An Urgent Plea on Behalf of the Children of Syria

28 09 2016


by Harun Yahya

“The day I saw those people being cut in front of me, yes, I was afraid. I started crying.”

These words belong to a little Syrian girl that has suffered so much for her age. Many adults wouldn’t be able to stand the things she has been through, but she bravely embraces it with an admirable composure.

As brave as she is, her situation is very difficult, and she is not the only one. According to UNICEF, more than 80 percent of all Syrian children were affected by the civil war in their country. Regrettably, Syrian child refugees constitute almost half of the total number of Syrian people in need. Naturally, these vulnerable children suffer disproportionately from psychological problems. Experts have reported that 2 million of them are in urgent need of support and psychological treatment.

However before the war, they were like other children of the world. They had normal, happy lives; they had families, homes and schools. The sudden start and dramatic escalation of the civil war took them by surprise. Bombs began pummeling their neighborhoods, forcing them to witness the horrific ways their loved ones sustained injuries, or died. After a while, their houses joined the rubble that became the new Syria, and poverty and hunger kicked in. In the next couple of months, the struggle was no longer against bombs, violence or clashes alone. Water, electricity and heating were gone and food began running out. People, especially children, started dying of hunger in full view of the world. While obesity continued to kill thousands in different parts of the world, children in Syria tried to feed on grass to stay alive.

Little Ahmad from Kafrenboodeh is one Syrian child that remained in Syria. He explains how he lost his brother and grandfather in front of his eyes, with a greasy auto body shop as his background. He is there because he has to work, despite everything that has happened. He asks the question the world doesn’t want to hear: “What’s the difference between us and the other children of the world?” Walaa, 5, in Lebanon, says that resting her head on the pillow is the worst thing because that’s when the attacks came. Roua’a, from Eastern Ghouta, is a little girl, but, she, with her little friends, has to lift heavy buckets of water, maybe fifty times a day, using a pulley. This is the only way the family can get water for their daily needs.

Most of the Syrian refugees are women and children and among those that left Syria with the hopes of a safer, better life, not more than a couple of hundred, if not less, actually found the peace, respect and dignity that they deserve. However, there is no question that they deserve it like every other human being on this planet. Just like anyone else in their position would they tried to get away from the imminent danger, from an inhumane way of life. They walked through deserts under the scorching sun with nothing but the clothes on their backs, jammed into the backs of trucks with strangers, all with the hopes of attaining safety somewhere else. Although Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon admirably shouldered the majority of the burden, millions of Syrian refugees were failed by the rest of the world, which offered almost no help to them.

Masses drowned in high seas of the Mediterranean or the Aegean, tear-gassed and manhandled women, children and the elderly at the hands of the European border officers and facing accusations of being terrorists are only a few examples of the indescribable ordeal these people had to go through.

Imagine, how all these must be affecting the vulnerable soul of an innocent child? Living, seeing and experiencing things adults cannot even bring themselves to see on horror movies, these children were forced to turn into resilient adults at an extraordinarily young age; they had to be strong enough to embrace pain, injury, death, the loss of loved ones, discrimination, abuse, poverty and hunger. As a result, some of them turn angry and aggressive, while others become withdrawn and quiet. The experts believe that the majority of these children are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Although the tragedy in the region is unprecedented, and experts rush to evaluate the situation of the children from a psychological point of view, we all perfectly know that it is possible to make a change and help these children so that they can have better lives. The real action that must be taken in Syria should be restoring the atmosphere of love and brotherhood that children in particular need. It is crucial to show that the best asset is conscience. In order to compensate the deep damage caused by tyranny, the atmosphere in the region should be built on a policy of love, which seems to have been long forgotten. However, to do that, the weapons must be laid down and people should be given hope that days of peace and love will come soon.

Financial support is no doubt crucial for the people in the region. Indeed, it should continue without any interruption, and should be coupled with safety measures for Syria, constructive decisions and hope-inspiring plans. This should be done not only for Syria, but also for the refugees outside Syria. It is also crucial that the leaders of the countries hosting Syrian guests emphasize that the Syrians in their countries are their “own citizens.” These people — and especially the children — shouldn’t ever be made to feel like they are “the others” or “a burden.”

Together we can help these innocent children who have absolutely no fault in anything that happened in their country. Children are the beauties, the ornaments of the world, the innocent souls God created as a blessing for us. Therefore it is our duty to protect them. Let’s rise to the task and help these children like they are our own.


Harun Yahya has authored more than 300 books, translated into 73 languages, on politics, religion and science.

