their properties. The cost of one international trip by Mahmoud Abbas and his entourage perhaps could have covered all the legal costs and fines. The Palestinian PLO leadership just like Israel is not qualified to represent and guard the interests of Arabs in the city.

While recognizing the efforts of the Organization of Islamic States to provide material support to Arab residents, it falls short of the massive comprehensive plans needed supported by a UN Security Council resolution. One also has to admit the difficulties the Organization of Islamic State face in support of those remaining in the city.

As Chairman of the Organization of Islamic State’s Committee on Jerusalem King Mohamed VI of Morocco has taken upon himself the difficult task of champion Jerusalem and the rights of the Arab citizens (Christians and Muslims) and with much appreciations, funded and continues to fund several projects to help Arab residence remain in the city.

Last year His Majesty held an international conference of member’s states specially to address the needs of both the people and the city emphasizing the importance of maintaining the Arab, Muslim and Christian character of the city.

While appreciative of the great efforts by His Majesty King Mohamed VI in supporting the city, the events of the last few weeks necessitate the urgent need for an international conference on Jerusalem, a “Jerusalem for All” that not only keep the city unified under international agreement but preserve the unique qualify of the city and its special status as a holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

It will be worth while to explore such an international conference, supported by a UN Security Council resolution, and His Majesty King Mohamed VI with his good standing among the people of all faiths, is well qualified to take the lead in calling for such conference, inviting the leading and heads of all faiths and denominations, Jews, Christians (including the Pope) and Muslims (Sunnis and Shiites) and world leaders to such conference, a conference that guarantees, respect and preserve the rights of all citizens in the city and preserve its unique historical structures and heritage, a city open to every one of all faiths and united for all of its citizens, a Jerusalem for All.

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