StopExecutionOf MirQuasemAli – There is no evidence supporting claims that Mir Quasem Ali is guilty

3 09 2016


As you are no doubt aware, Bangladesh recently has been a scene of shocking human rights violations with a number of executions involving seniors, for crimes alleged to have been committed decades ago, without presence of any substantial evidence.

Mir Quasem Ali, who lives in Bangladesh, is a famous Bangladeshi philanthropist and dedicated his entire life to helping people who have to live in difficult conditions.  Today, he is facing execution seemingly for politically charged reasons.

Mir Quasem Ali seems to be the latest victim of Bangladeshi government’s intolerance towards opposition. There are strong concerns that his arrest might be due to the criticism of the government in his newspaper. The fact that there is no documentary evidence or eyewitnesses to prove his guilt only reinforces these doubts.  Furthermore, the Chief Justice pointed out to the fact that there is no substantial evidence against him and was therefore removed from his duty. This and many other details make it clear that Mir Quasem Ali didn’t get a fair trial.

However, the real point that we would like to draw attention to, is not if he got a fair trial or not.

No human being deserves execution. Executing a person is not a punishment; this practice is ending the life of someone without giving him/her any opportunity for redemption.

Executing people, which is an extension of the darkness of the Middle Ages, is ruining the civilization of our world.

Even if it is proven that a person is guilty, the maximum punishment should be life sentence. Capital punishment can never be acceptable. Furthermore, at this point, there is not any evidence supporting the claim that Mir Quasem Ali is guilty.

We are kindly asking you to take action and urge the Bangladeshi government and courts to stop these executions and call for the stay of execution of Mir Quasem Ali.


International Conference on the Origin of Life and the Universe held in Conrad Bosphorus Istanbul (August 24, 2016) by the Technics & Science Research Foundation

30 08 2016

On August 24, 2016, a significant scientific conference was held at the Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel.

30 conrad

TBAV (Technics & Science Research Foundation) under the auspices of its Honorary Chairman Mr. Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya) brought together world-famous scientists in this important event, where the latest scientific developments were discussed.

12 conrad

International Conference on the Origin of Life and the Universe is a social responsibility project initiated by the Technics & Science Research Foundation.

Our guests renowned worldwide with their scientific studies who came from the US to attend our conference are:

conrad bosphorus_conference_fazale_rana_anjeanette_roberts_jeff_zweerink


Vice President of Research & Apologetics, Reasons to Believe

Biochemist Dr. Rana writes and speaks extensively about evidence for creation emerging from biochemistry, genetics, human origins, and synthetic biology. He addresses science-faith hot topics through books – including Creating Life in the Lab and The Cell’s Design – as well as articles, videos, podcasts, television and radio interviews and speaking engagements. He has addressed audiences at over 500 universities, churches, and conferences around the world.


Dr. Roberts holds a BS in chemistry at the University of Tulsa, a PhD in molecular and cell biology from the University of Pennsylvania. From 1997 to 2001, she conducted postdoctoral research in viral pathogenesis and “proof-of-concept” vaccine studies in Dr. John Rose’s lab at Yale University. From 2006 to 2013, she served as an assistant professor of graduate education for the University of Virginia’s microbiology faculty and directed the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program in Microbiology, Immunology, and Infectious Diseases. From 2013 to 2015, she was a visiting fellow with the Rivendell Institute at Yale.


Astrophysicist Jeff Zweerink writes and speaks on the compatibility of faith and science and on evidence for creation from a multiverse theory, dark energy and dark matter, and exoplanets. His speaking engagements take him to universities, churches, and other venues around the world, including high schools and youth groups.

Prior to joining RTB, Jeff Zweerink spent much time working on the STACEE and VERITAS gamma-ray telescopes and was involved in research projects such as the Solar Two Project and the Whipple Collaboration. He still holds a part-time position at UCLA and is working on GAPS, a balloon experiment seeking to detect dark matter. Jeff Zweerink is coauthor on more than 30 papers published in peer-reviewed journals, such as Astrophysical Journal, and Astroparticle Physics, and Astrobiology, as well as numerous conference proceedings.

60 conrad

The conference;

  • once again proved that genetics, biology, paleontology, physics, chemistry and astrophysics all answer the question ‘How did life begin?’ with ‘Creation’.
  • hosted leading academicians from the science world -all experts in their respective areas with many academic studies.

118 conrad

57 conrad

Some of the topics discussed during the conference were as follows:

– The true origin of man

– Why I say ‘God exists’

– Detailed examination and criticism of evolutionary theory

– Origins and creation of the universe

– Fossils: The conclusive evidence of the history of life

5 conrad

In addition to luminaries from the world of science, Turkish and international academicians, leaders of NGO’s, opinion leaders, journalists and politicians were also in the attendance.

The conference ended on a positive note, with mutual congratulations and hopes that cooperation among the participants will yield further conferences and the betterment of scientific understanding to advance both science and humanity.

119 conrad

Website for the International Conference on The Origin of Life and the Universe may be accessed at the following link:

Granting Syrians citizenship

28 08 2016


by Harun Yahya

Of late, an illustration depicting the tragedy of the oppressed Syrians has become popular on social media. The illustration titled “Choices for Syrian children” shows two children, whose images have become the symbols of the bloody war in Syria — Omran and Aylan.

Omran represents those Syrians who have not left their homeland despite the war. The cute 5-year-old Omran was pulled from the rubble of a building following aerial bombardment. He was covered in dust from head to toe. With blood on his face, he was sitting quietly on a seat in an ambulance. He was visibly stunned after the shocking experience. He was neither crying nor speaking. It is the cost of not leaving the land of his birth; a land full of violence, deaths, bombs, starvation and sufferings.

The other one was Aylan, who lost his life when the dinghy he had got on with his family, sank and whose body was lying on the beach. His picture symbolizes those Syrians who left their homeland and paid the ultimate price for trying to reach countries where they could live in peace and safety.

The illustration of these two innocent children sums up the dilemma of the Syrian people. The majority of Syrians under bombardment do not know what to do now; they are in despair and have no solution in sight. It is surely a right and reasonable choice for people to leave their destroyed homeland at war and seek refuge in other countries. What is wrong and not understandable is that some countries remain insensitive to their miseries and leave innocent people to die without making any allowances for children, women or the elderly.

Turkey is taking care of approximately 3 million Syrians and trying to look after them like their own children. Everyone undoubtedly appreciates this excellent attitude. However, Turkey is a developing country with limited resources. Despite its limited resources, Turkey has spent approximately $10 billion on refugees. But surely it is not possible for a country with limited means to solve all the problems.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced a new plan to improve the conditions of refugees in July. According to this plan, those among our Syrian brothers and sisters who want to become Turkish citizens will be granted citizenship. The declaration of the president immediately led to various reactions in the public and the social media.

It is a good decision. In the years when our Syrian brothers and sisters started to arrive in our country, I insistently laid emphasis on the importance of taking such a measure necessity. Granting our Syrian brothers and sisters citizenship would undoubtedly accelerate the process of their integration in Turkish society. Besides, it would make it easier for them to meet their basic needs, to overcome the difficulties they face in finding work, and to have access to extensive medical services and modern education. This attempt would help eliminate their concerns for the future and uncertainties about their lives. In short, it is an affectionate movement that would improve their lives.

Naturally, everyone is expected to support such a project. However, like in every society, there are loveless people — though small in number — in Turkish society as well. These people are generally distinguished by such characteristics as prioritizing their own comfort and hating almost everything in the world. Therefore, it is a remote possibility that such people would support a favor or a sacrifice.

The reason some people of hatred come up with for their objections to the existence of Syrians in our country is that they regard them as potential criminals. However, statistics have revealed that, contrary to popular belief, the rate of Syrians getting involved in infractions and crimes is very low. Therefore, any attempt to create an incorrect perception would be a discriminatory and racist attitude.

The thought that refugees could lead to social conflict is also unfounded. First of all, Syrians are not “foreigners.” They are people who believe in the same God, religion, scripture and prophets as we do, who share similar historical processes and culture with us. We have a 1,000-year relationship and a common background. That’s why our Syrian brothers and sisters were among those who poured into streets and stood against the coup on July 15 and who defended democracy with millions of people in the historic rally on Aug. 7. Considering there are no differences between them and us, there is no reason to worrying about the idea of granting them citizenship. Surely, there could be different opinions but a merciless tone toward the Syrian refugees is definitely wrong and it would not befit our society. Our duty is to show love toward these innocent people. What befits Turkey is to act in accordance with love, self-sacrifice and good morality, rather than with merely pursuing its own narrow self-interests, and to make a benevolent gesture to register these oppressed people as Turkish citizens.

It is important that conscientious people think properly and support this attempt; it is necessary to take into consideration that our Syrian brothers and sisters are already quite anxious. It is our responsibility to alleviate their fears and worries. Compassion brings compassion; a lack of love and feelings of cruelty open the door to disasters.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and

The World Must Rally Together to Help Children in Dire Straits

11 08 2016


by Harun Yahya

Some people prefer to remain completely indifferent to problems that do not affect their own lives. The events that happen around them do not concern or bother them as long as their families or relatives are not harmed by them.

However, they are willing to sacrifice anything when it comes to their own families. Foremost among them comes their own children.

A lot of people dote on their children; they use every means available for their happiness, health and peace, if necessary. This, of course, is a beautiful, as well as a reasonable attitude. What is surprising is that while these people cherish their own children, they completely ignore other children who live in difficulties.

Indeed, as you read these lines, a large number of children throughout the world are struggling to hold on to life fraught with dangers and hardships.

They become the target of bombs in the ongoing wars and conflicts in the Middle East.

They are exposed to rape and sexual abuse in refugee camps or forced to turn to prostitution to earn money.

They drown at sea while trying to reach European shores while fleeing from war.

They live in misery in poor South Asian or African countries, often devoid of adequate food, clean water, basic health and education services.

They are forced to marry at a young age or to work as slaves in hard labour.

They are frequently exposed to violence from their family or friends.

The cruelty and suffering that these pure and innocent children go through doubtlessly leaves deep scars in our souls. The recent report of the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) reminds us once again the gravity of the situation and the urgency for its solution.

According to the report published on the 70th anniversary of Unicef, if necessary precautions are not taken today it is estimated that by the year 2030, probably 69mn children under the age of five will die, and 167mn children will live in extreme poverty, while 60mn children on primary school age will not be able to go to school.

These figures are absolutely appalling; it is unacceptable to witness even a single baby, a single child suffer. So, how can a person consent to the risk of millions of them losing their lives? How can the possibility of millions of them being condemned to hunger and poverty be ignored?

Conscientious, sensitive, earnest, caring and good people can never consent to or remain indifferent to such a nightmare or endure it resignedly. Therefore, a great responsibility falls on everyone, from individuals to states; from companies to international organisations; from the media to non-governmental organisations and universities. Moreover, urgently lending a helping hand is of vital importance.

When the issue of helping indigent children comes up, generally the first thing to be mentioned is the difficulty in procuring funds.

However, the required financial support can easily be provided by the developed Western countries and wealthy Muslim states.

A very small portion of the amount that the developed and developing countries currently allocate to armaments would be more than enough to solve this problem.

Even a modest 5% of the defence expenditures of the US would ensure that 66mn children on the brink of starvation can be provided with adequate and healthy nutrition. Or just six days of the military spending of the rich countries would send all the children in the world to school to receive their primary education.

In other words, finding the funds to finance the solution is actually not at all difficult.

However using the funds allocated to children in need, only for them and without misuse is another important issue.

Additionally, preparing laws by taking child-related issues into consideration is a matter that must be addressed as well; providing them with free healthcare and basic education; taking measures to meet their needs and protecting their rights should be the primary responsibility of governments throughout the world.

Again in the co-ordination of these regulations, planned and systematic studies of all segments of society would provide more efficient results. All of this requires serious efforts and a firm commitment from the governments of the world.

Everyone must contribute to their well-being, happiness and joy.

Developing quick and technical solutions about many issues is possible through today’s modern technologies.

The primary problem is the terrible inequality, injustice, selfishness and lack of love we see all around the world: These are the real cause of the misery and deep suffering of millions of children.

Therefore, the rich and developed countries must put aside the raging and relentless spirit of savage capitalism; they should act in accordance with the good values they advocate such as equality, brotherhood, justice, love and solidarity.

Undoubtedly, indigent children also need emotional support, as well as social political, economic and technological support.

This is often a neglected aspect of the solution. For a thoroughgoing solution, they should be embraced with love and protected with compassion, sincerity and self-sacrifice.

In addition, they should be held dear and respected; they should be made to feel that they are intelligent people who are worth conversing and consulting with.

It is absolutely necessary to inform children — and youth in general — against the falsity of savage capitalism, communism and other harmful ideologies, and to teach them about love.

Nevertheless, some people think that humanitarian aid consists only of financial support. However, in terms of the positive and healthy development of children, all the things mentioned in this article have an essential significance.

Therefore, a great responsibility falls on the families, teachers and close relatives of children, all of whom play a vital role in a child’s personality.

There can be no peace, welfare and stability in a world in which children are not happy, healthy, peaceful and at ease. If their life is in danger, this means the future of society and indeed, the world, is in danger as well.

If innocent children are dying every passing minute in the world while it is entirely possible to help them, it is clear that there is not even a moment to lose to take action in this regard.

Everyone must contribute to the well-being, happiness and joy of children who are in fact the safeguards of our future and work with all their strength to avoid raising “lost generations”.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and

The Longest Night For The Turks

23 07 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 01.31.27

by Harun Yahya

Turkish nation had their longest night as Turkey experienced a failed coup d’état attempt on July 15, 2016. Turkish citizens flooded down to the streets after President Erdogan addressed the nation as the Commander of Chief via Face Time on CNN Turk and called them to the streets following an illegal coupnotice announced by an anchorwoman on TRT (Turkish official state television channel). Thanks to our people acting as one body, this ugly attempt was thwarted; yet, this was a bittersweet happiness considering the terrifying repercussions that came to light the second day.

A failed coup attempt on July 15

The result of the coup is that hundreds of our people have been martyred and many injured. For the first time in our history, the Turkish Parliament Building was bombed as well as the new Presidential complex. In this respect it was an incident we did not experience even during our Independence War or when Allies occupied our country during the Ottoman times. Low-flying military jets were all over the skies of the capital and Istanbul until dawn and blasts followed one another. I feel it is important to note that it was not the TAF that attempted this coup, but a small fraction implanted within the Army. Also for the first time, some soldiers, who belong to this fraction either consciously or not drove tanks through civilian areas. I am deliberately saying “consciously or not” because some of the young privates were called to execute their regular duty on the pretext of a military exercise. However, some of them who were carrying arms that were purchased by the taxes of Turkish citizens, crushed people with those tanks, while some shot many others from helicopters.

The scenes were terrifying. I am unable to bring myself to call those who pointed guns at our civilians as human beings; they are simply inhumane, cold, and callous creatures that were oppressing their own people. They committed a very serious crime and it is hard to imagine what people with such a monstrous mindset would do if they come to power.

Coups always cause tribulation

Being a citizen of a country, which has experienced many coups, it is fair to say that coups are always doomed to fail and never bring any development or positive change to a country. Coups have always paralyzed our country in the past and taken it backwards. Coups always cause tribulation (fitna) and “Fitna is worse than killing” (Qur’an 2/191). We will never allow our country fall into the hands of plotters. We are a country with a Muslim identity and we are living with a spirit of integrity, cohesion, love, and brotherhood. Our people are balanced and have always opposed fragmentation and conflict. We have always been side by side with our soldiers, police officers, nation and the state. However, such attempts may occur in any part of the world and since we are aware of their hazards, our people acted as one to thwart it and thanks to God succeeded. I called the people to be calm and act in sanity from the moment things started to progress in the evening time during my live TV program that continued all through the night and the next day.

Our nation made history

Some circles acted superficially and believed that carrying out a coup would solve everything without thinking of its consequences. No good will come out through imposition. In many parts of the world, human life is considered valueless and the moment they see a threat, they spray the people with bullets without resorting to any other methods. Turkey would never accept a transformation into becoming such a country. Turkish people have pride and they love their nation. This was the victory of the people and if our nation had not acted as well-built walls, the coup plotters would have succeeded even if they had half of their power, may God forbid. Our citizens showed their love for and devotion to their country together with their grandfathers holding their walking sticks, grandmothers, with young men taking back the arms from the coup plotting soldiers by using force courageously. Turkey will never forget the heroic men lying on the ground or parking their cars in front of the tanks to stop them going forward. The night started like a nightmare marking as a black stain but the next day our lionhearted people made history by protecting their country as best as they could. May God have mercy on our precious martyrs and bestow them with His paradise.

All the political parties are hand in hand against the coup

People were hand in hand and shoulder-to-shoulder, so were the non-governmental organizations, the politicians and the political parties to stand against this coup attempt. MHP leader Devlet Bahceli made a very important statement right at the beginning of the coup attempt by saying that coups were unacceptable and they were with the government. Similar declaration came from the main opposition party (CHP) leader Kilicdaroglu a few moments later. These were priceless moments Turkish history has experienced and showed the entire world the strength of the unitary power of Turkey. They held joint meetings to denounce this attempt within the ruined walls of the Assembly Building. None of the MPs from both the party in power and parties in opposition left the Assembly even at the time it was kept bombing. Regrettably, it was not very common to see them standing side by side lately but thanks to this unwanted incident, they supported one another for the sake of our country’s well-being.


It is important to be on alert for a while and not to fall into slumber, as things seem settled. The government should take very comprehensive and attentive precautions and all the citizens should do everything to collaborate with them. People should act in compliance with the measures taken by the government to prevent a similar attempt to partake. May God forbid, we never want any of our civilians, or our officers or our soldiers to lose their lives. It is for everyone’s benefit to solve everything with a sane and rational perspective otherwise acting irrationally and emotionally would drag the country into a disaster. We should constantly sustain the spirit of brotherhood while carrying out these duties. Above all else, we should always keep in mind God controls everything and creates everything with wisdom. I pray God to turn our country back to stability and give serenity to our people.

The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and

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